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United States Bill of Rights
1607 words 4 pages

Introduction In the United States, the Bill of Rights is defined as the first ten amendments of the constitution. Basically, the amendments were intended to guarantee the fundamental rights and common freedoms, for example, the privilege to free discourse and the privilege to a reasonable trial, and reserving rights to the general population and the […]

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Bill Of Rights Ratification
Political Science Essay
1277 words 3 pages

Introduction Civil right refers to an individual entitlement that a person acquires for being a citizen or a resident of a country. The rights confer a person the freedom of the law. One can acquire these rights by alienation or through personal conduct. The social media platforms of the United States provides details on some […]

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Civil Liberties Civil Rights Act of 1964 Civil Rights Movement Political Party Political Science
Voices that Emerged in the United States between 1787 and 1861
687 words 2 pages

Before the United States came to be a country with freedom of speech, there were prominent figures that fought for that right. These people who are considered heroes worldwide had to fight through the British rulers and as a result, a new democratic America was born. After the British rule had been abolished, America was […]

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George Washington United States Constitution Voice
The Сonstitution Ratification Debates
935 words 2 pages

The constitution of the United States was written by the founding fathers in 1787 during the Philadelphia convention. The next step was now ratification and the transition from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution of the United States was not an easy thing. Trying to fix the problems that existed in the Articles of […]

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Articles Of Confederation Benjamin Franklin George Washington James Madison Ratification United States Constitution
Rights and Restrictions on Patient Are According To HIPAA
618 words 2 pages

According to the Privacy Rule provided for by the Federal governments, there are provisions on the protection of the patients’ health and medical information by the practitioners and other stakeholders offering health services. The rule applies to all the health information of individuals may it be written, oral, video or electronic form. The law provides […]

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Bill Of Rights HIPAA
Founder’s Vision Of Governance
447 words 1 page

The U.S is one of the countries with the largest democracy in the world and also the most powerful nation on earth economically, politically and military. Its political system provides many important respects compared to other countries in the world. It is important to acknowledge the people who contributed in architecting the constitution which provides […]

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Constitution Hamilton James Madison The Us Constitution United States Constitution
The Us Supreme Court
325 words 1 page

The Supreme Court has authority over the president, the constitution, and the nation as a whole. One authority that the Supreme Court has over the president is that it can tell him if his actions go against the constitution. It also has the power to stop a Congress if it makes a law that violates […]

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Constitution James Madison Lawyer Supreme Court The Us Constitution United States Constitution
Lockean Influence on the US Constitution
334 words 1 page

The United States constitution is one of the most prestigious documents that create a relationship as well as a social contract between the government and its citizens. John Locke described the US Constitution as a necessity to the natural state of all men. The Constitution protects citizens’ natural rights such as property and life with […]

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Constitution The Us Constitution United States Constitution
National Security and the Constitution
440 words 1 page

On September 11, 2001, brutal attacks took place in the United States where about 3000 Americans lost their lives in hours. In the wake of the attacks the congress had to pass a law that widens the definitions of terrorism, makes sentences for convicted terrorists tough and make it easier for intelligence and law enforcement […]

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Civil Liberties Detention United States Constitution
The Controversy Surrounding Second Amendment of the Constitution
1617 words 4 pages

The Amendment to the second US constitution is one of the most controversial. Specifically, The Amendment dictates that people’s right to keep possession of rams should not be infringed. Interpretation of the second amendment explain why it has emerged as a controversial issue in mainstream American debates. The wording of the second Amendment are partly […]

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Gun Gun Control Second amendment
The 2nd Amendment: Gun Control and Crime
4182 words 9 pages

Gun control is an enormous political subject which has been debated on whether the policies governing gun control should cover individual citizens or restricted to specific entities. Some groups agree that guns are very dangerous and are the lead causes for crimes so they should be banned while the opposing groups argue that due to […]

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Gun Gun Control Second amendment
Gun Control as a Good Idea
2552 words 5 pages

Accessibility of firearms by civilians has been highly linked with the massive loss of lives. Although, some people are opposed to the idea of gun control, it can help reduce approximately 90% percent of deaths by fire arms. Gun control is a smart idea to curb this issue and has received much support from different […]

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Good Will Hunting Gun Gun Control Second amendment
Guns: Can the Second Amendment Survive
603 words 2 pages

Gun control has held a firm position in the basic still, small voice as a politically rectify method for managing the issue of viciousness. Be that as it may, after investigating it facilitate, an astounding truth emerges, more guns means less wrongdoing. It’s an announcement that might be taken as a paradoxical expression yet is […]

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Gun Gun Control Second amendment
Second Amendment and Gun Control Essay
3584 words 7 pages

Identification of the Problem In the last ten years, there have been numerous murder cases in which most of them have been caused by citizens who own guns either legally or illegally. Gun ownership in the United States has been something taking place for quite long. Under the leadership of United States’ current president Barrack […]

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Gun Gun Control Second amendment
Gun Control Pros and Cons
1660 words 4 pages

Introduction Gun control has been a trending issue in USA’s Political, Human rights, and legal debates. Currently, the American constitution does not have laws limiting gun ownership rights. However, there are two opposing sides of the discussion of whether the government should create such laws (Wuest, 2010). Proponents of gun ownership rights argue that gun […]

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Gun Gun Control Second amendment
The Affordable Care Act Analysis
339 words 1 page

“Progressive Critics of Obamacare Still Not Happy: Is Glass Half Empty or Half Full” is an article by Steven Rosenfeld that systematically examines the criticisms of the Obamacare by citing pertinent reformists including Trudy Lieberman who argues that the Act failed to meet its objective. Rosenfeld also alludes to Kai Wright who emphasizes on the […]

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Affordable Care Act Civil Liberties
Juvenile Justice: Social Problems and Legal Issues for Social Work and Criminal Justice
616 words 2 pages

Racial profiling is the discriminative practice done by the law enforcers. This is done by targeting some group of individuals for crime suspicion based on race, religion, ethnicity or even national origin (American Civil Liberties Union, 2016). As practiced, it is based on reliance on characteristics believed to be associated with crime. This paper will […]

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Civil Liberties Juvenile Crime Juvenile Justice System Race Race and Ethnicity Racial Profiling
Problems of Decentralization and the Constitution
652 words 2 pages

The Constitutional attempt to address the problems of decentralization in the Articles of Confederation. Decentralization is one of the fundamental approaches to developmental administration whose intent was to bring forth inclusion in America, no doubt about that. It is the process of dispersing and redistributing functions, people and powers from a particular central authority so […]

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Articles Of Confederation Second amendment United States Constitution
Orlando Nightclub Massacre and Second Amendment
438 words 1 page

The author of this article, Mike Lupica, points out that Orlando nightclub massacre proves that no policy put in place can be able to protect the United States as long as it is still so easy for anyone to get access to a gun. It is the gun, an assault rifle, which made possible for […]

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Do The Right Thing Second amendment
Civil Duties and Hume’s Idea
330 words 1 page

According to Hume’s human understanding, custom is closely related to induction and human expectations. That is, custom as a great guide for human life is a principle that renders human experiences and expectations for the future. In essence, it shows a possibility of similar trends or events as they happened in the previous past. Without […]

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Ethos Second amendment
The Second Amendment of The United States Constitution
971 words 2 pages

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution was a historical amendment relating to the rights and responsibilities of the US citizens in bearing arms. The amendment was enacted as part of the Bill of Rights in the context of the first Ten Commandments in the Bill. With the support of the Virginia state legislature, the […]

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Second amendment
Main Points of Civil Liberties Act 1988
1497 words 3 pages

The act of Civil Liberties 1988 is a United States law that brought reparations to the Asian Americans who conflicted with the government of United States during World War 2. The Asian American arrested thousands of men after the bombing of the Pearl Harbor by FBI who run directly by the Department of Legal affairs […]

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Civil Liberties Pearl Harbor

Popular Questions About United States Constitution

What are the seven articles of the United States Constitution?
The 7 Articles of the US Constitution. Article VI – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths. Article VI determines that the US Constitution, and all laws made from it are the ‘supreme Law of the Land’, and all officials, whether members of the state legislatures, Congress, judiciary or the Executive have to swear an oath to the Constitution.
What does the United States Constitution mean?
The Constitution Explained. First, it guarantees that the United States under the Constitution would assume all debts and contracts entered into by the United States under the Articles of Confederation. It sets the Constitution and all laws and treaties of the United States to be the supreme law of the country.
What does the US Constitution say?
The Constitution’s Preamble says the federal government was established (and the Constitution was adopted) to “form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”.
What are the duties of the US Constitution?
Here are the constitutional duties of the presidency: Serving as commander-in-chief: Under the Constitution, the president is the commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, as well as of “the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual service of the United States” — in other words, the National Guard.