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  • Land Pollution is a problem in our country.
  • Air pollution is a worldwide problem that affects everyone
  • Depression and stress can be considered as types of mental pollution
  • Water pollution is also A worldwide problem in the earth.


There are many ways pollution can affect the world. The four most common forms of pollution are land pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and mental pollution. There are also many causes and effects of pollution.We will explain all four of them to you.

Land pollution

Land pollution affects our everyday world. When people throw their trash on the floor, they are destroying the planet little by little. We had better days when the Native Americans were here because they did not use very much of the world. People throw trash on the floor as if the world is infinite, but it is not. They do not realize that earth can not be clean forever. If people keep doing this, more and more people will get sick and eventually die because of the land pollution. Land pollution affects not only people, but animals too.The animals we might have in a farm can also be polluted. So when we feed our animals, we sometimes feed them trash that is polluted which causes bioaccumulation.Then once they are fat, people kill them to eat them and they are basically eating their own trash. They could lose their habitats because of land pollution.Land pollution can sometimes cause cancer because the floor and everything that is polluted is affected.

Mental pollution

Mental pollution affects people by making people depressed. This most likely happens in cities and popular places. People will lose interest in what they are looking forward to doing.People become too sad to think about what they were going to be doing. They would talk to no one, because they feel like they have a bomb in their head and when it reaches 0, they are covered in darkness with little way out. People get like this for many reasons, like when people make fun of them, or the passing of a family member .People will lose friends because they will not talk to them, which furthers their depresion. In our modern times we have too much light,or noise like TVS,cars,and phones.Lights are another reason go insane cause lights makes it harder to sleep.We have too much li

Water pollution

Water pollution is important because some fish live in the water . Water is easily polluted. For example, when a boat has a oil spill, the fish die. When people throw trash in the water and fish get caught in plastic they can die. People are careless and they are basically killing fish and polluting our water. Most people enjoy swimming in water, but I don’t think people would swim in trash. Would you want to swim in water that has trash in it? Well, I wouldn’t.Water can also be used to clean yourself like in China people quit taking baths in the water because people kept throwing trash in the water. Water pollution also affects the fishes habitats and if there habitat is polluted they might die.

Air pollution

Air pollution is bad for everyone, especially people with special needs. I bet you if there wasn’t a thing called air pollution a lot more of the people in the most polluted states in the world would be alive instead of being dead by lung damage from breathing in all that smoke and other bad gases. Air pollution can always be dangerous. No matter where ever you might be, there is always a bit of air pollution. Air pollution can spread everywhere. Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases. So if l were you, I would want to live in something like this.

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Naturally, eating organically produced foods makes an individual feel good from inside. But according to Professor Ian Godwin from the University of Queensland, organically produced foods may look so good as compared to non-organic products but they are not sustainable (MacKay, 15). Furthermore, they wholly rely on different chemical sprays for their growth. Despite these […]

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Popular Questions About Pollution

What are the bad things about pollution?
Pollution is bad for all living things. Air, water, and soil pollution make their way into carcinogenic form for living animals and humans. Soil and water pollution make their way into our foods. Enough poison and toxins in the soil cause plants to die.
How would you define pollution?
Pollution is defined as the bringing of unsafe or toxic substances into the environment, such as the soil, the air and water. The act of polluting usually renders the environment less safe than it was before. Pollution is a phenomenon that can take place through natural means.
What are the pros and cons of pollution?
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Environmental Pollution Car exhaust • power plants Manufacturing vehicles • fertilizer manufacturers • tearing down buildings • evaporation of chemicals Explosion of volcano's • constructing roads
What are the 5 types of pollution?
The five major types of pollution include: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, light pollution, and noise pollution. Paul Katz/Photodisc/Getty Images. A major source of air pollution results from the burning of fossil fuels. Vehicle and factory emissions are common sources of this type of air pollution.