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Biology is the study of living organisms, including plants, animals, bacteria, viruses, and everything that can be considered living. Due to its nature as a complex subject with many subdivisions, biology papers are known for being particularly hard to write. Anyone who needs to have one written should start by breaking down what is included in the topic. The particular aspect of biology you need help with will determine what type of paper the writer should write.

When requesting help with writing biology essays, our custom essay writers will be able to offer you a great deal of guidance on how your papers should be structured. Examples of biology essays can help you if you want to get a better idea of how they are written. In addition, you will find some of the custom websites that also have writers who can write essays on Biology for you. There are three different types for the typical biology paper: essay, lab report, and research papers. Essays on Biology examine a particular topic such as evolution or genetics and use evidence from multiple sources to conclude.

Male Selection
464 words 1 page

Naturally, mate selection is always dependent on natural selection. Men look for healthy, young and beautifully women who have a potential of producing healthy children. On the other hand, women look for men who are strong and have a greater potential of becoming a protector and provider for her and her children. According to homogamy […]

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Economic Inequality Natural Selection
How Can Blade Runner Alert Us About Environmental Dangers
1084 words 3 pages

Literature is a very powerful tool; it has shaped human perception over several generations in all existing walks of life. All cultures have some form of literature, even the less modernized cultures. Most of our history has been passed down to the current generation through literary arts, oral literature and even written works. The developed […]

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Biology Blade Runner Endangered Animals Human Nature
Fish And Wildlife Conservation
1414 words 3 pages

According to Mattia Brambilla, Marco Gustin, and Claudio Celada article, the conservation of animal species should always start from the real needs of protection and intervention. The information about the safety and response is shown by the species and their habitats. The approach, however, dominates through the flagship of species that are often criticized as […]

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Ecology Endangered Animals Natural Selection Nature
Philosophical Opinion on the Differences Between Women and Men
565 words 2 pages

Man and woman are naturally two very different genders. Their differences range from their physique to their mental makeup. Some scholars have however come up with the notion that the mentally, human beings are partly male and partly female. Most philosophers, however, insist that God created us as male or female, as a reflection of […]

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Gender Gender Differences Human Philosophy
Gender Is the Biological Composition of a Man or a Woman
565 words 2 pages

Sex is the biological differences between a man and a woman and is both internal and external. For instance, a man is different from a woman in the biological makeup, which includes the chromosomal makeup, chemical composition and organ formation. Men tend to have an Adams apple, which is missing women because of the chemical […]

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Gender Gender Differences Gender Identity Human
Science Translational Medicine
681 words 2 pages

Background of the Study A mutation of transmembrane conductance regulator causes cystic fibrosis. Lumacaftor (VX-809) is a newly developed “correctors” that improve CFTR trafficking and maturation. Ivacaftor (VX-770) has been developed to improve channel activity and might be an important advancement towards cystic fibrosis therapy. Ivacaftor (VX-770) has shown a substantial clinical efficacy in patients […]

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Cystic Fibrosis
Cirrhosis of the Liver Essay
1215 words 3 pages

Introduction The liver can regenerate damaged cells due to its hearty nature. However, a long exposure of chronic viral infections or alcohol can lead to irreversible damages. The irreversible scarring of the liver due to loss of the liver cells causes liver cirrhosis. The condition is fatal because the liver eventually stops functioning but there […]

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Cirrhosis Cystic Fibrosis
Biotechnology Applications Essay
620 words 2 pages

Biotechnology is a very wide field and its applications have been in fields such as medicine and agriculture. Biopharmaceuticals is one of the fields in which biotechnology is used. Through the application of biotechnology techniques, the drugs pharmaceutics were made. In the synthesis of such drugs, chemicals are not used instead microorganisms have facilitated the […]

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Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
1275 words 3 pages

Food microbiology involves the study of microorganisms scientifically in food production and in food itself. All the microorganisms that lead to spoilage and contamination of food are discussed in food microbiology. These microorganisms affect food both negatively and positively. They are beneficial in that they help in production of food, for instance there are microorganisms […]

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Biotechnology Food Safety Microbiology
Biotechnology Reseacrh Paper
7283 words 15 pages

Abstract For my capstone project, I have elected to write a professional paper for a couple different reasons. First and foremost, I feel I have learned a lot about topics that I am interested by doing research papers in the past, and secondly, I will probably never work in the computer science field after completing […]

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Microbiology Discussion Essay
327 words 1 page

The Golden era of the study of microbiology depicts the period between the 18th C and 19th C that experienced major breakthrough in scientific discoveries of especially in the field of microbiology that took place during the Renaissance era in the Europe continent. The Renaissance period greatly remembered as a period of scientific inventions, significant […]

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Microbiology Scientific
Research that Led to Darwin’s Theories
574 words 2 pages

Charles Darwin did a lot of research before he came up with his theories about the evolution process. From 1831 to 1836, he signed as a naturalist and went on a scientific voyage in the HMS Beagle and sailed around the world trying to study various aspects of science together with the natural world. All […]

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Natural Selection
Genetically Engineered Salmon and Male Mosquito
1642 words 4 pages

The issue of genetically modified products serves as one of the most discussed in the modern world. While genetically modified food products from plats took center stage in the recent past, recently, genetically modified animals and insects are the center of discussion. For scientists involved in the production of genetically modified organisms, they consider the […]

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Viruses Zika Virus
Health and Anthropology Zika Virus
1686 words 4 pages

Zika virus belongs to the Flavivirus genus just like the flaviviruses. It is transmitted by the Aedes mosquitoes that are the A. aegypti and A. albopictus. These mosquitoes are mostly active at daytime. Its name originated from the Zika forest of Uganda where the virus was first isolated in 1947 (Tharpe et al., 2016). It […]

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Anthem Viruses Zika Virus
Zika Virus Argumentative Essay
920 words 2 pages

Introduction Genetically modified mosquitoes and their control to various diseases are one of the controversial topics of discussion. The majority of the authors has provided different views basing on the finding of the research performed. The argument essay builds on the article Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: What could go wrong? Written by Adrienne LaFrance. It is […]

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Genetic Engineering Viruses Zika Virus
Concept of Genetic Drift
310 words 1 page

Genetic drift is a phenomenon that occurs when chance events cause a change within the alleles of a population. The alleles are the variations that are present due to the genetic makeup of a population. The alleles are the engine that drives the evolution process within that given population. Genetic drift, therefore, reduces distinction that […]

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Makeup Natural Selection
Evolution of Disease, Human, and Animal
300 words 1 page

DNA that is associated with histone proteins accumulate to form chromatin because the cells can be affected by genes that are transcribed, inheritable states give rise to epigenetic marks. Epigenetic marks are passed from one generation to the next, despite the fact that all epigenetic marks are deleted during” epigenetic programming”. Some characteristics or diseases […]

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Animal Abuse Human Evolution Memories Protein
Science, Evolution and Intelligent Design
633 words 2 pages

The modern evolutionary theories provide for explanations for how life patterns have changed with time. This places a focus on the passing of traits across generations. This is one of the most studied, tested and accepted theories in science to date. However, this has been challenged by the creationist theories overtime. The intelligent design movement […]

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Natural Selection Scientist
Chinese Intersectional Fan Culture and Feminism Amongst the Coronavirus Outbreak
1380 words 3 pages

Leishensha, one of the two emergency hospitals constructed in response to the coronavirus outbreak, began on 23 January 2020. One day later, China Central Television (CCTV) hosted live streams of the construction on major social media platforms such as Weibo for people to watch the progression of the construction. By 31 January 2020, the stream […]

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Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, to Act Quickly
1178 words 3 pages

Globally, all eyes have been directed to the novel coronavirus outbreak, marked as pandemic disease. A total of 188 countries and territories have been infected by the virus, and till today, no vaccine has been developed. Among all, Iraqi Kurdistan Region is in a middle of a great challenge. A region part of Iraq with […]

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Prevention Tips on How to Protect You From Deadly Coronavirus
837 words 2 pages

Coronavirus is reported to be a zoonotic disease. The virus was identified in China located in a small area called Wu-Hon. The outbreak started around December 2019. The outbreak symptoms started with a group of people suffering from pneumonia. These people slowly started having other respiratory disorders and the Chinese authority got suspicious about the […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic Reiterates the Need for Transparency
1265 words 3 pages

The Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines is that written instrument by which the fundamental powers of the government are established, limited, and by which these powers are distributed among the several departments or branches for their safe and useful exercise for the benefit of the people. Basing it from this definition, upon the […]

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Popular Questions About Biology

What exactly is biology?
The word biology is derived from the greek words /bios/ meaning /life/ and /logos/ meaning /study/ and is defined as the science of life and living organisms. An organism is a living entity consisting of one cell e.g. bacteria, or several cells e.g. animals, plants and fungi.
What are the 3 types of biology?
There are mainly three branches of Biology- botany, zoology and microbiology.
What are the 3 main branches of biology?
There are mainly three branches of Biology- botany, zoology and microbiology.
What are the 4 types of biology?
This division focuses on the study of individual branches of life. There are four primary categories: botany, human biology, microbiology and zoology.