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Technology Different
3242 words 7 pages

General term for the processes by which human beings fashion tools and Machines to increase their control and understanding of the material environment. The Term is derived from the Greek words tekhne, which refers to an art or craft, and logia, Meaning an area of study; thus, technology means, literally, the study, or science, of […]

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Cellular Network Radio Technology Telephone
The Internet Has Changed Social Life
1033 words 2 pages

Internet is undoubtedly one of the best technologies that the world has experienced in the recent past. Internet has changed social life in multifaceted ways. For instance, internet has played a significant role in bridging the geographical gap between people and business across the globe thus the saying that the world has turned into a […]

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College Computer Network Internet Telephone
Influences of Modern Technology on the Children Development Essay Example
1534 words 3 pages

Presently, most children embrace technology. Numerous children believe that technology has become part of their daily activities. In that regard, they supposedly find it difficult to imagine living in the aged generation where communication and other activities took so much time. According to Annual Review of Sociology (321), technology refers to advancement in scientific knowledge […]

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Child Development Modern Technology Telecommunication Telephone
Telecommunications 13742 Essay Example
3012 words 6 pages

Telecommunications The transmission of words, sounds, images, or data in the form of electronic or electromagnetic signals or impulses. Transmission media include the telephone (using wire or optical cable), radio, television, microwave, and satellite. Data communication, the fastest growing field of telecommunication, is the process of transmitting data in digital form by wire or radio. […]

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Communication Computer Computer Network Telephone
Processes of Transferring, Receiving and Processing Information Using Technologies Essay Example
3497 words 7 pages

Computer and telephone networks inflict a gigantic impact on today’s society. From letting you call John in Calgary to letting you make a withdraw at your friendly ATM machine they control the flow of information. But today’s complicated and expensive networks did not start out big and complicated but rather as a wire and two […]

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Communication Electronics Telecommunications Telephone
Nationalism and the Internet Essay Example
3548 words 7 pages

Introduction Over the years, modern technologies have kept on amazing us. Decades ago, black and white television sets were as big as cabinets. Now, we have flat LCD monitors that are so thin that they could be hung on the wall. Telephone units were only to be found at homes or offices because they had […]

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Computer Globalization Internet Nationalism Telephone
The Rise and Fall of Iridium Essay Sample
1194 words 3 pages

Questions1. Who was to fault for Iridium’s failure? Why? At what point could you hold known Iridium would neglect?2. What is your rating of Iridium’s system design? What impact did the picks that were made have on subsequent development of the venture?3. What is your rating of Iridium’s organisational design? What alterations could you hold […]

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Finance Investing Motorola options Telecommunications Telephone
Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology
1567 words 4 pages

Increased use of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) over the last few years by both individual and cooperate consumers has been a major move away from traditional telephone systems to a totally new media form where voice and other types of digital information can be converged with an already existing data network. Increased availability of […]

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Computer Network Internet Technology Telephone
Ict and the Youth
2054 words 4 pages

ICT can be broadly defined as a set of activities that facilitate, by electronic means, the capturing, storage, processing, transmission, and display of information. The term information and communication technology (ICT) is used in this context to encompass the production of both computer hardware and software as well as the means of transferring the information […]

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Cellular Network Computer Network Hardware Information Information Technology Internet Technology Telecommunication Telephone
Inventor Thomas Alva Edison
1699 words 4 pages

Thomas Alva Edison, a very famous inventor who lived during the 19th and 20th centuries, invented the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and over a thousand other devices.  He was always thinking of new ways to do things.  Perhaps his only invention that wasn’t an “improvement” of another device was the phonograph.  Many of his […]

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Business Computer Network Electricity Energy Hardware Incandescent Light Bulb Invention Optics Physics Science Technology Telephone Thomas Edison
The Cell Phone Evolution Essay Example
1166 words 3 pages

Over a century ago, Alexander Graham Bell changed the way people communicated with each other. Back when he invented the phone in 1876, no one could imagine that over the next century, his invention would change the way societies interact and communicate with each other. Since the invention of the telephone, the process of communication […]

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Cell Phones Cellular Network Telephone World Wide Web
Voip Technology Essay Example
3737 words 8 pages

Use of telephones and mobiles for the sake of communication is at its peak during current period, and it needs highly efficient technologies to make it cheap, fast and frequent to ease the communication. The technology which bring modifications to the Telecommunication system is the VoIP. This paper discusses about the Mobile VoIP, various services […]

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Computer Network Internet Technology Telephone
History Of Telephone Essay Example
2805 words 6 pages

History of the telephone DeVry University History of the telephone * Introduction The telephone was one of the greatest American inventions. The telephone has developed from something that was not a necessity to something people must have. The telephone had many impacts on society and the way we communicated and still plays a huge role […]

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Electricity Electronics History Telephone
Review Of Riordan Manufacturing’s Telephone
2859 words 6 pages

Manufacturing is a global company that manufactures plastic products including beverage containers, custom plastic parts, and plastic fan parts. Their products serve a variety of customers including automotive manufacturers, aircraft and appliance part manufacturers, the Department of Defense, bottlers, and beverage makers. Dr. Riordan, who started the company by leasing the rights to plastics manufacturing […]

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Computer Network Manufacturing Network Topology Telecommunication Telephone
Salem Telephone
595 words 2 pages

The analysis of the 2004 first quarter reports, which include the Summary of Computer Utilization and Summary Results of Operation, if is clear that the Data Services division needs to be scrutinized to understand why they continue to operate at a loss. The key areas that need to be addressed are: * Current utilization of […]

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Business Process Economics Marketing Telephone
Ender’s Game Analysis: Humans And Technology Analysis
1230 words 3 pages

Humans are In a world today in which technology Is used on a regular basis. It Is a lifestyle, and many would admit their difficulty adjusting If any electronic such as cell phones or computers went missing. A typical example would be an average teenager who forgets their cell phone when leaving their home. The […]

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Human Technology Telephone War
Technology Report Skype Essay Example
2975 words 6 pages

The famous first words were spoken by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas A. Watson over the telephone, “Mr.. Watson, come here. I want to see you” (“Alexander). Since those first words were spoken, telecommunications has grown into a $1 trillion global industry (Fordham). Today, nearly everyone in the world is connected by some […]

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Internet Technology Telecommunication Telephone
Technology Memoir Essay Example
1874 words 4 pages

A help or hindrance to our society? We live in a very interesting time. We are a people steadily becoming more and more reliant on our electronics. Everywhere you lookup can find people glued to their smart phones; at stoplights, walking down the street, during meetings, at the dinner table, while shopping, even when hanging […]

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Smartphone Social Media Technology Telephone
Business Answers
619 words 2 pages

In this task I will be presenting different electronic and non-electronic methods of communicating business Information. I will be using examples for deferent audience. What Is electronic communication? Electronic communication is any form information that is being sent or received through the use of technology. An example is a person use’s their mobile phone to […]

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Business Telecommunication Telephone Text Messaging
Report on Silent Sound Technology
3833 words 8 pages

Abstract The Silent sound technology is an amazing solution for those who had lost their voice but wish to speak over phone. It is developed at the Karakul’s Institute of Technology and you can expect to see it in the near future. When demonstrated, it seems to detect every lip movement and internally converts the […]

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Sound Speech Technology Telephone
Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip)
498 words 1 page

What: Voice over Internet Protocol (Poi) and other IP-based communication services are contemporary and mature technology solutions. Voice ‘traffic” can now be transmitted over a packet-switching technology, which essentially means that voice “packets” can be sent and received like data and video “packets” over a converged campus network and across the Internet. IP communications provides […]

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Computer Network Internet Telephone
Principles of Providing Administrative Services
3458 words 7 pages

Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how when they would be used. Feature How / when used Computer telephony integration This links telephone and computer systems together so that when the telephone rings, a dialog box appears on the computer screen with options for […]

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Service Telephone Telephone Call

Popular Questions About Telephone

What does telephone mean?
telephone(Noun) An electronic device used for two-way talking with other people (often shortened to phone). telephone(Verb) To contact someone by dialing his or her telephone number; to make someone's telephone ring using one's own telephone.
When did telephones become common in homes?
Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in March 1876.
How was the first phone used?
The first commercial telephone used by Alexander Graham Bell was based on his patent of January 1877. The telephone consisted of a single transmitter/receiver placed within a retangular wooden box. One would speak into the opening in the box and then listen through the same opening.
How to connect a telephone?
Method 1.1. Locate your phone's USB cable. This is the cable you'll usually use to charge the phone.2. Make sure your phone and computer are on.3. Plug in the small end of the cable. This should go into your phone's charging port; usually, you can find this opening on the bottom of your phone.4. Plug the large end of the cable into your computer. The USB end plugs into a slim rectangular port on the side of your computer (laptop) or the CPU 5. Wait for your computer to recognize your phone. After a few seconds, you should see a pop-up window asking what you would like to do with your More items