Science essays can be on any scientific topic, from the physics of black holes to the biology of viruses. Articles in this genre require careful research and a clear understanding of the topic at hand. In addition, science essays must be well organized and well written. As a student, you might be required to write essays about science and technology, or you might be asked to write about a scientific discovery or invention.

Regardless of the topic, a science essay must have a clear thesis statement and a well-organized body. In addition, you must format your paper correctly with correct citations and references. If you are not familiar with the formatting requirements for science essays, consult your teacher or seek help from an essay writing service. Several websites offer writing services. You will also find science essay examples that can help you better understand the structure and format of this type of essay. Finally, it is essential to note that science essays are not like research papers. A research paper is a more comprehensive examination of a particular topic, while an essay is more concise and focused.

Theodicies Essay Example
1493 words 6 pages

The Augustinian theodicy, originating from St Augustine, is grounded in biblical references, particularly in the narratives of creation and the fall in Genesis. Its central premise consists of two assertions: firstly, that evil did not stem from God, as His creation was without imperfections and absolute; secondly, that evil is a consequence of human free […]

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Anthropology Ethics Free Will God Human Science Social Science
Did Atlantis Really Exist? Essay Example
447 words 2 pages

Known as one of the world’s greatest mysteries, Atlantis is a legend written by the Greek philosopher Plato. The legend was written thousands of years ago, but it is still talked about today (Smith Michael and Debora Smith). Scholars often argue that Atlantis existed, but those that do not agree remind those scholars that there […]

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Business City Construction Event Existence Law Legend Literature Plato Religion Science Social Science
Cognitive Dissonance Theory Analysis Essay Example
1565 words 6 pages

Leon Festinger created the cognitive dissonance theory as an attempt to explain why people desire to have consistency between their behaviors and actions. Cognitive dissonance is the distressing mental state people feel when they find themselves doing things that don’t fit with what they know, or having opinions that do not fit with other opinions […]

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Philosophy Science Social Psychology Theory
The Unstructured Problem Usually Faced by the Upper Level Manager Essay Example
1247 words 5 pages

The unstructured problem usually faced by the upper level manager. This happen because the lower level manager handle the routine decision themselves and let the upper level manager deal with the decision they find unusual or difficult. The table below will shows us the different between programmed and non-programmed decisions. CharacteristicProgrammed DecisionNonprogrammed Decision Type of […]

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Bias Problems Science Social Psychology Structure
Review of the Article “On Being an Atheist” by H. J. McCloskey Essay Example
1054 words 4 pages

Having completed the unit of philosophy of religion, you are now ready to respond to an article written by an actual atheist. This article, titled “On Being an Atheist,” was written by H. J. McCloskey in 1968 for the journal Question. McCloskey is an Australian philosopher who wrote a number of atheistic works in the […]

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Deism God Philosophy Reason Science Social Science Theology
The Anchor of Philippine Education: Humanism and Egalitarianism
969 words 4 pages

The principle of humanism and egalitarianism has been the anchor of Philippine education. Over the decades, Filipinos considered education as the key to success, or roughly translated, the key to a stable job and eventually to the elevation of their social status. The latter ensures that neither poverty nor difference in political creed and culture […]

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Education Performance Reading Science Student
Exile in the Road Essay Example
657 words 3 pages

Exile not only forces a person into isolation but also instigates an enlightening journey in which the person learns to draw certain conclusions about society. For instance, in The Road, the man and the son are completely isolated from the rest of the world by their status of being the “good guys;” however, this experience […]

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Anthropology Ethics Family Good And Evil Human Man Religion Science Social Science Society
Lit Crit: Hernando R. Ocampo’s “We or They” Essay Example
1065 words 4 pages

The story’s setting of a historical Philippine period portrays strong Marxist undertones that display the social class system and the different types of oppression that was evident during the Commonwealth era such a physical oppression, emotional oppression, intellectual oppression and indirect oppression. Over the years, people all over the world have been oppressed and have […]

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Bourgeoisie Law Marxism Oppression Science Social Class Social Institution Social Science Work Working Class
Quran and Modern Science Essay Example
8131 words 30 pages

This booklet by Dr. Maurice Bucaille has been in circulation for the past nineteen years and has been a very effective tool in presenting Islam to non-Muslims as well as introducing Muslims to aspects of the scientific miracle of the Qur’an. It is based on a transcription of a lecture given by Dr. Bucaille in […]

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Knowledge Quran Science
The Second Sex! Essay Example
1545 words 6 pages

The Feminist Movement (also known as The Women’s Liberation movement) is a social movement organized around the belief that both men and women are equal in every way. The role of feminism in the 20th century changed the lives of many women, opening new doors to greater opportunities such has: jobs, education, and empowerment. Many […]

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Existentialism Gender History Human Sexuality Science Sex Social Science Society Women'S Rights
Literary Analysys of the Birthmark Essay Example
889 words 4 pages

Within the story, the theme is conveyed through two pieces of evidence that support it. The first piece is presented through the tool B. Evidence supporting this tool can be categorized into three parts: Characterization The first piece of evidence supporting this tool The second piece of evidence supporting this tool Second piece of evidence […]

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Childbirth Evidence Fiction Science
Online Library Registration System Essay Example
336 words 2 pages

As part of their requirements for the subject System Analysis and Design, Mia Grace Macapagal, Nicko Paras, and Gabriel Onell David submitted an Online Library Registration System for the Students of Pampanga Agricultural College in June 2012. They would like to acknowledge the support and assistance of various individuals who helped make this study possible, […]

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Library Research Science
Utilization Essay Example
1023 words 4 pages

Utilization of public school choice will result in greater parental involvement with children and at school functions, improved student performance, and immediate reduction in some overcrowded schools. The reasons that parents want to chose which school their children attend is because it is blatantly obvious(through proven city, state, and academic records), that not all public […]

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Education Science Special Education Teacher
Plato introduces Essay Example
2307 words 9 pages

Plato introduces his concept of justice and the Good in his 10 books, which describe the ideal state and, which, in turn, embodies that justice (Plato 360 BC as qtd in Book Notes 2004). Justice is an inherent and unavoidable social and political concept in the ideal society and state. “The Republic” describes justice as […]

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Education Health Justice Law Mind Philosophy Plato Science Social Science Society Soul Virtue
Scientific Revolution in the Western Civilization Essay Example
832 words 4 pages

Thesis statement.The Scientific Revolution became a real break in the development of science. It influenced the development of philosophical and religious thought being the major contradiction and innovation in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and had a great influence on the life of educated people of the Western World.1. Introduction.This essay is devoted to the […]

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Civilization Philosophy Science Scientific Revolution
The need to uncover Essay Example
2077 words 8 pages

According to Hart (1998), it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of conducting a literature review prior to commencing a research project. Inexperienced researchers may mistakenly perceive this process as simply summarizing papers or creating an annotated bibliography (Webster & Watson, 2002). However, an effective literature review provides much more than that. According to Hart […]

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Literature Review Need Research Science
Nut1 Task 2 Essay Example
2860 words 11 pages

Western Governors University NUT EMR , Electronic Medical Records, refers to paperless, digital and computerized systems to maintain patient data, increase efficiency, reduce documentation errors and increase direct patient care. Although these types of systems have been around for more than twenty years, new technology is producing systems that are interchangeable with physicians and hospitals […]

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Business Process Health Care Provider Management Nursing Patient Science
Importance of Business Math in Mba Studies Essay Example
266 words 1 page

Why is Business Mathematics important? Mathematics has always been crucial in the analysis of markets, production systems, and overall business operations. The rise of business activities in the early 20th century, particularly in banking and finance, greatly escalated in the 70’s thanks to the comprehensive research of experts like Sharpe, Black, Scholes, Merton, as well […]

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Business Finance Research Science
Compilation in Informatics Essay Example
961 words 4 pages

Mobile devices ( smartphones, tablet computers) have become ubiquitous and subsequently there has been a growth in mobile applications (apps). Concurrently, mobile devices have been integrated into health care practice due to the availability and quality of medical apps. These mobile medical apps offer increased access to clinical references and point-of-care tools.However, there has been […]

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Health Care Mobile device Pharmacology Pharmacy Science
What Your Birthdate Says About You Essay Example
2678 words 10 pages

One important application of research into memory is eyewitness testimony (EWT). EWT is used as evidence in criminal trials in countries all over the world. Juries tend to pay extra attention to eyewitness testimony and generally see it as very trustworthy and convincing. However, a great deal of research in cognitive psychology tells us that, […]

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Computer Components Epistemology Information Memories Science Social Science
Development of Mathematics: From Aristotle to Da Vinci
11120 words 41 pages

Introduction Development of mathematics as a discipline of logic did not exist before about 1000 B. C. The Greek philosopher Aristotle (-350 B. C. referred to the process of optical projection of images. Leonardo da Vinci explored the disciplines of optics, geometry and mechanics. In 1492 he demonstrated the principles of optical perspectivity (MacLeish 1977), which […]

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Geometry Regression Analysis Science Statistics
Analysis of Mise en scene & Cinematography: Swordfish, opening sequence Essay Example
1478 words 6 pages

The aim of an opening sequence is to establish the context of a film and captivate the audience’s interest. Mise en scene, meaning “put into scene,” plays a crucial role in achieving this by encompassing the visual aesthetic of the film and generating meaning through cinematography. By analyzing the sequence systematically, one can identify elements […]

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Camera Event Mathematics Science

Popular Questions About Science

How can science help us predict the future?
Science can help. Predictive models and maps highlight where species may appear in the future. Monitoring species on the move can reveal how numerous they are, how they behave, what habitats they prefer and where they may interact with humans.
What's the role of a chief science officer?
“The chief science role has been to integrate science across the agency and since we have a handful of mission directorates to harmonize that science activity in and among them. Her experience makes her especially qualified for this position,” Nelson said.
Why is the National Science competition so important?
According to the organization, the prestigious competition provides students with a national stage to present original research and celebrates the hard work and novel discoveries of young scientists who are bringing a fresh perspective to significant global challenges.
Why is resilience called the science of surprise?
"Resilience is often called the science of surprise. If you are living with very stable conditions and everything is predictable, you don't need that buffer of biodiversity. But if you're living in more turbulent times with more unpredictable situations, that type of portfolio of options becomes extremely important," said Folke, founder of the S
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