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A Lost Generation: Children of the Arab Spring
4661 words 9 pages

Intoxicating smoke, riotous gunfire, homeless, fear and stateless is the reality of the children after the Arab Spring erupted in Tunisia on 17th December 2010. The main factors that triggered the Arab Spring were inequality, disenfranchisement, relative deprivation and the corruption as well as autocratic regimes which had the policy and security sector aimed at […]

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Guns Do Not Belong on College Campuses
1151 words 3 pages

As students we enter the college life with expectations of higher learning, new beginnings, and brighter futures. However, most students are not overly concerning themselves with thoughts or worries about on campus shootings, or in other words potential threat of gun violence. Currently in the United States a majority of 4,400 colleges and universities (Armed […]

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Realism in The Spring Silkworms By Mao Dun
1116 words 3 pages

Advancement or modernization for the most part is portrayed as anything that has been involved with the procedure of westernization. Presumably the most telling variable of advancement would be impacts of western capitalism. Tradition is described as any old Chinese qualities, traditions, or superstitions uninhibited by western belief system. Realism is representing an item or […]

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How Climate Change Effects Living  Things
828 words 2 pages

“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment” (Margaret Mead). Climate change effects many things including living things. It affects living things by changing the temperature which causes plants to die, animals to suffer, sea level rises, and other living things to get damaged. Climate change causes the oceans to get warmer which […]

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Climate Climate Change Environmental Disaster Sea
New Diseases Due to Climate Change
651 words 2 pages

A disease is a condition that affects a living organism. They are generally thought of as medical conditions that involve a pathological process associated with a specific set of symptoms. Contained diseases have an impact on specific parts of the body. Contagious diseases spread to other parts of the body. Systemic diseases affect the entire […]

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Climate Climate Change Disease Environmental Disaster
Climate Change and Biological Impacts
2207 words 5 pages

Climate change has become more apparent over the last few decades within the scientific community. Studying it and the effects it has on the ecosystems of the world has become integral in predicting the outcomes and survivability of species throughout the world. Determining whether or not it is reversible or controllable has long since been […]

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Climate Climate Change Earth Environmental Disaster
Physical Relief Of The Country Of Ethiopia
741 words 2 pages

Physical Relief Ethiopia consists mainly of Desert and Mountains. Many valleys and plateau’s also can be found in the country. Due to these landform types the percentage of farm land is approximately 5.7% of the total amount of land in Ethiopia. The amount of arable land is 10% of the 5.7% total. Ethiopia has an […]

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Climate Natural Environment Precipitation Science Soil Weather
Background and history of Four Seasons Hotel’s International business
1121 words 3 pages

The history of Four Seasons Hotels dates from 1961 when its first hotel was established in Toronto, Canada (Four Seasons website; Sharp 6). The present Four Seasons Hotels is an anecdote of remarkable expansion and innovation, which has earned the company a prestigious position among the most respectable hotel management companies in the world. The […]

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Finance History International Business Nationalism Seasons
Analysis of “Isaac’s Storm”
1019 words 2 pages

This is a book report of Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History by Erick Larson. The book has 336 pages and first published on the 11th July, 2000 by the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. It received The Book Sense Book of the Year Book for Adult Award. It describes […]

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Hurricane Meteorological Disaster Science Tropics Weather
Merits and Demerits of Telivision Essay Example
423 words 1 page

What are the merits and demerits of science? how science is useful to us? what are it’s diaadvantages.? that’s my question. 3 years ago Report Abuse by Proto Member since: September 10, 2006 Total points: 40043 (Level 7) Badge Image: Add to My Contacts Block User Best Answer – Chosen by Voters Since is the […]

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Belief Science Weather
How A Company Can Weather Through The Current Global Recession
1488 words 3 pages

Small businesses act as the shock absorber in a country facing undergoing financial crises. The current crisis affects business avenues to access credit in the bank and other financial institution. The current financial turmoil has lead to a credit crunch which leads to minimal inter bank lending and hence reduced ‘creation’ of money in the […]

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Bank Company Debt Loan Weather
Leningrad Cemetry, Winter of 1941 Essay Example
571 words 2 pages

Explication of ‘Leningrad Cemetery, Winter of 1941’ This poem is about the World War ? especially in Leningard(1941. 09. 08~1944. 01. 18) in winter of 1941. Leningrad which is now St. Petersburg is once former capital of Russia and Russian Revolution so it was strategically important place for Hitler to have war with. German army […]

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Literature Narration Poetry Winter
Speed Skating – Tha Fast And Elegant Sport Essay Example
498 words 1 page

In 13th century, as a means of transport, speed skating began in Holland. Speed skating is one of the different forms of skating on ice or ice skating. In speed skating, the athletes race and compete with each other to complete a given distance on their ice skates. This sport is performed in a speed […]

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Speed Sports Winter
Speed Skating An Ice Sport for Men and Women
397 words 1 page

In the latter in the 16th century, people actually started to look at skating as a fun and as a sports activity. In the late 16th century a Scotsman designed a unique skate having iron blades. It was this design of the iron bladed skates that eventually made skating and speed skating popular. The Skating […]

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Olympic Games Speed Sports Winter
Skiing Tips Essay Example
447 words 1 page

Skiing is a sport full of thrill and adventure. Many people prefer to spend their ski vacations at the best ski resorts. As the skiing is a skillful activity and is full of risk of serious injury, the skiing should always be undertaken with proper ski instructing, and with proper skiing clothing and suitable snow […]

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Database snowboarding Winter
Types Of Biathlon Events Essay Example
493 words 1 page

There are a number of different biathlon events to see. These events are ones that work with a variety of different disciplines and standards. Here is a look at the many types of biathlon events. The individual biathlon event is the most common type of event. This is one that lasts 20 km for men […]

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Event Sports Winter
Short Track Speed Skating
483 words 1 page

Short track speed skating is an exciting, adrenalin filled sport having its own heart-stopping moments. The origins of the short track speed skating can be traced back to Canada and the United States. This type of skating first came into the picture in 1905. The first official competition took place in the year 1909. In […]

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Olympic Games Speed Sports Winter
International Ski Congress Moves Alpine Skiing Forward
400 words 1 page

This year’s International Ski Congress in Antalya, Turkey was an usually eventful one. Coming off of the wildly successful 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, delegates looked to take stock of their success while coming up with ways to move their sport forward. Many view this as a crucial moment for the sport of alpine skiing. Skiing […]

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Congress Nationalism Ski Sports Winter
The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera Timeline Essay Example
256 words 1 page

The men on the ship shoot Andres in the head and Juan and Raul are terrified. 5. The next morning Juan awakes to heavy rain. They are caught in the hurricane, but manage to stay alive and connected by tying themselves to the rafts. 6. After the first initial attack from the hurricane, things start […]

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Hurricane Meteorological Disaster Science Society Weather
Player Positions In Softball
578 words 2 pages

A total of 9 players are on the field at any given point in time in the game of softball. Though most of the times, ball primarily remains with the pitcher and the catcher but there are specific roles played by members of each of the teams. The pitcher, catcher, shortstop, the first, second and […]

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Baseball Catcher Field Meteorological Disaster Science Sports Weather
What’s the Difference Between Long-Track and Short-Track Speedskating? Essay Example
403 words 1 page

Followers of the Olympics have probably noticed that many of the event categories are divided into subcategories with no crossover between them. For example, skiing has alpine and cross-country events, with both being clearly different from one another in some big ways, and snowboarding similarly has no crossover between the trick-focused halfpipe events and the […]

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Sports Winter
Skeleton: The Sport for the Fearless Essay Example
511 words 1 page

Skeleton is an exciting sport where the athletes ride one seater sleighs in head down position on the ice track. Skeleton is sometimes called “toboggagin”. It has been named skeleton because a sled was introduced in 1800’s, and it resembled a skeleton. A toboggan is just simple sled which is still used as a simple […]

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Olympic Games Recreation Sports Winter

Popular Questions About Climate

What are the 4 basic types of climate?
The 4 main types of climate include the Mediterranean climate, oceanic climate, humid continental climate, and subarctic climate. Climate controls world biomes and a regions' life and ability to survive. slide 2 of 6. Mediterranean Climate Mediterranean climates are dry in the summer and wet in the winter.
What are facts about climate?
The climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. A steppe is a dry grassland with an annual temperature range in the summer of up to 40 °C (104 °F) and during the winter down to −40 °C (−40 °F).
What does the word climate means?
noun the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years. a region or area characterized by a given climate: to move to a warm climate.
What factors determine the climate?
The two main factors that determine climate are temperature and the amount of precipitation an area gets. The climate of an area is determined over a long period of time, generally more than a lifetime. Other factors that can determine the climate of an area include the global wind patterns in the atmosphere, such as westerlies and trade winds.