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The United States Supreme Court and Dred Scott
296 words 1 page

The United States Supreme Court issued a decision in the Dred Scott case(1857), there was a ruling that Dred Scott should remain a slave, as a slave, Dred Scott was not a citizen of the United States, and therefore had no right to bring suit in the federal courts on any matter. In addition, the […]

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Dred Scott Supreme Court
Analysis of Two Supreme Court Cases
1038 words 2 pages

People of the State of Illinois v. Sanders Facts The state of Illinois prohibits husbands and wives from testifying in criminal trials in matters relating to any conversations between them. The state allows for the husband and wife to testify if the conversations took place in the presence of a third party. The state however […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
Gregg v. Georgia and Ewing v. California Supreme Court Cases
587 words 2 pages

Gregg v. Georgia Issue A jury had found Gregg guilty of armed robbery and murder and had given him a death sentence. Gregg appealed and the Georgia Supreme Court subsequently set aside the death sentence on armed robbery but affirmed the sentence on the murder charges. Gregg challenged the remaining sentence for murder by arguing […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
The Supreme Court Case of North Carolina v. Bruce Franklin Jerrett
709 words 2 pages

The defendant, Bruce Franklin Jerrett was convicted in the Supreme Court, Alleghany County, by Julius A. Rousseau, J. He was convicted of felonious breaking and entering, armed robbery and murder. On 24th July 1981, Dallas Parsons and Edith Parsons lived in the Piney Creek Community, North Carolina. Mr. Parsons’ brother, Tom Parsons and Tony Parsons […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
Analysis of Three Supreme Court Cases
1548 words 3 pages

Introduction The work of the State Supreme Courts are the highest courts in American State judicial system. The main goal of these courts is to rectify the errors made by inferior state courts in the case of an appeal. These courts listens to appeals from inferior state courts meaning that they do not hold trial […]

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Supreme Court Supreme Court Cases
The Us Supreme Court
325 words 1 page

The Supreme Court has authority over the president, the constitution, and the nation as a whole. One authority that the Supreme Court has over the president is that it can tell him if his actions go against the constitution. It also has the power to stop a Congress if it makes a law that violates […]

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Constitution James Madison Lawyer Supreme Court The Us Constitution United States Constitution
Illinois v. Wardlow US Supreme Court
598 words 2 pages

Illinois v. Wardlow was a US Supreme Court case involving criminal procedure pertinent to seizures and searches. On 9 September 1995, the defendant, William Wardlow, was carrying an opaque bag in an area renowned for the trafficking of narcotics and decided to flee after seeing a convoy of four police vehicles that were on patrol […]

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Detention Supreme Court
Arizona Supreme Court Management Policy and Practice
2805 words 6 pages

Overview Arizona Supreme Court was founded in February 1912. It is the last resort of the justice system of Arizona. The court oversees all the other courts in the state and offers administrative supervision. It listens to appeals regarding decisions from the Court of Appeal. Arizona state court program encourages a juvenile justice system that […]

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Detention Supreme Court
Supreme Court from 1896 to 1954
1644 words 4 pages

Introduction Personally, am fascinated by the repetitive cycle of how America discriminates against different groups of people in its history. Following this, this paper will evaluate how the Supreme Court (and its rulings) shifted over time from 1896’s Plessy v. Ferguson to 1954’s Brown v. Board of Education arguing that the constitution dictated the change […]

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Brown V Board of Education Supreme Court
Supreme Court Philosophies and Rulings
982 words 2 pages

Personal computers as well as internet are currently in the mainstream of lives of American people. A large number of Americans uses many hours utilizing PCs and cell phones to send and get email, surf the Web, look into the databases, and take an interest into numerous activities. Regrettably, the individuals who carry out wrongdoings […]

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Inquiry Supreme Court
Supreme Court Death Penalty Cases
2853 words 6 pages

Introduction Supreme Court is the uppermost legal court in any nation. It deals with individuals who found or assumed to have done a crime. Crime is an aspect of violating the law. Different people are engaged in criminal activities for diverse reasons. A risk issue in crime is anything in individual’s psychology, which can somewhat […]

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Death Penalty Death Penalty Pros And Cons Supreme Court
Nomination of a Supreme Court Justice
1115 words 3 pages

On February 16th 2016, The Nation published the article, “Yes, President Obama Can Still Nominate a Supreme Court Justice” authored by John Nichols. Nichols believes that the constitution does not limit any president serving a final term in office from appointing justices. He believes that the Republican candidates are misinformed by thinking that the president […]

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Supreme Court
Stare Decisis Essay Example
285 words 1 page

Stare decisis is defined as the legal principle that requires that courts be bound by their own earlier decisions and by those of higher courts having jurisdiction over them regarding subsequent cases on similar issues of law and fact. Inexorable is defined as not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped. With that being said, the […]

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Database Government Supreme Court Of The United States
Why Mitchell v Wisconsin Sucke Essay Example
3295 words 7 pages

On June 11, 1993, the United State Supreme Court upheld Wisconsins penalty enhancement law, which imposes harsher sentences on criminals who intentionally select the person against whom the crime…is committed..because of the race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry of that person. Chief Justice Rehnquist deliverd the opinion of the unanimous Court. […]

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Common Law First Amendment To The United States Constitution Supreme Court Of The United States
Worchester v Georgia
1375 words 3 pages

The case Worcester v. Georgia (1832) was a basis for the discussion of the issue of states’ rights versus the federal government as played out in the administration of President Andrew Jackson and its battle with the Supreme Court. In addition to the constitutional issues involved, the momentum of the westward movement and popular support […]

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Georgia Justice Law Supreme Court Of The United States
Death Penalty of U
3015 words 6 pages

This peer reviewed journal is of a case in the United States Supreme Court, the issue in the case sought to prove that adequate help is given to murder convicts where no adequate proof is availed to court on their professional incapacitation while on the trial penalty phase. The Supreme Court that conviction to death […]

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Capital Punishment Death Penalty Jury Supreme Court Of The United States
Lau vs. Nichols: English Language Learners Essay Sample
1670 words 4 pages

There are three federal tribunal instances that provide the legal foundation for supplying equal educational chance to pupils with limited English Proficiency. Lau vs. Nichols 1973. Castaneda vs. Pickard 1981 and Plyler vs. Doe 1982 ( The English Language Learners Knowledge Base. 2004 ) . This research paper will concentrate on Lau vs. Nichols. a […]

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English Language Law Supreme Court Of The United States
Marbury v. Madison Essay Sample
1424 words 3 pages

IntroductionThe instance “Marbury v. Madison began on March. 1801. when a Proponent. William Marbury. was assigned as a magistrate in the District of Columbia. William Marbury and assorted others were constituted to authorities stations made by United States Congress in the last yearss of President John Adams’s disposal ; simply these 11th hr assignments were […]

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James Madison John Marshall Law Supreme Court Of The United States
John Marshall
1121 words 3 pages

John Marshall was one of the most prominent leaders of his time – the period of the American Revolution and the founding of the United States of America. He was a charismatic personality and had a debater’s gifts. He was the only judge in American history whose difference as a statesman ensuing almost entirely from […]

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John Marshall Supreme Court Of The United States Thomas Jefferson
Ricci V. Destefano
418 words 1 page

Argued June 29, 2009, Decided This 2009 Supreme Court decision was a result of alleged racial discrimination with regard to internal promotions of nineteen New Haven, Connecticut firefighters. New Haven city officials invalidated test results when no Blacks scored high enough to meet the minimum score necessary to be eligible for promotion. Therefore, the White […]

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Database Federal Government Of The United States Government Supreme Court Of The United States
Part Of Malay Peninsula Thailand
4979 words 10 pages

Thailand, formerly Siam, officially Kingdom of Thailand, kingdom in Southeast Asia, bounded by Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) on the north and west, by Laos on the northeast, by Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand (Siam) on the southeast, by Malaysia on the south, and by the Andaman Sea and Myanmar on the southwest. The […]

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Database Government Supreme Court Thailand
Chain Of Custody Analysis
1026 words 2 pages

The documentation and maintenance of chronological history of a specimen from a source of scene has been a serious challenge since time immemorial. In deed identifying a specimen from point of collection and reporting it while still maintaining its integrity is not a guarantee. Specimens are suppose to provide real facts rather than mere fabrication […]

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Popular Questions About Court

What are the different levels of court?
There are basically two court systems in the United States: state and federal. Each is divided into three levels. The lowest is the trial court, and the second and third levels are appellate courts. Various lower courts exist, such as the municipal court, justice court, and police court.
How to find court cases?
Find a Case (PACER) Locate a federal court case by using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) or by visiting the Clerk’s Office of the courthouse where the case was filed.
What is the definition of court?
Definition of 'court'. court in noun uses. A court is a place where legal matters are decided by a judge and jury or by a magistrate. At this rate, we could find ourselves in the divorce courts! a county court judge. You can refer to the people in a court, especially the judge, jury, or magistrates, as a court.
How can I lookup a court case?
Find a Case (PACER)Electronic Case Files. Federal case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service.Paper Case Files. Phone Access to Court Records. Court Opinions. Older Historical Court Records. Fees. Other Court Records. Contact.