Story Mysterious Phone Call Essay Example
Story Mysterious Phone Call Essay Example

Story Mysterious Phone Call Essay Example

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  • Published: November 1, 2016
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As I was tossing and turning in my bed one stormy night something very unusual happened. A strange blare woke me up. It sounded as if someone was crying loudly. I tried to ignore the sounds but they kept getting louder. When the crying started to get on my nerves I went to see what was wrong. I took my flashlight from my closet and slowly and stealthily sneaked outside. As I entered the living room, my bedroom door closed with a loud bang making me jump. When I switched on the lights there was a spark and the lights went out.

The windows were shaking and the dogs howling making my heart pound loudly. Suddenly the phone rang. I rushed towards it so that my parents would not get disturbed. I answere


d the phone. Someone whispered on the other side. “Who is this? ” I asked. “It’s me dear,” the voice answered. “Who? ” “Me. ” “Will you tell me who you are or should I call my parents? ” I shouted. There was a very creepy laugh and the voice said, “Are you afraid dear? Don’t be scared honey. I’m coming. ” There was another laugh and the line went dead.

Stupid man, I thought. What a fine time he has picked to scare me on the phone. I will just check his number on the CLI, I told myself. I went near the machine and pressed the up button. Nothing happened. What could be the problem, I asked myself. Why isn’t this stupid machine working? Then suddenly I knew the answer to my question. I wish I hadn’

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asked. All the telephone lines in my area had been blown away by the storm. Then how did the phone ring? I felt a sudden chill running down my spine.

I started screaming for my parents even though I knew that they would scold me for waking them up at this time of the hour. I still didn’t care because I knew that first I had to stay alive to be scolded and if my parents didn’t show up in time I was sure that I wouldn’t be there to see another dawn. When there was no response from my parents, I started screaming and shouting. Then I stopped shouting, for a minute. There was an eerie silence.

After that I nearly had a heart attack when I first heard footsteps and felt a hand on my shoulder. Without bothering to see who it was, I shouted and fainted. The next morning when I woke up I realized that I was not in my room. I sat up straight in the bed. My mom was sitting next to me wearing a very worried look on her face. I was in hospital. When my mom saw me getting up, she asked why I had behaved so eccentrically the pervious night? I knew that I was not in a condition to tell them everything in detail so I just told them briefly. Well,” my mother said after hearing my story, “I can explain the strange noises that you heard but I’m not sure about the phone call. Are you sure it was not your imagination? ” “No mom, I am sure it was not my

imagination,” I insisted. I was allowed to come home the next day. It has been nearly two weeks since this incident took place and I am still not able to solve the mystery behind the phone call. Sometimes I think that maybe it was my imagination, but if it isn’t then...

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