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Year 2k Bug Essay Example
3756 words 8 pages

The well known Y2k problem might have been avoided had someearly people envisioned the degree to which the microprocessor wouldchange our lives. Surely, no one would have thought that in the earlydays of ENIAC that everything from your alarm clock to your car would becomputerized. Even the IT managers of the 80’s could not be […]

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Computer Computer Science Computer Software Operating Systems Software Engineering Technology
Usability of the System “Ten Heuristic by Jacob Nelsons’ and ‘Shneiderman’s 8 Golden Rules”
454 words 1 page

We as a group we have been set tasks to evaluate an existing system and capture the required improvements that should be made to the system through comprehensive research using the required methods to improve usability of the system. As a group we are to understand the user and capture its needs through numerous of […]

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Business Education Evaluation Information Technology Marketing Methodology Operating Systems Technology
Web-Based Computing
1256 words 3 pages

Web-Based computing is a technology that has been invented that enables a person to move his applications from the normal storage which is the hard disk, to the internet. These applications can be accessed anywhere with the user as long as he is connected to the internet. The Web-Based computing revolution seeks to end the […]

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Application Software Computer Software Internet Operating Systems Technology
Making Utilities For Ms-dos
1042 words 3 pages

These days, when computers play an important role in virtually all aspects of our life, the issue of concern to many programmers is Microsoft’s hiding of technical documentation. Microsoft is by far the most important system software developer. There can be no argument about that. Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system has become a de facto standard […]

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Application Software Computer File Computer Software Operating Systems Technology
Linux vs nt1
3001 words 6 pages

Will Linux replace Windows NT as the server OS of choice? “Linux is ready, or at least poised, to take on Windows NT for market dominance of server operating systems”, said T. W. Burger Owner, Thomas Wolfgang Burger Consulting June 2000. It is the competitive choice for the user wanting a cheap, versatile, scalable, and […]

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Buying Homes Computer Network Computer Software Information Age Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Real Estate Technology Windows Nt
Distributed Operating Systems 14827
288 words 1 page

Distributed Operating System Computer architecture consisting of interconnected multiple processors are basically of two types namely (1) Tightly coupled system (2)Loosely coupled systems. Loosely coupled systems are more often referred to as distributed computing systems. The operating system commonly used for distributed computing systems can be classified as (a)network operating system and (b) distributed operating […]

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Computer Network Computer Software Information Technology Operating Systems
Fiction, Fantasy, and Fact: “The Mad Scramble for the Elusive Silver Bullet and the Clock Ticks Away”
3052 words 6 pages

The year 2000 is practically around the corner, promising a new era of greatness and wonder as long as you don’t own a computer or work with one. The year 2000 is bringing a Pandora’s Box of gifts to the computer world, and the latch is slowly coming undone. The year 2000 bug is not […]

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Computer Computer File Computer Software Microsoft Windows Movies Operating Systems Technology The corner Windows Nt
Windows NT Operating System Essay Sample
1374 words 3 pages

Windows NT is a alone and powerful operating system. It has been an wholly different runing system than Microsoft’s initial Windows desktops runing systems. It was merely better and more secure ( “Survey of operating Systems” pg125. ) Windows NT offers you a high grade of public presentation and a wealth of capablenesss and characteristics. […]

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Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Software Engineering Windows Nt
Linux implementation proposal
2022 words 4 pages

Hardware requirements for Linux Implementation The implementation of Linux will not require any change of hardware components of the computer. The current processor (CPU) specification is, in fact, more than enough as far as the requirements of Linux are concerned. The Linux supports processor types as from 80386 up to all Pentiums. Therefore, the current […]

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Business Computer Computer Software Information Age Management Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Project Management Specification Technology
Emc Grabs Procedure
818 words 2 pages

This script is provided as a means to collect system and/or software configuration for investigations by EMC. To Install : Extract the tar file into a suitable directory using following command, command: tar -xvf emcgrab_<os>_<version>. tar Please ensure that your filesystem has at least 500M free of disk space for temporary files that may be […]

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Business Business Operations Compensation Computer File Computer Science File System Human Resources Operating Systems Technology
Combination Of Cryptography And Steganography Essay Example
2961 words 6 pages

Combination of Cryptography and Steganography for secure communication is a tool that combines both Cryptography methods and Steganography techniques for secure communication. The application is a cross-platform tool that can be effectively hide a message inside a digital video file. In the field of data communication, security has the top priority. Cryptography is one of […]

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Cryptography Encryption Steganography
Comparison of Operating Systems Essay Example
3669 words 8 pages

Keywords: linux advantages and disadvantages, linux vs windows 2000 Abstract: The main aim of the paper is to clearly distinguish the Comparison between the Linux, Windows Network operating System and Amoeba Distributed operating System. This paper explains clearly about the network operating systems like Linux, windows 2000 and Amoeba, Amoeba can be described as an […]

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Computer Computer Software File System Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
UNIX network servers
3652 words 8 pages

An operating system in computer system is a software charged with responsibility of controlling all the computer activities. There are two kinds of operating systems : command driven and the ones that use GUI i.e. graphical user interface, though some OS are both command driven and also use the GUI’s for example LINUX. Examples of […]

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Graphical User Interface Information Age Operating Systems Software Engineering Technology
Evolution of Mobile Device Technology
2791 words 6 pages

Introduction Since the revolution of the smartphone in 2005 the development progress in this field grows rapidly. It became a part of our life and played a big role to change the attitude of our life style. This technology (smartphone) didn’t stop at that level but it spread everywhere to cover all sides of our […]

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Electronics Information Age Mobile device Smartphone
Implementation Of Steganography For Audio File Format Computer Science
7334 words 15 pages

Abstract The project entitled Audio Steganography is the application developed to embed an audio file in another audio signal. It is concerned with embedding information in an innocuous cover Speech in a secure and robust manner. This system makes the Files more secure by using the concepts Steganography and Cryptography. Steganography, poor cousin of Cryptography […]

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Computer Science Cryptography Encryption Science Steganography
College Essay on Instructions for OpenStack
866 words 2 pages

OpenStack is an arrangement of free and open-source software tools that is utilized for controlling substantial pool of compute, storage and networking resources managed through a datacenter which is overseen through a dashboard that gives head control while permitting their clients to spare assets through a web interface. Since OpenStack is overseeing distributed computing platform […]

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Cloud Computing Computer Computer File Computer Network Operating Systems resources Technology
Installation Of Windows 7 Computer Science Essay Example
1121 words 3 pages

It choosing an operating system operating system, one must not only consider the features of his/her PC personal computer but also the compatibility of that PC with the OS of his/her choice. Windows 7 is compatible with almost all modern computers. The installation of Windows 7 is much easier and takes a shorter time than […]

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Computer Science Microsoft Windows Personal Computer Science Windows Xp
Literature Review About Cryptography And Steganography Computer Science
3489 words 7 pages

The initial forms of data hiding can truly be considered to be extremely simple forms of private key cryptography, the “key” in this case being the information of the scheme being implemented. Steganography books are overflowing with examples of such schemes used all through history. Greek messengers had messages written into their shaved heads, hiding […]

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Cryptography Encryption Literature Review Science Steganography
Literature Review About Types Of Operating System Computer Science
3833 words 8 pages

The Windows 98 is the upgrade from Windows 95 and is Graphical operating system is designed for the workstations at home or business. When during the development Windows 98 was code named as “Memphis” and at previous it also called “Windows 97” based on the earlier production schedule. However, the Microsoft believes that user wants […]

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Literature Review Microsoft Windows Personal Computer Science Windows Xp
Digi Pest Analaysis
572 words 2 pages

Part B: Industry Analysis There are five competitive forces model that determine an industry’s profitability. These five forces are entry barrier, threat of substitutes, rivalry among competitors, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers. Entry Barrier One of the barriers for competitor entry telecommunication industry is high capital investment. Companies in this industry required high fixed […]

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Bargaining Business Business Process Gsm Internet Management Microeconomics Technology
Literature Survey On Steganography
4281 words 9 pages

In this chapter, the literature survey on the steganography and various network security mechanisms are described. Many existing algorithms for steganography since 1991 to 2009 are studied and presented in this literature survey. Numbers of web sites as well as research papers are referred on virtualization, ARP Spoofing, IDS Architectures. The description of the research […]

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Computer Science Information Age Literature Steganography
ODS & TS Forecast
3320 words 7 pages

Abstract: Cloud computing share resources and then provide services to end users over host based demand services. Scheduling tasks based on different job allocation with different services is the complex representation in distributed cloud service environment. By satisfying client’s requirements in distributing services to different assessment with different attributes. Traditionally propose Grouped Tasks Scheduling (GTS) […]

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Cloud Computing Computer Computer Science Information Age Operating Systems resources Technology

Popular Questions About Operating Systems

Which is the best operating system?
Android is definitely the best operating system because it is an upcoming fairly new OS that is very simple and is very safe in the way of virus protection and speed. Best Operating System for Media, am having a Kit Kat here and that is just 10 percent or such of the market of Android systems.
What are the objectives of an operating system?
The objectives of the operating system are − To make the computer system convenient to use in an efficient manner. To hide the details of the hardware resources from the users. To provide users a convenient interface to use the computer system.
What are three functions of operating system?
An operating system has three main functions: (1) manage the computer's resources, such as the central processing unit, memory, disk drives, and printers, (2) establish a user interface, and (3) execute and provide services for applications software.
What are the uses of an operating system?
An operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer. It manages the computer's memory and processes, as well as all of its software and hardware. It also allows you to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer's language. Without an operating system, a computer is useless.