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By Cormac Grda Paper presented at the Money, Macro, and Finance Group 2001 Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast, 5-7 September 2001. My thanks to Frank Barry, Joe Durkan, John Sheehan, and Kevin O’Rourke for comments and advice. IS THE CELTIC TIGER A PAPER TIGER? Cormac Grda Last year Ireland’s GDP grew faster than anywhere else in […]

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Economic Growth Economics Ireland Tiger
Porters Five Forces of Tiger Airlines
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Introduction: Tiger Airways is a low cost airline started its operations in Australia in November 2007 with its head office at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. Tiger Airways offers cheap domestic flights to 12 destinations within Australia and expanding its operations by increasing its workforce, investment and started international flights. Tiger Airways ticket cost overs the seat […]

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Business Process Low-Cost Carrier Marketing Tiger
Wildlife Poaching
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The new millennium has seen the major world authorities come into contact with the stark reality of the ever dwindling wildlife population that is falling prey to the hands of the greedy merciless poachers. Congress is passing legislation after another in a bid to save the last remaining species of animals. The United Nations, through […]

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Endangered Species Life Research Tiger
Tiger bids farewell to fellow-genius Ballesteros
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Seve Ballesteros was an incomparable prodigy for his creativity with his shots, especially when he got into sticky spots. On the funeral of the great Spanish golfer, Tiger Woods paid his respects to the once-in-a-generation player. Ballesteros died of a cancerous brain tumor on Saturday. He will be buried in Pedrena, Spain, his hometown, on […]

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Farewell Golf Sports Tiger
Tiger Beer
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Tiger Beer was launched in 1932, becoming Singapore’s first locally brewed beer. It is a 5% abv bottled pale lager, which is brewed in 12 asian countries. As APB’s major brand, it is available to consumers in more than 60 countries worldwide including Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. The […]

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Alcohol Beer Brewing Tiger
Compare The Representation Of Women In Mulan & Crouching Tiger Hiden Dragon
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was directed by a man called Ang Lee and released on the 9th December 2003. CTHD is aimed at an older target audience; the action packed film, set in China has scenes woven together from romance to fighting. It starts off as Li Mu-Bai surrenders a legendary sword that has been […]

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Celtic Tiger
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Ireland has always been considered a land of mystical and often magical happenings. This is also proved by Ireland’s success over the past two decades. This report has analysed how Ireland has been successful in attracting FDI into the country. The main reason for this has been the various policies adopted and also […]

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Economic Growth Export Ireland Tiger
Manas National Park, India
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The Manas National Park is located in Assam, India in the Himalayan foothills with a part that extends to Bhutan. The Manas National Park is well known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife. (Wikipedia, 2008) People may visit the Manas National Park, but only by reservation and via a police escort. Tourist can tour […]

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Animals Nationalism Natural Environment Tiger
Tiger Tank
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The Tiger was in general a much more powerful and tough tank to bring down than the M4 Sherman, however this statement does not tell the whole story. Production of the Tiger and the durability was less efficient than the M4 Sherman, which gave the Allies a huge advantage. In addition to the production advantages […]

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Military Tiger War
Marketing: Product Lining and Tiger Balm
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Tiger Balm – a brand that millions use worldwide for quick, effective relief to body aches and pains. With its unique formula or herbal ingredients derived from ancient Chinese sources, this topical ointment has evolved from its humble origins to become a household name in close to 100 countries. Tiger Balm was known to soothe […]

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Marketing Pain Retail Tiger
Girl and Tiger Mending
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Families everywhere deal with great challenges. With each obstacle they face generally the outcome will make each individual a little bit stronger. With these experiences our perspective in life changes and we become more knowledgeable. “Girl” and “Tiger Mending” are two stories that I believe reflect this in two very different ways. Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” […]

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Tipoo’s tiger
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Tipoo’s tiger is a significant symbol between the East and West. It represents India’s dominance over the West, Europe. The Tiger represents India’s power, with the soldier representing Britain. However, Tipoo’s Tiger is located at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It was captured from the Sultan after the British invaded Seringapatam and killed […]

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British Empire India Tiger United Kingdom
Terrorism and Tamil Tigers
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In this essay, we’ll look into the different reasons of why people resort to terrorism, if it is really the last and best way to achieve what they want. I will also write about the opposing views of seeing terrorists as just terrorists alone, or if they are actually freedom fighters. Lastly, we will discuss […]

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Al-Qaeda Terrorism Tiger Violence
The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
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The White Tiger, published in 2008, is an epistolary novel written by the Indian author Aravind Adiga. It is a story about a low cast Indian named Balram. Balram exploits all opportunities to break free from the so-called rooster coop. Ultimately he succeeds, though under a terrible cost. Aravind Adiga shows his readers India like […]

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The Four Asian Tigers
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The four Asian Tigers—Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan—are known for their remarkable growth over the latter half of the 20th century, which propelled them into some of the world leaders in finance and high value added manufacturing. The causes, or roots, of such a phenomenal success have been at the center of a […]

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Economic Growth Economics Tax Tiger
The White Tiger
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“The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga is a piece of literature that talks about India left and right. A book that can be half fiction half true. It talks about the fortunate and the unfortunate, the rich and the poor. The irony shown in this book about corruption, oppression of the poor, reality of India […]

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