Close Encounters of Third Kind Essay Example
Close Encounters of Third Kind Essay Example

Close Encounters of Third Kind Essay Example

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  • Published: October 28, 2017
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Steven Spielberg wrote and directed the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind which follows a group of scientists who discover WWII fighter planes in perfect condition in the desert. Strange bright lights are reported by commercial flights in Indiana, but cannot be described to air traffic control. The state experiences a widespread power outage and while driving, an electrical lineman named Roy Neary has a UFO encounter. Neary chases the UFOs until he reaches the end of the road.

As UFOs fly over, a child named Barry follows them out of his house due to his toys mysteriously turning on. His mother, Gillian, runs after him and saves him from getting hit by Roy's truck. Roy becomes fixated on a mountain-like image in his head following his encounter with the UFOs, which Gillian also shares. The scientists investigating the incident find that witnesses hear a five-t


one musical pattern near the UFOs. David Laughlin, one of the scientists, eventually decodes a signal from outer space to reveal specific geographical coordinates and time.

The Devil's Tower Monument in Wyoming is the focal point for both scientists and civilians who have encountered UFOs. A mother ship lands and numerous individuals who had been missing, including pilots and Barry, emerge from it. Roy ventures onto the mother ship and is taken away. The film Close Encounters of the Third Kind features two primary groups: scientists and everyday Americans who unite at the conclusion of the narrative. Steven Spielberg employs these groups to effectively convey the story.

Spielberg's utilization of Scientist characters includes Claude Lacombe, a Frenchman overseeing UFO research, and David Laughlin, Lacombe's assistant as well as translator. These individuals

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are significant in identifying signals from outer space and determining the time and location of UFO landings, such as at Devils Tower Monument.

The significance of the scientists in the story lies in the fact that if they had not discovered that Devil's Tower was the landing site for UFOs, Roy and Gillian may never have identified it on the news. Consequently, they may have remained clueless about the image they had seen in their minds. On the other hand, the second group of people comprised ordinary Americans, among whom Roy Neary experiences a close encounter of the second kind with UFOs, driving him to an obsession with them.

As the story progresses, it is revealed that the obsession with UFOs has caused significant harm to Roy's family. Gillian Guller, like Roy, becomes consumed by this obsession. Her son, Barry, is even abducted by the UFOs. Additionally, several ordinary individuals share the haunting image of Devil's Tower in their minds.

Gillian and Roy happen upon each other at Devil’s Rock thanks to fate. Gillian's reunion with Barry may not have occurred if not for the intervention of a scientist. Eventually, the two groups meet up at Devil’s Tower where Roy and Gillian are caught attempting to gain unauthorized access to the military and government presence. In interviews with the scientist, it becomes apparent that all of these individuals share the same mental image of Devil’s Rock.

After escaping, Roy and Gillian journey to the landing site where the mother ship of the UFO lands. Barry and other abductees are returned to Earth, where he runs to his mother's embrace. The scientists and Roy stand united while the Aliens

emerge from their vessel. Roy proceeds to board the UFO ship while all government officials and scientists observe. The fulfillment of Roy's destiny, which involved going with the Aliens, was possible thanks to the efforts of the scientists.

Spielberg employs two distinct groups and narratives to convey the tale of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. The scientist assists Roy in fulfilling his destiny by accompanying the aliens and ensuring Barry's safe return to his mother. Ultimately, the collaboration between the scientist and everyday individuals demonstrates the interdependence of both groups. Through the scientist's revelations, Roy and Gillian learn how the aliens communicated with humans, while the scientist gains insight into where the UFOs would land from them.

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