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Grameenphone Packages & Vas Essay Example
2315 words 5 pages

Shohoj: Shohoj is a prepaid connection where you will be able to talk to any operator number at a flat rate. Aapon: You can talk to over 37 million Grameenphone numbers at a very low rate of 13 Paisa per 10 seconds. Bondhu: This package with the highest number of F&Fs allows you to talk […]

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Computer Software Database Electronics Gsm Information Age Operating Systems Operator Technology Telecommunications
Gprs and 3g Essay Example
3374 words 7 pages

Abstract In this research paper entitled “GPRS and 3G Mobile Communications”, we look into the evolution of Mobile Communications over the years and the direction they may take in coming years. Taking into consideration the popularity of GPRS and 3G technology in today’s mobile communications spectrum, it is essential that we look deep into the […]

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3g Computer Network Gsm
Information Dissemination Through Mobile Devices Essay Example
3273 words 7 pages

Most wireless carriers now allow services such as weather, stock quotes, news, traffic and sport updates. But phones have more potential to actually consume useful services like providing information such as travel , city guide , top hotels , top hospitals , ATM centers etc in specific areas with inter-operatability and in more user-friendly way.In […]

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Computer Network Gsm Mobile device Text Messaging
Nokia Brand Audit Essay Example
1487 words 3 pages

At the same time, Monika launched the IN tablet which will Start selling by early 2015. It also introduced an app called the Z Launcher. The purpose of this Brand Audit is to conduct an an in-depth examination of a major brand and suggest ways to improve and leverage that brand equity by providing recommendations […]

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Brand Gsm Microsoft
An Analysis of the Kenyan Mobile Phone Market Essay Example
912 words 2 pages

The stage is thus set for fierce competition among Mobile service providers in Kenya with possible positive benefits for the millions of mobile subscribers in the country. . 2 Technology According to Laudon(2006:292), “mobile phones enable millions of people to communicate and access the internet …. where conventional telephone and internet services are expensive or […]

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Economic Growth Gsm Investment Mobile Phones
Advantages and Disadvantages Between a Cellular Network and Land Line Network Essay Example
1124 words 3 pages

In this essay we will discourse the advantages and disadvantages of both a cellular web and land line web in an endeavor environment. Both offer great advantages and both have their disadvantages. However. most organisations use both due to the fast paced. technologically advanced society we live in today. As stated above. most companies use […]

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Cellular Network Gsm Telephone
Telecom Sector in Bangladesh Essay Example
1258 words 3 pages

Summary Internship program fulfills the partial requirements of the MBA program. This report gathers knowledge and information obtained in the internship tenure. This internship report has been organized in three major parts. First part of the report is on the over all study on mobile companies of Bangladesh. Next is the competitive analysis on the […]

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Bangladesh Gsm Telecommunication Telecommunications
Merit and Demerits of Gsm Mobile Essay Example
876 words 2 pages

Family union Family, friends and associates could easily be reached on phone, by call, SMS, MS, etc. , even if they are far away. They are unlike fixed lines where the receiver and/or the caller has to be at home or office to get a call transaction effected. Gone are the days when we used […]

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Gsm Information Technology Telecommunications Telephone
Digi Pest Analaysis Essay Example
572 words 2 pages

Part B: Industry Analysis There are five competitive forces model that determine an industry’s profitability. These five forces are entry barrier, threat of substitutes, rivalry among competitors, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers. Entry Barrier One of the barriers for competitor entry telecommunication industry is high capital investment. Companies in this industry required high fixed […]

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Bargaining Business Business Process Gsm Internet Management Microeconomics Technology
China Represents A Very Attractive Market Business Essay Example
3530 words 7 pages

Today ‘s companies pattern offspring, outsourcing and resettlements due to assorted grounds and film point of production and fabrication to another states due to several factors China is one of the most high demand states when it comes to such determinations companies without any fear relay on their dealingss to a state like China because […]

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Business China Gsm Nokia Smartphone
PEST analysis of uk mobile network industry Essay Example
618 words 2 pages

This paper presents an investigation into the UK mobile phone network operator industry. The report examines the external and internal environment of the industry in order to ascertain how attractive in terms of competition and profitability, the industry is for business. Significant operating factors affecting the industry are identified and analysed. Using PEST an insight […]

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3g Electronics Gsm Industry

Popular Questions About Gsm

What does GSM mean and how to use it?
GSM is a special kind of phone technology. It works by putting account information (like your phone number, contact list and more) onto a SIM card. Then, you put that SIM card into a device, and you can use the device to make calls, send text messages and download apps.
What does the GSM stand for?
GSM stands for 'Global System for Mobile Communication' and is the most popular 2G mobile phone standard in the world.
What cell phone companies are GSM?
Some cellular networks use the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard, while some use CDMA (Code-division multiple access). Worldwide, most cellular networks use GSM. In the USA, both GSM and CDMA are popular. Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers that use their networks use CDMA.
What are the uses of GSM?
Improved spectrum efficiencyInternational roamingLow-cost mobile sets and base stations (BSs)High-quality speechCompatibility with Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and other telephone company servicesSupport for new services