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Plastic Waste in the Oceans: Consequences and Solutions
1527 words 3 pages

The percentage of plastic used has increased due to the number of products that are packaged in plastic as well as how much plastic is being wasted instead of recycled by humans. There is already a large quantity of plastic on the planet and this is the reason why the world has three plastic islands. […]

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Plastic Pollution
Artur Bordalo Turns Trash Into Animals To Remind Us About Pollution
1061 words 3 pages

Artur Bordalo was born in Lisbon in 1987. During his youth, he tumbled between two worlds. In one world he watched his grandfather, an artist himself, painting with water colors and in the other world he practiced producing graffiti and experienced the consequences that are bound to the illegal activity. Gradually, the habits he had […]

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Plastic Pollution
Plastic and Packaging Waste Laws in the US
1068 words 3 pages

In recent years, natural resources had been rapidly reduced due to people’s usage. In the resources that people wasted, most of them had harmful chemicals. These harmful substances were also an important factor affecting the environment. Therefore, In 2014-2019, California has proposed some law on plastic bags, plastic straws, and paper receipts. California believed this […]

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Plastic Pollution
The World Plastic Bottle Epidemic
2506 words 5 pages

For this project, I chose to quit using plastic water bottles. I chose to go down this path for my project because after the first couple days of college, I notice that our recycling bin was already getting really full and it was basically all water bottles. After a few days, we were almost finished […]

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Plastic Pollution
Using of Micro-Plastic glitters in Cosmetic Products
1631 words 4 pages

Everyone has heard about microplastics, the small pieces of plastic waste created by the disposal of everyday consumer products. Everyone is strongly against microbeads found in thousands of cosmetic products. Everyone knows a little about microfibers, the thin synthetic yarns shedding into the water during each wash. What about glitter? Chances are you haven’t even […]

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Plastic Pollution
Plastics taking over planet Earth
1548 words 3 pages

Take a look at your average everyday supermarket. The average American can find literally hundreds of items that are specifically designed to make our lives much simpler. Everything from individually wrapped snacks, zip lock bags to store items, dense plastic bottles, you get the picture. Many consumer items in today’s market have one thing in […]

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Plastic Pollution
The Background On Single-Use Plastic Bags
1474 words 3 pages

Paper or Plastic? When someone sees this question they immediately think of their experiences at the checkout counter of grocery stores. Oftentimes, due to the unnecessary stress that comes from grocery shopping, people tend to choose the simplest option. Plastic. However, the simpleness of this option in the supermarket is merely a facade of the […]

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Plastic Pollution
Life in Plastic, Not So Fantastic
1254 words 3 pages

Introduction Plastic can be discovered almost everywhere on Earth, in the depths of oceans and even in Arctic ice (Parker). Shockingly, plastic can even be found on the moon, ever since 1969 when Neil Armstrong set up a nylon US flag on the astronomical body (“Plastic Surgery; Pollution”). It has become a highly favored substance, […]

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Plastic Pollution
The Republic of Kiribati and the Main Environmental Issues
551 words 2 pages

Significant changes in water quantity and quality are evident across the world. These changes, which are expected to persist, present an ongoing risk to interconnected human and natural systems and related ecosystem services. Surface water quality is declining as water temperature increases and more frequent high-intensity rainfall events mobilize pollutants such as pathogens and plastics, […]

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Plastic Pollution
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
306 words 1 page

The medieval romance due to its setting of mysterious and supernatural setting. The story tells a tale of King Arthur’s reign and a challenge of beheading between knights of the castle. The story also qualifies as a medieval romance because some of the main characters’ real identities are masked. For instance, the Green Knight turns […]

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Bravery Desert Knight Loyalty Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
Why Does God Allow The Sign Of Evil
1333 words 3 pages

Theodicy addresses the evidential issue of dishonesty by striving to make the presence of an All-knowing, All-intense and All-great or omnibenevolent God who is reliable with the presence of evil or enduring in the world. Unlike a guard, which tries to exhibit that God’s presence is intelligently conceivable in the light of evil, theodicy can […]

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Bravery Tornado
How Can Blade Runner Alert Us About Environmental Dangers
1084 words 3 pages

Literature is a very powerful tool; it has shaped human perception over several generations in all existing walks of life. All cultures have some form of literature, even the less modernized cultures. Most of our history has been passed down to the current generation through literary arts, oral literature and even written works. The developed […]

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Biology Blade Runner Endangered Animals Human Nature
Human Role In Climate Change
764 words 2 pages

Global warming is a terminology that is used to describe the world climatic changes that are caused by the gradual increase in temperatures of the earth’s atmosphere and its oceans. The temperatures are said to have risen from 0.4 to 08 degrees Celsius over the past a hundred years (Stocker). Human activities are believed to […]

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Atmosphere Climate Change Earth Fossil Fuels
Should Tigers Be Kept In Zoos
649 words 2 pages

Why I am interested in this topic Despite the much pleasure I derive from wild I am also concerned with the economic importance of the wild animals as well as the dangers they pose to people when these wild animals are left to loiter freely in our streets. Tigers are potential cause of harm to […]

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Endangered Animals Endangered Species Natural Environment Tiger Zoo
Wildlife Of Saudi Arabia
806 words 2 pages

Wildlife refers to animal species that live in the wild and are undomesticated. Wildlife includes the fungi, plants, and organisms found in the wild to date. Ecosystem, forests, grasslands, plains, deserts and countries provide habitats for wildlife. Therefore, the purpose of this essay will entail looking at the wildlife of Saudi Arabia. The wildlife in […]

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Animals Ecology Endangered Animals Natural Environment
Saving Energy, Saving The Planet
1381 words 3 pages

“Because of the second law of thermodynamics there is no free ride. We will always pay in entropy for any transformation we create” (Wessel 58). In the myth of progress Tom Wessel writes about the path toward a sustainable future using some interesting theories, facts, examples and solutions for people to be able to leave […]

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Climate Change Energy Fossil Fuels Nature
Running Head: Endangered Rhinos
639 words 2 pages

Rhinoceros family has faced threats in different countries. Their number has continued to decrease with time due to increased demand for rhino’s horn by poachers. The situation has proved extreme after the reports from world conservation society indicated that more than five thousand Rhinos have been killed in the African continent alone, since 2008. These […]

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Biodiversity Endangered Animals Hunting Natural Environment Politics
They May Not Sound Very Threatening, But These Invaders Have Devastating Effects On Wildlife
695 words 2 pages

Invasive species – they may not sound very threatening, but these invaders, large and small, have devastating effects on wildlife. Invasive species are among the leading threats to native wildlife. Approximately 42% of threatened or endangered species are at risk due to invasive species. Human health and economies are also at risk from invasive species. The […]

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Ecology Invasive Species Natural Environment Nature Conservation Organisms
The On Volcanic Rocks
311 words 1 page

Igneous rocks are found abundantly in the earth’s crust. Two processes lead to the formation of Igneous rocks. The first process results when the molten or liquid rock(magma) cools and crystallizes deep inside the earth thus forming the characteristic rocks. They can also be formed when the molten rock(lava) erupts from a volcano and hardens […]

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Explore Nature Volcano
The On Platydemus Manokwari
588 words 2 pages

A land flatworm in the phylum Platyhelminthes. It is also known as New Guinea Flatworm. It is a long worm, with pointed ends and a flat body, usually gray colored on the underside and brown on the top surface. Its native home is the New Guinea Island. It was discovered by De Beauchamp in Australia […]

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Animals Biodiversity Endangered Animals Endangered Species
Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution
1037 words 2 pages

The industrial revolution led to a significant change in the life of a human in all aspects. The period was marked by rapid economic growth that had a positive impact on the lives of people. For instance, technological advancements made life easier which facilitated a significant growth in human population. However, the industrial revolution had […]

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Endangered Animals Environmentalism Pollution Waste Water
Fish And Wildlife Conservation
1414 words 3 pages

According to Mattia Brambilla, Marco Gustin, and Claudio Celada article, the conservation of animal species should always start from the real needs of protection and intervention. The information about the safety and response is shown by the species and their habitats. The approach, however, dominates through the flagship of species that are often criticized as […]

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Ecology Endangered Animals Natural Selection Nature

Popular Questions About Environment

What is a simple definition of environment?
1 : the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded. 2a : the complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors (such as climate, soil, and living things) that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival.
Which best defines the environment?
The environment is all the physical, chemical and biological factors external to a person, and all the related behaviours. This definition excludes behaviour not related to environment, as well as behaviour related to the social and cultural environment, and genetics.
What are some examples of environment?
The environment includes the sun, soil, water, and air, which are essential for human life.
What are the three types of environments?
Types of Environment - Geographical, Man-made, Inner and Outer Environment.