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Western Cultures Overbearing Influence Essay Example
663 words 3 pages

The overbearing and influential Western Culture has caused the deterioration of Indian Culture. This can be attributed to three main causes: Pursuit of Wealth, Power of Western Media, and Western Complex. All Indians, whether residing in India or as part of immigrant populations, have experienced at least one of these causes, if not all. Despite […]

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Bollywood Cultural Assimilation Film Analysis
Portrayal of Muslims in Indian Cinema Essay Example
1337 words 5 pages

After the incident of 9/11, whole world look towards the Muslims as the icon of terrorism. It is extensively and noticeably around the world since that horrible incident and world politics represent it clearly. The sign of terrorism and the picture of Muslims as terrorist, invaded the world almost at the same instance. Following that, […]

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Bollywood India Muslim Pakistan Terrorism
Monsoon Wedding’ Essay Example
512 words 2 pages

‘Monsoon Wedding’ is based on the Punjabi culture, with both traditional and modern customs entwined together. ‘Bollywood’ is the term used to describe the Indian film industry, the largest in the world. However, Mira Nair has produced this Bollywood film with her own terms. She has dealt with the traditional Indian arranged marriage, but also […]

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Bollywood Dance Wedding
Mira Nair describes ‘Monsoon Wedding’ as “a Bollywood movie, made on my own terms” Essay Example
1351 words 5 pages

Mira Nair was originally Indian, but moved to America to go to university, which explains the influence of both cultures that is shown in the film. There are themes in the film that are traditional, but there are also more modern themes that show the western influence on Nair. For example, themes of love and […]

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Bollywood Wedding
Brand Placement in Bollywood Movies Essay Example
10020 words 37 pages

Make the Consumers acquire Sensitized towards the Trade names by the Brand Placement in Bollywood Movies? Abstraction The pattern of merchandise arrangement is seen everyplace in media across the universe and is now omnipresent. The same pattern of Product arrangement in Bollywood is non new and the pattern of puting the merchandises in the Bollywood […]

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Bollywood Film Analysis Research
Ethics in Indian Cinema Essay Example
2128 words 8 pages

Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. [1] The term comes from the Greek word ethos, which means “character”. Ethics is a complement to Aesthetics in the philosophy field of Axiology. In philosophy, ethics studies the moral behavior in […]

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Bollywood Censorship Ethics
History of Bollywood Essay Example
2671 words 10 pages

The industry of motion picture has gained an undeniable significance to people’s lives and the society in general. This is because film business has evolved from an unassuming yet straightforward beginning around the world until it has reached its current relevant status. In fact, it is natural for countries to have respective movie industry hence […]

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Bollywood History Mahatma Gandhi
Alia Bhatt: a Biography Essay Example
853 words 4 pages

Alia Bhatt, an Indian actress and model, gained popularity in Bollywood for her performances in movies. Born on March 15th, 1993 into a family with strong ties to the film industry, her parents Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan, along with her elder sister Pooja Bhatt, are all involved in the entertainment world. Starting at just […]

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Biography Bollywood Film Analysis
Indian Parallel Cinema Essay Example
795 words 3 pages

While Indian Cinema known as Bollywood was thriving in the 1950s, the film industry also saw the emergence of a new Parallel Cinema movement. A group of film-makers broke with the past traditions and made exciting, experimental and innovating films (Gupta 11). Indian Parallel Cinema is a specific genre of Indian cinema which is known […]

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Bollywood Film Analysis India
Thaggu Ke Laddu Essay Example
302 words 2 pages

Last year, Prakash Pandey, proprietor of this outlet, arrived at the Bachchan residence carrying a gift hamper of Laddus weighing 51 kilograms, uninvited. Speaking about his innovative approach, Pandey stated, “As the world progressively embraces technology, I felt it was time for my Laddus to do the same. Hence, I introduced this website: This […]

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Bollywood Internet Technology
Slumdog Millionaire Conclusion Essay Example
623 words 3 pages

Have you ever asked yourself how long will love be? Will it be forever or just a few months, years? Have you ever believed in true love which can survive through hardship, selfish and so on? Have you ever persisted in loving even though love is based on poor condition? No matter whether you have […]

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Bollywood Film Analysis
Bollywood Versus Hollywood Essay Example
563 words 3 pages

The Purpose of this paper is to try to make a case and possibly a conclusion on the popularity of the above captioned movie industries. Definitions Bollywood is defined and generally accepted to be the name given to the Mumbai based Hindi language film industry in India (www. bollywood. com) and as such all movies […]

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Bollywood Entertainment Film Analysis Hollywood
A.R.Rahman Biography Essay Example
842 words 4 pages

Biography Since Roja hit movie screens in South India in 1992, A. R. Rahman has been redefining the country’s widely popular film music. Generally regarded as the finest Indian film composer of his time (and certainly the most commercially successful), Rahman produced music for nearly 35 widescreen releases during his first five years in the […]

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Biography Bollywood Music
Tvshow’s Tagline Project Essay Example
2337 words 9 pages

A tagline, alternatively referred to as a slogan, is a concise and memorable statement that accurately embodies a company or product. The creation of a tagline demands specialized knowledge and there are consulting firms specifically devoted to developing taglines for businesses. A well-constructed tagline can have longevity in the minds of consumers, even outliving the […]

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Bollywood Mass Media Television
Aamir Khan Essay Example
374 words 2 pages

He received his first commercial success with his cousin Mansoor Khan’s film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) and won a Filmfare Best Male Debut Award for his performance in the film. After seven previous nominations during the 1980s and 1990s, Khan received his first Filmfare Best Actor Award for his performance in the major grosser […]

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Actors Automotive Bollywood
Dharm Dev Anand Essay Example
1237 words 5 pages

Dharam Dev Anand, born on September 26, 1923, is a renowned Indian actor and film producer. He was originally known as Devdutta Pishorimal Anand. In the Hindi Film Industry, Dev Anand is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular stars. During his prime, he was regarded as the epitome of sophistication and urban elegance. […]

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Bollywood Database Film Analysis

Popular Questions About Bollywood

Is Hollywood better than Bollywood?
Hell yes, Hollywood is better than Bollywood in a lot of aspects. In a major proportion of Bollywood movies you know the ending which is hero and heroine will be together after fighting together. Also, there will be family reunion at the end.
What was the first Bollywood movie?
First Bollywood movie was Raja Harishchandra(1913), however it was a silent movie. In 1931, Alam-ara came which was India’s first sound film.
What is the history of Bollywood?
Bollywood. Bollywood, Hindi-language sector of the Indian moviemaking industry that began in Bombay (now Mumbai) in the 1930s and developed into an enormous film empire. After early Indian experiments in silent film, in 1934 Bombay Talkies, launched by Himansu Rai, spearheaded the growth of Indian cinema.
Where to watch Bollywood movies?
17 Best Sites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free in 2021 YoMovies. YoMovies is one of the best movie sites to watch Hindi movies online free including Bollywood and is mainly known for watching latest Bollywood movies online for free, noYesMovies. YesMovies is one of the oldest and popular free movies sites toMore
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