Deforestation is a major environmental concern that affects the entire world. It occurs when forests are destroyed or cut down to make way for human development such as farming, residential areas and industrial sites. Deforestation not only destroys habitats of wildlife but also has devastating effects on climate change, water cycles, soil erosion and air quality. The main causes of deforestation include logging for timber, conversion to agricultural land and urbanization. Logging accounts for more than half of all deforestation in tropical rainforests like the Amazon basin where vast tracts of trees are cleared at an alarming rate to satisfy global demand for timber products such as paper, furniture and construction materials. Conversion of forests into agricultural land is another significant cause of deforestation particularly in developing countries which have seen drastic increases in their population size over recent decades creating a need for more food production leading to further demand on limited forest resources. Urban sprawl too has caused extensive damage to natural woodland as cities expand outward consuming formerly wooded areas as people look for new homes or businesses seek larger sites with improved access and transport links. Deforestation can result in numerous negative impacts including loss of biodiversity due to destruction of animal habitats; disruption or even complete cessation of vital hydrological processes such as rainfall; increased greenhouse gas emissions due to burning off vegetation; soil degradation rendering it incapable of supporting agriculture; desertification through reduced water availability resulting from lack of tree cover; decreased air quality due to suspended particles released during burning; and depletion of groundwater reserves associated with root systems no longer present underground’s . Furthermore, deforestation can lead directly or indirectly towards social injustice by adversely affecting marginalised communities who rely heavily on forests for essential goods such medicines, fuelwood and wild foods among others leaving them without basic necessities needed for survival . In order mitigate against this issue governments around the world should focus on promoting sustainable forestry management practices that ensure enough trees remain intact while still allowing harvesting activities within acceptable limits so that ecological balance remains intact. Governments must strive towards strengthening existing laws regulating cutting down trees wherever possible whilst encouraging re-planting programmes whereby saplings are planted after harvesting operations take place ensuring growth rates exceed those removed thus maintaining overall levels stable if not increasing them slightly each year over time. In addition corporate entities must be held accountable when they choose profits over environmental responsibility contributing significantly towards carbon footprints which would otherwise be much lower had alternative solutions been implemented instead.

Effects of Greenhouse Gases on Climate and Living Species Essay Example
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In recent years, many campaigns have emerged in an effort to address the issue of climate change. The issue of climate change is of great importance to all global citizens. Its importance is clear in Annual Summits by organs like United Nations, which aim is to ensure that the world meets the world climate change […]

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Deforestation Endangered Species Forest
Major Causes Of Climate Change Essay Example
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Explore themes raised in the Caldeira article in the light of recent media coverage on global warming (severe storms, oil sands, melting arctic ice, etc.). Discuss the causes of climate change, its impact on our lives and on the planet and our power to combat it. Use at least two academic or news articles to […]

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Climate Change Deforestation Ecology Endangered Species Forest
Biggest Environmental Issues Essay Example
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Water is the most essential elements is the nature of sustainability of any living system. The concept through which living organisms survive is an issue which needs discussion since it is an environmental concern. Different human activities, however, lead to the change of the environment that leads to the production of water in particular through […]

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Deforestation Ecology Environmental Issues Forest
Global Percepetive On Environmental Issues Essay Example
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In our contemporary world, the issue of environment is proving to be a crucial one for our success and a major concern all over the world. Our surrounding that constitute the environment is being polluted each and every day at an alarming rate. In line with this, there is a need to cope with this […]

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A raisin in the sun Biodiversity Deforestation Ecology Environmental Issues Forest Natural Environment
Climate Change Impacts Essay Example
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Executive Summary Climate change entails any significant deviation in the weather elements for an extended period. It includes significant changes in precipitation, temperature and wind patterns that can be registered for several decades. Climate change impacts and consequences frequently affect the societies and ecosystem in a broad variety of ways. For instance, climate change can […]

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Deforestation Ecology Forest
Deforestation in Florida Essay Example
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Abstract Over the years, the world has experienced the wanton destruction of its forest cover due to increased human encroachment into forested areas. The growing human population has forced people to clear wooded areas so as to create space for human settlement. Demand for timber for construction of house and furniture has also increased. However, […]

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Deforestation Ecology Forest
Deforestation and Climate Change Essay Example
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Cutting down of trees has become a major course to climate change. It is the main human activity leading to air pollution and greenhouse gasses. Forests are home hundreds and millions of species. They are vital for human and animal lives. They are responsible for the generation of oxygen, control of soil erosion, absorption of […]

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Deforestation Ecology Forest
Social Impacts Of Deforestation Essay Example
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Introduction Technology is the deliberate submission of information for reasonable measures, particularly in industry. It is the subdivision of cognizance managing creation or connected science. The innovation advancement occurring the world over today is doing hurriedly, and new improvements are being made with each short day, and this imaginable claims to the vast number across […]

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Deforestation Forest

Popular Questions About Deforestation

Why is deforestation so bad?
Deforestation and the destruction of forest habitat is the leading cause of extinction on the planet. ... On top of that, the capacity of forests to pull greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is lost as forests are cut. Forest loss contributes about 15-20% of all annual greenhouse gas emissions.
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