Advantages and Disadvantages Between a Cellular Network and Land Line Network Essay Example
Advantages and Disadvantages Between a Cellular Network and Land Line Network Essay Example

Advantages and Disadvantages Between a Cellular Network and Land Line Network Essay Example

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  • Published: September 14, 2017
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In this essay we will discourse the advantages and disadvantages of both a cellular web and land line web in an endeavor environment. Both offer great advantages and both have their disadvantages. However. most organisations use both due to the fast paced. technologically advanced society we live in today. As stated above. most companies use both land lines and cellular webs. The ground for this is because of the flexibleness this constellation offers. They get the dependability of the land line web and the mobility and functionality of the cellular web.

But. making this offers pro’s and con’s when compared to one another. When utilizing a cell phone web you will hold a pick between two types of phones. GSM or CDMA. Both are a great pick but each have their utilizations. When a company choses to travel with an all cellular web they should pick one of the above two based on the demands of the company. GSM offers the ability to be wholly integrated into other webs around the universe. All you would necessitate to make is alter out the SIM cards in the phones. You might even acquire a lower rate on your phone when you change them.

Unfortunately you have fewer options when it comes to informations with GSM. CDMA offers much more options. With the coming of CDMA or Code division multiple entree. cellular webs have become far more dependable. As opposed to GSM. CDMA filters out background noise. cross-talk. and intervention so you can bask crystal-clear voice quality. greater privateness. and enhanced call quality. QUALCOMM’s CDMA variable rate vocoder translates voice into digital tran


smittals. nothings and 1s. at the highest interlingual rendition rates possible ( 8kbps or 13kbps ) . This allows for crystal clear voice and besides maximise your system capacity.

CDMA’s spread spectrum signal provides the greatest coverage in the radio industry. leting webs to be built with far fewer cell sites than is possible with other radio engineerings. Fewer cell sites translate to cut down operating disbursals. which consequences in nest eggs to both operators and consumers. CDMA webs are built with standard IP package informations protocols. Other networks require dearly-won ascents to add new informations equipment in the web and will necessitate new informations phones. Standard cdmaOne phones already have TCP/IP and PPP protocols built into them.

You can go forth your phone on with CDMA. CDMA uses power control to supervise the sum of power your system and handset demand at any clip. CDMA handsets typically transmit at the lowest power degrees in the industry. leting for longer battery life which consequences in longer talk clip and standby clip. CDMA French telephones can besides integrate smaller batteries. ensuing in smaller and lighter-weight phones. Easier to transport. Easier to utilize. CDMA’s patented “soft handoff. ” method of go throughing calls between cells aggressively reduces the hazard of break or dropped calls during a handoff.

The procedure of soft handoff leads to fewer dropped calls as 2 or 3 cells are supervising your call at any given clip. But. there are still disadvantages to utilizing a pure cellular. For starting motors. you will non ever have

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coverage state or worldwide. It will depend on the type of phones your company will hold as portion of the web. Such as CDMA which is merely limited to North America and certain parts of the universe. GSM is interchangeable with other suppliers. if they still use SIM cards. But unhappily. in North America most companies are rapidly traveling to CDMA.

Another really distinguishable disadvantage is you have to trust on battery life which will merely normally last for 6 – 12 hours without uninterrupted usage. Where-as a fixed land line pulls its power from the phone line itself. Data connexions excessively are non ever at their extremum with nomadic devices. Last. radio webs are susceptible to interference. such as radiation and electronic cross talk. Next we will discourse the advantages and disadvantages to a land line web. Land line phones can be more dependable than their cellular opposite numbers. Disconnected overseas telegrams can disenable land lines. but these jobs are easy remedied.

On the other manus. cellular phones are plagued by several different issues because they rely on a web of wireless moving ridges. cellular towers and orbiters. In some countries. cellular service is plagued by dropped calls and fuzzed response. The dependability of land line phones makes them advantageous when it comes to exigencies. For illustration. if person is hurt and demands immediate medical attention. you do non hold to worry about postulating with hapless response. Land lines besides provide a fixed location that exigency respondents can hotfoot to. On a cell phone. you must province your reference or depict your location. which wastes cherished clip during a crisis.

Many users find that land line phones are more comfy to utilize than cell phones. The larger size of a land line phone allows users to more easy cradle the phone between their caput and shoulder. This frees the custodies for other activities. such as cleansing. cookery or typewriting. Because information is transmitted via a fixed medium. land line phones are more unafraid than cell phones. Particular equipment can easy stop cell phone conversations. which are transmitted freely through the air via wireless moving ridges. Bugging devices are needed to stop land line conversations. and these devices must be physically installed in the phones or phone wires.

In general. land line phones are much less expensive than their cellular opposite numbers. The apparatus costs. hardware costs and naming costs of cell phones are all typically higher. Most land line phone service suppliers offer free local calls. But with all the advantages there are a few disadvantages. First you have restricted mobility. With a fixed land line phone. you can non do calls when on the move. Even with cordless phones. your mobility is restricted to certain countries in the house where response is clear. Besides. if you are utilizing a land line meagerly. the monthly lease might really be a load to you.

Last. you get really few services with the basic landline apart from company ID. name waiting and tripartite naming. Unless you are utilizing a service such as a homegrown service like Talkswitch. you will be badly limited in what you are

able to make. In decision and in my sentiment. a intercrossed system would be the best pick for any size concern. The cost may be higher with both services. but non merely do you acquire the dependability with the land line. you get the flexibleness and mobility of a cellular web. This allows you to have informations on the spell. particularly if you are an IT confer withing house with clients spread out over a great distance.