Cell Phone Freedom Essay Example
Cell Phone Freedom Essay Example

Cell Phone Freedom Essay Example

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  • Published: November 8, 2017
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The prevalence of Cell Phones is increasing in today's society, serving as a means of social connection and aiding in tasks such as checking emails, managing calendars, and using various applications. Nevertheless, skeptics raise concerns about possible distractions, health issues, and social problems associated with Cell Phones. If unchallenged, these arguments may compromise or entirely revoke the freedom to use Cell Phones.

The use of cell phones in different situations, such as driving or in a classroom, can be distracting. Even if a cell phone is visible while making a call in the car, it still diverts attention. A scientific study investigated the extent to which cell phones cause distraction during primary driving tasks. The study looked at two variables: "Response Occurrence," which determines whether the driver responded or not, and "Response Time," which measures


how long it took for the driver to respond. The study concluded that using cell phones while driving does indeed create distractions. However, this should not undermine the right to use a cell phone. There are various opportunities available to reduce distraction levels for drivers who use cell phones.

Instead of completely banning the use of Cell Phones while driving, it is recommended to encourage the utilization of voice dialing, hands-free options, or waiting until the vehicle is not in motion before making a call. Critics of Cell Phones often express concerns about potential health problems, claiming that they can increase the likelihood of cancer and brain tumors, particularly on the side of the brain where the device is commonly used. In 2006, Denmark conducted an extensive study that investigated the possible link between mobile phone usage and cancer rates. This study

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lasted for more than 20 years and involved over 420,000 Danish citizens. Ultimately, it discovered no increased risk of cancer.

Although the study demonstrates that health risks associated with Cell Phones are not significant enough to justify infringing on personal freedoms, critics contend that these devices have negative social implications. They assert that Cell Phones foster a sense of detachment and individuals prefer phone calls over face-to-face interactions for intimate conversations. The New Atlantis, an online technology awareness program, corroborates this viewpoint by asserting that "cell phone users nurture illusions of being alone or assume a level of privacy that the circumstances do not actually permit."

Cell phone users often become so absorbed in their conversations that they appear to disregard their surroundings, leading them to believe the external environment is inconsequential and should not disrupt their communication. Additionally, when a cell phone user monopolizes an area with their conversation, it sends a strong message to others that their own use of the space holds little importance. While this behavior may be seen as passive-aggressive, it proves highly effective. Although some argue that this issue is escalating, I firmly uphold the belief that it does not warrant violating an individual's right to freely utilize their cell phone at any given time.

Cell Phones have become an incredible device, with the same processing power and storage capacity as Desktop Computers from just a few years ago. Arguments regarding Cell Phones are inevitable, but we should not take away the freedom to use these devices for any reason.


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