MIS Related Issues: ASOS.com Essay Example
MIS Related Issues: ASOS.com Essay Example

MIS Related Issues: ASOS.com Essay Example

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  • Published: August 29, 2017
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Conducting concern in the digital economic system refers to the usage of Web-based systems, on the Internet and other electronic webs, to carry through some signifier of e-commerce. Networked computer science is assisting some companies excel and is assisting others merely to last. Generally, the aggregation of calculating systems used by an organisation is defined as Information Technology ( IT ).

In the developed states, about all medium and big organisations use information engineerings, including e-commerce, to back up their operations. IT, in its narrow definition, refers to the technological side of an Information System ( IS ) ; it includes the hardware, package, databases, webs, etc. An IS collects, procedures, shops, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific intent. It processes the inputs ( informations, instructions ) by utilizing IT and produces end product


s ( studies, computations ) . It includes people, processs, installations and it operates within an environment.

MIS refers to the direction of IS 's and it raises a batch of concerns, such as planetary, e-commerce, package system picks, ethical, societal and operation scheme issues. ( Turban et al, 2001 ) The purpose of this paper is to analyze five selected MIS subjects and analyse specifically one or two of the happening issues of each subject ; so, connect these issues to the ASOS.com endeavor.

The paper begins with a brief observation of the background of ASOS.com. Initially, the selected subjects and issues, derived from relevant literature, will be described. Following, a treatment of whether each issue is a job for ASOS.com or non is presented. Furthermore, a brooding paragraph follows. The paper ends with the decision subdivision and the mentions.

Asos.com, is the U

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's largest online-only manner and beauty shop, pulling over one million visitants a hebdomad. Its name stands for aˆ?As Seen On Screen ' and it was chosen to demo the trade name 's purpose, to provide the populace with outfits similar to the manners of famous persons. Asos.com targets 16 to 34 twelvemonth olds ; it offers adult females 's manner, menswear, accoutrements, jewellery and beauty merchandises. It provides possible clients shoping its content, with a figure of alone characteristics. For illustration, single catwalk theoretical account picture of most clothing points on the site, and a manner web log, which is often updated with articles associating to famous person and amusement.

Asos.com is greatly admired for its big assortment of manner and beauty goods and for the velocity at which it keeps up with the latest manner tendencies.  It is a PLC, quoted on the AIM ( Alternate Investment Market ) portion of the London Stock Exchange. AIM is non as strict in its regulations as the chief market ; it hence, helps smaller companies to raise capital through the sale of portions.

Asos.com chose to utilize the web channel, since researches have shown that online gross revenues have been increasing faster than any other sector. It has targeted immature people, for these represent about 60 % of on-line shoppers. To pull them, it offers a diverse scope of trade names and merchandises. Above all, it offers a enjoyable shopping experience, by guaranting that the web site provides much more than a client would anticipate from a store. The site, besides, provides more picks, competitory monetary values, new manners and, above all, convenience.

While turning, Asos.com has developed

a more complex construction. It has worked hard to maintain up with alterations in engineering. The web site is being kept up-to-date by invariably adding new merchandises and merchandise lines.

Furthermore, Asos.com uses other communicating channels to drive growing. These include a monthly magazine of 116 pages and an e-mail newssheet that is being sent to 1.8 million users each hebdomad. In add-on, it distributes PR pieces in other publications and encourages viva-voce recommendation.

The designing of successful web-sites that present information about merchandises and services is a comparatively recent business, which introduced new issues and challenges that interior decorators were called to face.

It is well-known that some web-sites seem to be more efficient than others. They are more frequently visited and more purchases occur. Very small is reported in the literature on web design and the rating of the factors that formulate a successful web-site. However, many surveies have been made, in order to through empirical observation prove the characteristics, frequently mentioned by trade diaries and sellers, as being critical to plan a successful web site.

The functions of a web-site are many and of import ; some of them are: selling research, selling tool, public relation machine and agencies of payment. Web sites are fundamentally an interface between the costumier and the house.

The web sites are being designed in order to ease organisations, to transport out concern ' activities by utilizing Internet engineering. On their web sites, each organisation promotes and sells its merchandises or services, provides catalogs, proficient support and obtains utile feedback from its consumers. ( Udo and Marquis, 2001/2 )

Harmonizing to Udo and Marquis, there are eight factors that contribute to the design

of an effectual web site:

  • Download Time ( response clip )
  • Navigation
  • Graphics Use
  • Interactivity
  • Coherence
  • Consistency
  • Use of Frames
  • Amount of Ads.

Harmonizing to Tilson, R. principles like simpleness, satisfaction ( feedback ) and versatility ( flexibleness ) are besides really of import in planing e-commerce sites. In fact, Tilson describes eight factors, with which the interior decorator achieves the followers:

  •  Simplicity: does n't compromise serviceability for map.
  •  Support: user is in control with proactive aid.
  •  Obviousness: makes objects and their controls seeable and intuitive.
  •  Encouragement: makes actions predictable and reversible.
  •  Satisfaction ( feedback ) : creates a feeling of advancement and accomplishment.
  •  Handiness: makes all objects accessible at all times.
  •  Versatility ( flexibleness ) : supports alternate interaction techniques.
  •  Personalization: allows users to custom-make.

As already mentioned, the web site offers to possible clients a big assortment of alone characteristics, such as catwalk picture, a manner web log, a diverse scope of trade names and merchandises, a enjoyable shopping experience, competitory monetary values, new manners and convenience, in order to pull more users and put itself apart from other similar web sites. The company tries to maintain up with alterations in engineering by often updating the web site, which is besides kept up-to-date by invariably adding new merchandises and merchandise lines, harmonizing to the latest manner tendencies.

E-commerce is deriving importance quickly, in today 's concern environment. The pattern of e-commerce has been in being since 1965 and has attracted the involvement of many initiates. Most companies accepted and adopted the e-commerce engineering faster than any other engineering in the history of world. The ground is that the benefits are enough ; by making a web

site they can be seen all around the universe, reach out to new clients, have lower dealing costs, run into their clients ' outlooks and demands, provide new services and merchandises and therefore, remain competitory.

E-commerce nowadayss tremendous chances for both consumers and concerns in the universe. The self-service enabled by it, allows consumers to carry on a wide-range of activities. They can entree 1000s of online sites and purchase anything, from food markets to books, autos, credit-cards and loans.

Internet engineering has posed new challenges for the protection of single privateness. Computer information, sing Internet users, is generated every twenty-four hours through recognition card purchases, telephone calls, magazine subscriptions, picture leases, mail-order purchases, banking records and local/state/federal authorities records. If this information is put together and minded decently, it could uncover a user 's recognition information, driving wonts, gustatory sensations, associations, political involvements and much more.

It is possible to enter many on-line activities, including which websites a user has visited, which newsgroups or files he has accessed and what points he has purchased over the Web. Some organisations use this information to better aim their offerings. Others monitor the Internet use of their employees to see how they are utilizing company web resources.

A new information analysis engineering called NORA ( non-obvious-relationship-awareness ) offers even more powerful profiling capablenesss to the authorities and the private sector. NORA can take information about people from beginnings like employment applications, telephone records, client listings and a wanted ' lists, and correlate relationships to happen vague concealed connexions that might assist place felons or terrorists.

Cookies are another notable issue. Cookies are bantam files deposited on a computing machine difficult thrust, when

a user visits certain web sites. Cookies identify the visitant 's Web-browser package and path visits to the web site. When the visitant returns to the site, the web site package will seek the visitant 's computing machine, find the cooky and cognize what that individual has done in the yesteryear. Then the site can custom-make its contents for each visitant 's involvements.

There are several more ethical/legal concerns happening from the usage of IT. For illustration, another issue is the protection of rational belongings such as package, digital books, digital music, or digitized picture. It is highly hard to protect rational belongings, when it can so easy be copied and distributed. In add-on, there is the affair of the aˆ?spam ' messages and the computing machine theft/fraud ( stealing personal recognition card information).

Asos.com warrants privateness and security over recognition card purchases for the website visitants. There have been strong motions from the political position to protect the Web users ' privateness and security. Additionally, the online industry has preferred self-regulation to privateness statute law for protecting consumers. In 1998, the online industry formed the Online Privacy Alliance to promote self-regulation to develop a set of privateness guidelines for its members. The group promotes the usage of online seals, like TRUSTe, attesting web sites adhering to certain privateness rules. There has besides been created an extra industry association called Network Advertising Initiative ( NAI ) to develop its ain privateness policies to assist consumers choose out of advertisement web plans and supply consumers redress from maltreatments.

On top of the statute law, new engineerings are available to protect user privateness during interactions with web sites. Many of

these tools are used for coding e-mail, doing surfing and e-mail activities appear anon. , forestalling client computing machines from accepting cookies etc. Asos.com plans to utilize such activities in the short-run, to guarantee its visitants privateness. ( Laudon and Laudon, 2005 )

The acquisition of new package and hardware can convey dramatic applications that will alter an organisation. Directors must be prepared to do hazardous acquisitions that will hold a important impact on the house. There has been some motion towards outsourcing and strategic confederations to cut down the clip required to develop critical applications. Buying alternatively of doing is one scheme to convey alteration more rapidly in the house. However, the purchase determination is one that normally warrants advice from systems professionals. Software can be bought from a big figure of companies. Manufacturers of big computing machines frequently sell proprietary package for them, particularly runing systems. Companies like Computer Associates sell a great trade of package for large-scale computing machines.

The chief attractive force of purchasing of-the-shelf bundles is to avoid holding to develop a usage system. Custom scheduling is expensive and time-consuming ; hence, when a bundle is available, it should be considered.

The major advantage of utilizing a bundle is cost nest eggs. The bundle developer expects to sell a figure of bundles to retrieve the investing in developing it. The cost is therefore amortized over a figure of users. The cost to the developer though is normally higher than the development of a individual application would be, since the bundle must be general plenty to be used by a figure of clients. This increased generalization makes the bundle larger, more complex and frequently

less efficient to run than an application specifically developed for a individual application. ( Henry and Lucas, 2000 )

The a make or purchase ' determination is ever a hard one for direction. The handiness of new engineerings in the market place and a motion by houses to acquire back to their nucleus competences, have led many companies to choose the a buy ' option. Because of the high cost and long clip required to develop package, most directors look foremost at whether they can purchase bing package and modify it, if necessary, to avoid programming an application from abrasion. ( Henry and Lucas, 2000 )

Asos.com 's directors had to confront all these troubles in order to do a determination of whether to develop their ain usage system or purchase bing package and modify it, harmonizing to their demands. They could hold depended upon outsourcing to develop and run their applications, or take to retain portion of their IT maps and to partly outsource some activities, which I believe would be the best determination for the company. Unfortunately, there is n't much information in the Asos.com web site of how the organisation 's package systems were developed.

Information moralss relates to criterions of right and incorrect in information processing patterns. Organizations must cover with ethical issues associating to their employees, clients and providers. Ethical issues are of high importance, for they have the power to damage the image of an organisation and to destruct the morale of the employees.

Ethical motives is a complicated country, since ethical issues are non cut-and-tried ; they vary between people, civilizations and states. What may be regarded as ethical by one individual

may be regarded as unethical by another ( Turban et al, 2001 ).

IT offers many benefits to the organisations. A cardinal benefit of IT is for illustration, the reengineering of work ; it provides operations with many benefits such as riddance of production waste and decrease of operating costs. On the other manus, redesigning concern procedures could do 1000000s of employees to lose their occupations.

Some argue that alleviating bright, educated workers from reengineered occupations will ensue in their replacing to better occupations in fast-growth industries. However this does non use to unskilled, blue-collar workers and less knowing, old directors.

Consequently, IT has created new ethical quandary, in which one set of involvements is pitted against another. For illustration, many of the big telephone companies in the USA are utilizing IT to cut down the sizes of their work forces. Voice acknowledgment package reduces the demand for human operators by enabling computing machines to acknowledge a client 's responses to a series of computerized inquiries. Competing values at work are, hence, developed and groups are lined on either side of a argument. Companies argue that displacing employees with IT is ethical, since they have the right to utilize IS 's to increase their productiveness and cut down the size of their work force, in order to take down disbursals and remain in concern. The employees that are being displaced argue that their employers have duties against their public assistance and that their supplanting with IT is unethical ( Laudon and Laudon, 2005 ).

Asos.com, as an on-line corporation, occupies much less forces than traditional manner and beauty industries. The company hires high-educated, IT experts to run the operating

package and maintain the company 's web site updated with the most advanced characteristics. Supplanting of employees with IT is non an issue for Asos.com, although, the latest motion of concerns traveling into the digital economic system, could be an issue for less and less workers are needed.

Computer-based IS 's have been heightening fight and making strategic advantage for several decennaries. A competitory scheme is defined as a broad-based expression for how a concern is traveling to vie, what its ends should be and what plans or policies will be required to transport out those ends. Through its competitory scheme, an organisation seeks a competitory advantage in an industry.

A Competitive Advantage represents an advantage over rivals in some step such as cost, quality, or velocity. A strategic IS can help an organisation to derive a competitory advantage through part to its strategic ends and the ability to well increase public presentation and productiveness ( Turban et al, 2001 ).

M. Porter 's competitory forces theoretical account is the most popular model for analysing fight. It is used to develop schemes for organisations, with the intent of increasing their competitory border. Porter 's theoretical account identifies five major forces that could jeopardize an organisation 's place in a given industry.

These forces are:

  • The menace of entry of new rivals
  • The dickering power of providers
  • The dickering power of clients
  • The menace of replacement merchandises or services
  • The competition among existing houses in the industry.

Asos.com is an online-only corporation ; this fact entirely provides the company with a strong competitory advantage over its ( traditional-clothing-stores ) rivals. Asos.com possesses a competitory advantage, chiefly, in a affair of cost/expenses,

since it does n't have shops and does n't busy sellers and other sorts of staff ( cleaning staff, security, etc. ) For Asos.com, Internet engineerings offer really powerful tools that can increase success through traditional beginnings of competitory advantage. For illustration, apart from low cost, Asos.com has an first-class client service and superior supply concatenation direction. Low costs contribute to more advantages such as competitory monetary values and supreme quality for the company 's merchandises.

See and Decide IT Strategy: be a leader, a follower or an experimenter

Strategic direction refers to the behavior of drafting, implementing and measuring cross-functional determinations that will enable an organisation to accomplish its long-run aims.

IT contributes to strategic direction in many ways. For illustration, it can lend through advanced applications, competitory arms, alterations in procedures, links with concern spouses, cost decreases, relationships with providers and clients, new merchandises and competitory intelligence.

Porter 's theoretical account identifies the forces that influence competitory advantage in the market place. Directors are interested in the development of a scheme that aims to set up a profitable and sustainable place against these five forces. To carry through this, a company needs to develop a scheme of executing activities otherwise from a rival.

I believe that the chief lesson learnt here is that the usage of IT has many benefits, but besides many drawbacks. IT and the usage of information systems can convey rapid alteration to organisations, enhance productiveness and cut down costs. A house established on the World Wide Web has countless advantages, which is why most medium and big organisations and even little 1s create a web site. In contrast, legion concerns derive from the feat

of IT. Global, package system picks, e-commerce, scheme and IS enterprises, and ethical, societal and political, are merely some of the topics that raise a great trade of issues. However, there are many options to be considered for the usage of IT and most of the affairs can be resolved.


To reason, a brief observation of the background of ASOS.com has been given. The five selected Myocardial infarction subjects have been examined and the happening issues have been analyzed. Furthermore, a treatment of whether each described issue is a job or non for ASOS.com has been presented. Finally, my brooding ideas have been outlined, in the brooding paragraph.

Last of all, adverting that in the twenty-first century we find ourselves populating in the age of cybernation, is indispensable. There is plenty room for future development of IT and IS. Information and Communication Technologies for Development, for illustration, refers to the application of Information and Communication Technologies within the field of socioeconomic development or international development and its construct is closely associated with applications in the underdeveloped states. It is concerned with the direct application of IT approaches to poverty decrease. Information and communicating engineerings can be applied either in a direct ( their usage straight benefits the deprived population ) or in an indirect sense ( facilitates the betterment of general socio-economic conditions ) . In many destitute parts of the universe, legislative and political steps are required to ease or enable application of information and communicating engineerings.


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