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My Code Of Ethics
638 words 2 pages

As an advanced practice nurse, there are situations in life I find my job challenging especially when handling my patients, in this situation, it is hard to comply with the wishes of the patient or her family hence compromising my code of ethics. Considering the ethical concerns, I will analyze three scenarios; scenario 1 involving […]

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Single Parent Vaccines
An Insane Idea Of The Cloning Of Human
1809 words 4 pages

Introduction Human cloning is the process of making or creating a genetic replica of an organism or simply coming up with a copy of a human that is identical to the original one. It involves production of human cells and tissues but not the natural make of identical twins as portrayed by people. A high […]

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Cloning Human Cloning
Documentary Image of the Black Death
562 words 2 pages

The video on the black death was an interesting take on the plague that wiped out half of Europe. The sections about individuals made for a much more personal and candid look at the plague than a narrator talking about Europe as a whole. The historical reenactments of the time period gave me a greater […]

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Black Death Death Medicine
The Basis of Medicine and State of It in the Elizabethan Era
846 words 2 pages

The medicine of the Elizabethan Era was based on Galen, The Black Death, and other Greek medical theory. It was a brutal time for patients and doctors alike as they attempted to treat what they didn’t understand. The streets of major cities would be covered by corpses and loved ones. Mass graves were used to […]

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Black Death Health Medicine
Method For Convenient Evaluation Of Paracetamol And Diclofenac
716 words 2 pages

In this study, Gandhi gives a new sensitive, rapid, simple and precise method for convenient estimation of paracetamol and aceclofenac all combined in one tablet dosage that has been developed. The methodology used in the combination is based on ratios derivatives spectrophotometry. A Paracetamol and aceclofenac derivative is given spectra ratio of 256 nm and […]

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Gandhi Health Medicine
Ovarian Cancer Is An Alarming Killer Disease Which Should Be Addressed With Great Care
1166 words 3 pages

It is hard to predict the kind of a disease or even an infection that you are likely to have without being undergoing through clinical checkups concerning the suspected infections depending on the symptoms displayed. Most individuals don’t suffer because they are ignorant but is due to unawareness of whatever it is that is causing […]

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A Healthy Diet Cancer Medicine Ovarian Cancer Women's Health
The Future Of Medicine And How Dr. Delgado Helps To Save Our Lives
977 words 2 pages

I am Dr. Mariflor Delgado a cardiologist and a nutritionist. I work with patients who have cardiovascular diseases or are at risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. I own a hospital called “The future of medicine”. The hospital is one of the most advanced hospitals in the USA as far as research and patient care are […]

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A Healthy Diet Cancer Diabetes Diet Disease Medicine
Human Cloning Relieving Worries
647 words 2 pages

Concerning your view, there is widespread fear allover about cloning, this ranges from artificial nature of reproduction in laboratory, manipulation and destruction of embryo, and the dangers that the creation of the identical twins or multiple of one genome might pose to the resulting offspring. With all these, religious organizations argue that cloning is not […]

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Cloning Human Cloning
The Concept of Inclusion in the Classroom
658 words 2 pages

Melissa Melissa, you say that classrooms are designed to withhold most students and later includes the disabled are well represented in its structure is not 100% true according to inclusion. Your statement about the National Center on Educational Restructuring and Inclusion that special education services can be offered applies to the disabled students, I support […]

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Cloning Inclusion
Health-care Related Controversies That Might Develop In The Near Future
867 words 2 pages

Health care is the improvement or maintenance of health via the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness, injury, disease and any other mental and physical impairment in human beings. Health professionals are the individuals who deliver health care. Delivering healthcare includes work done in providing secondary, primary care, public health, and tertiary care. The access […]

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Cloning Human Cloning
Childhelp Volunteer Organization Opportunities
1232 words 3 pages

Introduction Childhelp is a nationwide non-profit organization which has the full devotion to the task of preventing child abuse and administering treatment to the wounded or traumatized victims. Sara O’Meara together with Yvonne Fedderson set up the association in the year 1959 it had its roots from International Orphans, Inc before the development of Childhelp. […]

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Psychological Trauma Trauma
Cloning as Depicted in Never Let Me Go
947 words 2 pages

Never Let Me Go is a science fiction novel by Kazuo Ishiguro that tells the story of different conflicting moral authority and models that are depicted through the attributes that are cited by characters in the novel. The narrator who is the main character Kathy tells the story of the lives of the clones who […]

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Cloning Deontology Human Cloning
My Dental Scholar Master Program
1140 words 3 pages

Since my last application, I have graduated along with launde with a bachelor’s degree in Art from La Sierra University and enrolled in Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Science. In this dental scholar master program, I was able to take a few dental-related courses, such as “Intro to Structural Biology” and “Dental Material Science.” In […]

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Prescription Drugs and Drug Abuse
2786 words 6 pages

Introduction Drug abuse is and has been an uphill battle for most governments around the country. The effects range from drunk driving, teenage consumption of alcohol and disease related to substance abuse. The sad part is that Alcohol has the highest casualties in the United States as it is regulated but yet people opt for […]

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Drug Abuse Teenage Drug Abuse
The causes Why Human Cloning Must Be Banned
689 words 2 pages

Introduction Over the decades, science has grown by leaps and bounds. The breakthroughs in the frontier of science are evident from the prospect of cloning becoming a reality. Since the first cloned sheep, named Dolly, was created in 1996, there has been increasing interest in people to explore more about cloning and its advantage to […]

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Cloning Genetic Engineering Human Cloning
Genetic engineering in Human Cloning
593 words 2 pages

Over time genetic engineering technology has been used to cancel the effects of what are considered the bad genes in organisms. Genetic engineering involves the addition of new DNA to an organism. The technology has been so well developed that it has been argued that through DNA modification, it is possible to regulate the traits […]

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Cloning engineering Genetic Engineering Human Cloning
Social Issues in Today’s Society
1296 words 3 pages

The youths face a lot of societal issues with most of them shaping how they will behave as adults. Some of the major issues facing the youth of today include drug abuse and alcoholism. In the past, smoking was considered top among the problems affecting the youth but with time, many institutions have taken the […]

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Drug Abuse drugs Teenage Drug Abuse
The Cloning of Human Beings
940 words 2 pages

Human cloning is the process of genetically creating an exact copy of a person. It is majorly used while referring to the reproduction of tissues and cells in people. Human cloning is a contentious issue in the field of genetic engineering with some of the opponents arguing against it on ethical grounds. One such person […]

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Cloning Genetic Engineering Human Cloning
The Importance of Cloning Entire Organisms
1311 words 3 pages

Cloning is a biological process that involves producing an exact copy of various traits from donor animals. A number of animals have been successfully cloned including various livestock other domestic animals. Cloning is an advanced reproductive technology, which involves, and it is complex. Clones are born like any other animals, and a clone is not […]

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Cloning Determinism Human Cloning
The theme of Human Cloning in The series Orphan Black
414 words 1 page

The series Orphan Black is teeming with science. The program features Tatiana Maslany who acts as the different human clones. The clones struggle through their lives to try evading Dyad Corporation. The series mainly covers biological topics like human cloning and genetic engineering. Cloning is a process in which one creates a biological copy of […]

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Bbc Cloning Genetic Engineering Genetically Modified Organisms Human Cloning Infertility
Dentist: Profession That Fascinates Me
1703 words 4 pages

Introduction Who is a dentist? The question we need to ask ourselves, this is a person who deals with diagnosing and treating diseases associated with mouth and teeth ,he/she also provides guidance to the society at large on how to prevent dental problems and promotion of oral health care by giving instruction on how to […]

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Dental Care Dentist Mahatma Gandhi
Vaccines and Vaccination War
1272 words 3 pages

A vaccine is a substance that is administered into the body to boost its immunity against a certain pathogen. It provides active immunity. So how does a vaccine work? A vaccine is like a teacher. It trains the body to fight pathogens. It does so by exposing the body to symptoms of a particular disease. […]

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Vaccination Vaccines

Popular Questions About Medicine

Why does medicine cost so much?
Why Drugs Cost So Much. In a nutshell, the price paid by a patient for a medication must cover the costs of developing new compounds that become approved drugs and compounds that fail to become drugs, as well as marketing, post-marketing studies, and a profit. The profit ensures that the company provides a return to investors.
What does the name medicine mean?
1. A therapeutic agent; any substance, other than food, used in the prevention, diagnosis, alleviation, treatment, or cure of disease. 2. To administer or take a drug, usually implying that an excessive quantity or a narcotic is involved. 3.
What is the difference between a drug and a medicine?
They are both different terms for the same thing, more or less. Both terms are chemicals that have an effect on the body. The term medicine usually implies that the drug is helpful to cure or to alleviate symptoms; to treat a disease. A drug may or may not be helpful like in the case of illicit drugs or experimental drugs.
What drugs are used in medicine?
Drugs that may be used to manage substance dependence or have otherwise been considered for use as part of an addiction treatment regimen include:Naltrexone (Vivitrol).Buprenorphine (Probuphine, Suboxone).Disulfiram (Antabuse).Acamprosate (Campral).Modafinil (Provigil).Mirtazapine (Remeron).Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban).Gabapentin (Neurontin).Vigabatrin (Sabril).Baclofen (Lioresal).