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Science essays can be on any scientific topic, from the physics of black holes to the biology of viruses. Articles in this genre require careful research and a clear understanding of the topic at hand. In addition, science essays must be well organized and well written. As a student, you might be required to write essays about science and technology, or you might be asked to write about a scientific discovery or invention.

Regardless of the topic, a science essay must have a clear thesis statement and a well-organized body. In addition, you must format your paper correctly with correct citations and references. If you are not familiar with the formatting requirements for science essays, consult your teacher or seek help from an essay writing service. Several websites offer writing services. You will also find science essay examples that can help you better understand the structure and format of this type of essay. Finally, it is essential to note that science essays are not like research papers. A research paper is a more comprehensive examination of a particular topic, while an essay is more concise and focused.

Complexity Relationship Between the Father and the Son in a Story Poem
649 words 2 pages

Poetry analysis encompasses investigating a poem’s form, content, structural semiotics and history in an informed way, with a sole goal of heightening one’s own and other’s understanding and appreciation of the work. To portray the complex relationship between the father and the son in the A story poem by Li-Young Lee, its first important to […]

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Learning Learning English Literature Periodic Table Semiotics
Male Selection
464 words 1 page

Naturally, mate selection is always dependent on natural selection. Men look for healthy, young and beautifully women who have a potential of producing healthy children. On the other hand, women look for men who are strong and have a greater potential of becoming a protector and provider for her and her children. According to homogamy […]

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Economic Inequality Natural Selection
Life and Work of Henry Ford
980 words 2 pages

Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motors dealing with automobiles. He brought a revolution in the motor industry. He also played a significant role in the establishment of the assembly line; a manufacturing line, which led to mass production at a lower cost. Before Ford developed Ford Automobile Company, car owners were only the […]

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Henry Ford Hitler Thomas Edison
Rhetorical Analysis of “Black men and Public Spaces” by Brent
849 words 2 pages

The author, Brent Staples, seeks to highlight the prevalence of prejudice, often unconscious, as well as racism and the impacts it has on the young African Americans. It is evident that the author purposely makes a choice of language that is meant to elicit sympathy from the reader or the audience. The choice of words […]

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Pathos Rhetoric Space Exploration
Iran nuclear
405 words 1 page

The writer used pathos to express sympathetic feeling, how the Iran nuclear plan will affect other countries negatively and the risk accompanied will take long time to be solved. Israelites specifically fear that the Iran nuclear program will entirely target them therefore; they suggest that the whole program should be brought to stand still forever. […]

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1950S Iran Nuclear Power Nuclear Weapon Pathos Self Reliance
Watson’s Theory in Nursing
346 words 1 page

The theories in nursing offer the systematic method for viewing the nursing professional practice of describing, guiding as well as generating the knowledge to push further the practice of nursing. Watson’s philosophy and theory of transpersonal caring were chosen by Kawead Delta’s nurses that were registered, as the foundation for the practice of nursing (Watson, […]

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Compassion Nursing Theory
How Can Blade Runner Alert Us About Environmental Dangers
1084 words 3 pages

Literature is a very powerful tool; it has shaped human perception over several generations in all existing walks of life. All cultures have some form of literature, even the less modernized cultures. Most of our history has been passed down to the current generation through literary arts, oral literature and even written works. The developed […]

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Biology Blade Runner Endangered Animals Human Nature
Should Tigers Be Kept In Zoos
649 words 2 pages

Why I am interested in this topic Despite the much pleasure I derive from wild I am also concerned with the economic importance of the wild animals as well as the dangers they pose to people when these wild animals are left to loiter freely in our streets. Tigers are potential cause of harm to […]

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Endangered Animals Endangered Species Natural Environment Tiger Zoo
Wildlife Of Saudi Arabia
806 words 2 pages

Wildlife refers to animal species that live in the wild and are undomesticated. Wildlife includes the fungi, plants, and organisms found in the wild to date. Ecosystem, forests, grasslands, plains, deserts and countries provide habitats for wildlife. Therefore, the purpose of this essay will entail looking at the wildlife of Saudi Arabia. The wildlife in […]

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Animals Ecology Endangered Animals Natural Environment
Saving Energy, Saving The Planet
1381 words 3 pages

“Because of the second law of thermodynamics there is no free ride. We will always pay in entropy for any transformation we create” (Wessel 58). In the myth of progress Tom Wessel writes about the path toward a sustainable future using some interesting theories, facts, examples and solutions for people to be able to leave […]

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Climate Change Energy Fossil Fuels Nature
The On Platydemus Manokwari
588 words 2 pages

A land flatworm in the phylum Platyhelminthes. It is also known as New Guinea Flatworm. It is a long worm, with pointed ends and a flat body, usually gray colored on the underside and brown on the top surface. Its native home is the New Guinea Island. It was discovered by De Beauchamp in Australia […]

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Animals Biodiversity Endangered Animals Endangered Species
The Study Of Communication
931 words 2 pages

The mass media has pointed to the formulation of some theories. These theories are applicable in everyday living and are the indicators to the various communication models. Every situation presents a different approach of application of the same determines what theory to use. This paper will highlight a real life situation recently encountered and matched […]

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Communication Equal pay Experience Theory
Fish And Wildlife Conservation
1414 words 3 pages

According to Mattia Brambilla, Marco Gustin, and Claudio Celada article, the conservation of animal species should always start from the real needs of protection and intervention. The information about the safety and response is shown by the species and their habitats. The approach, however, dominates through the flagship of species that are often criticized as […]

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Ecology Endangered Animals Natural Selection Nature
Elements of Geography In US
292 words 1 page

In this case American culture encompasses the customs and traditions of the United States .This culture deals mostly with the religion, food, places and also the environment that most of the people lie in. However, we therefore base our attempt on marketing of products in US. Technology has been endorsed to be on high rate […]

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American Culture Culture Diffusion Food And Culture
Artificial Intelligence And Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
2092 words 5 pages

Frankenstein is an old classic around a scientist who makes a monster and the dreadful occasions he accidentally causes (Rushing 68). Victor Frankenstein is a hard-working man at the university who finds how to give life to a dead body and uses his knowledge to make a man-monster. He trusts his discovery will prompt further […]

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Frankenstein Intelligent Machines Science
Unicorns And Marine Mammals
303 words 1 page

Marine mammals are the animals that spend most of their lives near or in the sea. In the middle ages, numerous legends existed that surrounded the narwhal’s unusual tusk (Monodon monoceros), that had originally come from the unicorn. Aristotle, who is a Greek philosopher, recognized that the Whales are mammals and not fish since they […]

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Dolphin Endangered Animals Endangered Species Myths Whale
The Causes Of Food Insecurity And Famine
1777 words 4 pages

Food insecurity and famine refer to the lack of enough food. Food insecurity and famine can be as a result of both natural and manmade causes. The natural causes include plant disease, droughts, floods, earthquakes, and insect plagues. The man-man causes include war, destruction of crops, poverty, and inefficient food distribution. Undernutrition refers to a […]

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Environmental Science
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Research
1047 words 3 pages

Introduction The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the accessibility various ocean plastic junks that are found in the Northern piece of Pacific while twirling. It can likewise be a piece of more extensive plastic torment that creates in the seas over the entire world. It is one of the few sections of the sea where […]

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Environmental Science
Are People Able to See the Future to Change Their Lives for the Better?
320 words 1 page

Everyone around the world would wish to know his or her fate or get a view of his past. From the instances and things that happen in our daily lives, we come up with different ideologies either on the existence of something or the potential of something happening. Some things happen that are beyond explanation […]

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Future Philosophy The Good Life Time Travel
Stars Dying, Type I, Type II Supernovae
658 words 2 pages

Various steps follow the demise of stars of low stellar mass, medium stellar as well as those that are very massive. First, for the low mass star, the helium fusion leads to the formation of carbon core. The carbon core collapses but at a low temperature not enough to allow fusion of carbon. The outer […]

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Energy Gravity Space Exploration Stars
Space Travel: Importance and Setbacks
608 words 2 pages

SpaceX is an American based space manufacturer and transporter company situated in California. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the primary goal of making technologies that will ease costs incurred during space transportation as well as enabling exploration into planet Mars. SpaceX is developing various space vehicles such as the Falcon 1 […]

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Flight Gravity Solar System Technology
White Holes Are the Opposite of Black Holes in Space
409 words 1 page

White holes are hypothetical objects found in the space. They are celestial hypothetical objects from space that expands and emit energy. Generally, white holes are the inverse of the black holes. For black holes, no matter is allowed to escape from their space while the white holes erupts mass as well as energy and therefore […]

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Energy Gravity Science Space Exploration

Popular Questions About Science

How can science help us predict the future?
Science can help. Predictive models and maps highlight where species may appear in the future. Monitoring species on the move can reveal how numerous they are, how they behave, what habitats they prefer and where they may interact with humans.
What's the role of a chief science officer?
“The chief science role has been to integrate science across the agency and since we have a handful of mission directorates to harmonize that science activity in and among them. Her experience makes her especially qualified for this position,” Nelson said.
Why is the National Science competition so important?
According to the organization, the prestigious competition provides students with a national stage to present original research and celebrates the hard work and novel discoveries of young scientists who are bringing a fresh perspective to significant global challenges.
Why is resilience called the science of surprise?
"Resilience is often called the science of surprise. If you are living with very stable conditions and everything is predictable, you don't need that buffer of biodiversity. But if you're living in more turbulent times with more unpredictable situations, that type of portfolio of options becomes extremely important," said Folke, founder of the S