Movie essays are by far the most interesting to read and write. Part of the reason is that most movie essays are based on a movie you like or popular movies. Some dwell on autobiographies by famous people that can be used as a case study. Movie essay examples can feature different topics that the writer should address from the movie. Movie essays examples can include why a particular movie is your favorite, what lessons do you learn from a certain movie, and other trains of thought.

College essays about movies will mainly dwell on notable movies throughout the century that has had a huge impact on their audience, either positively or negatively. Movies have a significant influence on society as they can be used to ridicule, criticize, or educate the masses on a specific subject. The movie franchise is quite huge and has a lot of influence in the industry, thus movie essays that talk about how to produce a good quality movie and how to go about the entire movie-making process prove advantageous.

Predictably Irrational Essay Example
387 words 1 page

After I finished read Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions. The book is an accessible introduce to the subject of behavioral economics, the study of how people behavior in the real world and why that varies from the predictions made by classical economic theory. If you think Predictably Irrational is […]

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Compare and Contrast: Play and Movie Essay Example
524 words 2 pages

One of the most famous plays ever to hit Broadway, “The Phantom of the Opera” written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is a classic that no one can deny to be amazing. Its brilliant plot of a distorted musical genius that haunts an opera house in Paris and unconsciously helps a beautiful woman with her singing […]

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Symbolism in the Movie Two Men and a Wardrobe Essay Example
640 words 2 pages

In this 20-minute film by Roman Polanski, he features the rather odd team-up of two men, who emerged from the sea with a huge luggage, a wardrobe which they prefer to carry off top town. This short silent film showed the different reactions of people towards the two men carrying a wardrobe. Some of these […]

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Saddam Hussein Analysis Essay Example
2346 words 5 pages

Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq, was in power since 1979 until the collapse of his regime in March 2003, when a coalition led by U. S.A occupied Iraq. Saddam Hussein was prosecuted, because he was accused of crimes against humanityThe international community has repeatedly accused Saddam Hussein of war crimes, genocide, and atrocities during […]

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This How Zhang Yimo Uses These Essay Example
1534 words 3 pages

Micro features are essential within a film as they can help the film’s narrative flow, they help create an atmosphere and make the audience feel as if they aren’t just watching a film, but that they are a part of it. Sound and cinematography can be used to create emotional response within the audience and […]

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Communication in the Movies: Rainman Essay Example
1880 words 4 pages

Everyday, everywhere we go, in everything we do, we see, hear, and use communication. The movies is no exception. In watching the movie Rainman I observed many different types of communication both effective and ineffective. The main character of the movie, Charlie, begins the movie as a very stubborn and selfish man who does not […]

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Compare contrast of sherman alexies movie and story Essay Example
1083 words 3 pages

The story “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona”, by Sherman Alexie and the movie Smoke Signals are based on the same stories. But that doesn’t make them totally the same, they have many differences. Some are obvious and some aren’t. But in the end both the movie and the story have the […]

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The others (2001) Essay Example
601 words 2 pages

The others (2001) has been described as a physiological horror that sustains suspense until the final resolution. Through close observation of Alejandro Amenabar’s direction, discuss how cinematography, characterisation, setting and narrative sequence help build suspense throughout.In this movie Suspense is one of the key features, as the audience is in a state of uncertainty about […]

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Comparison And Rodney Bennett’s Made For Tv 1981 Essay Example
826 words 2 pages

Ang Lee’s version of Sense and Sensibility and Rodney Bennett’s TV series adaptation of Sense and Sensibility both capture the spirit of Jane Austen’s novel; however, there are discrepancies which enhance and detract from each adaptation. Differences arise due to variations in the directors’ nationalities and intended audience, events and characters.The American version is much […]

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In What Ways Do The Essay Example
2213 words 5 pages

“10 things I hate about you” both confirms and challenges my expectations of a teen movie. The film is a modern day film which draws on William Shakespeare’s “The taming of the shrew” in which Katherine is forced to marry petruchio and after many days of being a shrew she finally settles down and gives […]

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Brief for producing a movie trailer Essay Example
1081 words 3 pages

As a practical production I will be producing a movie trailer and I will be working in a pair. We will be producing multi-generic movie trailer which includes psychological suspense thriller and mystery and the trailer will be called “Slashed”. As a group we will be sharing the tasks equally so, each person in the […]

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The movie “Casa” “A blind husband, A sexy wife, An ex-lover, In a house by the bay” Essay Example
874 words 2 pages

The movie I watched for the reflection paper is entitled “Casa”, taglined “A blind husband, A sexy wife, An ex-lover, In a house by the bay”. From there, you can deduce the story as much as I did the first time I read it. It starts off when Isabel (Asia) and Sam (Michael) moves into […]

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Gender Gender Roles House Masculinity Movies
How Does The Use Of Mise-en-scene Essay Example
1464 words 3 pages

“Insomnia”, is crime/drama film, following the story of two detectives sent from Los Angeles to a quiet Alaskan town to solve the murder of a young girl. The sequence in question is at the start of the film when the two detectives (Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart) arrive in the town and are briefed for […]

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Film Studies, Presentation Script Essay Example
1740 words 4 pages

Film Presentation – How significant is the use of supernatural in modern horror?RUN AUDIO: background music from ‘The Ring’ playing for 1 minute 30 seconds. Fading outVISUAL: DVD cover of The Ring, The Others and The Sixth Sense show on screen for first section of presentation.SPEAKER: My aim throughout this presentation is to discover whether […]

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Books Film Analysis Genre Horror Horror And Terror Movies Narrative
The Grudge Essay Example
1566 words 4 pages

Are the openings of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘The Grudge’ effective openings for Horror films?’The Grudge’ and ‘Sleepy hollow’ are both films which fall under the genre of horror. The director of the grudge was Sam Raimi but he also received help from Takeshi Shinizu the director from the original Grudge in which they have used […]

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Can Jeunet be justified as an auteur even though his earliest works were co directed with Caro Essay Example
959 words 2 pages

Jeunets films can be considered the work of an auteur, even though Jeunets earlier works were collaborative projects with Marc Caro,Jeunet can still be justified as an auteur, even though his first films were co-directed with Marc Caro as his signature style established in these collaborative works is continued throughout his film making.I want to […]

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Camera Color Film Director Movies Optics
Explore And Where It Can Be Placed Essay Example
991 words 2 pages

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has been considered as one of the more successful British gangster films of the 20th Century, and has been quoted as “a welcome entry into the flailing neo-noir tradition” (Sean Axmaker, Seattle Weekly). Of course, there is no denying the film’s comedy, leading us to the ultimate questions – […]

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Education Genre Movies School Tradition
No Robots Click: A Screenplay Fade Up Essay Example
973 words 2 pages

1. Ext. London. DayWide establishing shot of London in a distopian civilisation. There is no sun in the sky.The robots have turned the once cultered London into a place full of concrete buildings with dank and dingy rooms. The streets are full of litter being picked at by vermin.Tracking close up shot of about 6 […]

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Cold Mountain Example Essay Example
827 words 2 pages

The narrative techniques that Frazier has used to present the journeys of Inman, Ada and other characters can be seen through flashbacks, premonitions, dreams and the meetings of unexpected people. The key element in this novel is how the two protagonist characters; Inman and Ada, both have their own separate journeys in individual chapters which […]

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In the opening section explain why ‘Sexing the Cherry’ may be considered as a post-modern text? Essay Example
733 words 2 pages

‘Sexing the Cherry’ is considered as a post-modern text because it has been broken away from the Victorian narrative and rational tradition which is usually linear (start, middle and end) while post-modernism is usually mixed up. This is to break away from normal traditional writings and making it more catching for readers. Also, it values […]

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How much and why did President Truman help to promote racial equality? Essay Example
1418 words 3 pages

Harry S. Truman was President of America from 1945 to 1952. During his time in office, the state of race relations in America improved, and several advances were made in achieving equality for African-Americans. Politically, his support for civil rights showed before his presidency; he was noteworthy during his tenure as Senator of Missouri ( […]

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Analysis of Political Cartoons Essay Example
2329 words 5 pages

Critical Geopolitics seeks to “reveal the hidden politics of geographical knowledge” (Tuithail et al, 1998: 3). Geopolitics is a discourse, a culturally and politically varied way of describing, representing and writing about geography and international politics. This paper will attempt to analyse how political cartoons and stamps are geopolitical representations that impart geopolitical knowledge. The […]

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