Development Communication Essay Example
Development Communication Essay Example

Development Communication Essay Example

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Development communication refers to the utilization of communication strategies in order to promote social development.

Community planning is a deliberate process that aims to transform an ordinary community into a thriving one. It involves creating a plan that empowers individuals to shape their cities, towns, or villages. A community plan is crucial as it motivates people to actively participate in promoting and implementing societal and economic changes. In accordance with this, the researcher conducted a community study in Barangay 694, Malate, Manila City.

The research contains extensive information about the community, including ecological factors, historical development, life activities, values, social groups, impact of the external world, and local life. A project plan was proposed to create a shared vision for the residents of Barangay 694, particularly a summer reading program. This program aims to


assist underprivileged children in Barangay 693 and foster their educational and literacy skills. II.

Barangay 694 in Malate, Manila City is a community that can be characterized as a middle-class area. It is situated within District 6 along Leon Guinto Street and is in close proximity to various notable landmarks. These landmarks include Taft Avenue, The Philippine Women’s University, Philippine Christian University, and the Pedro Gil and Quirino LRT stations. Not only are these landmarks significant in the area, but they also serve as primary identifiers of Barangay 694. Many houses and apartment units in this community cater to students attending nearby universities, thanks to its strategic location near Taft Avenue. Accessibility is also a strong suit for Barangay 694 as it can easily be reached through Roxas Boulevard, Quirino Avenue, and Taft Avenue. Geographically speaking, Barangay 694 is located at latitude 14.

573330 an

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longitude120. 990860. The coordinates of the location are 14°34’24” North and 120°59’26” East. It has a total land area of To its south is Pasay City; to its west, Manila Bay; to its north, Ermita; to its east, Paco and San Andres. 2.

Barangay 694, situated in Manila City, has a tropical savanna climate bordering on a tropical monsoon climate. Similar to the rest of the Philippines, this area lies within the tropics. The temperature range is limited here, with temperatures rarely falling below 20°C (100°F) or going above 38°C (100°F). The high levels of humidity frequently lead to a heightened sensation of warmth in the area.

Barangay 694 has a unique climate with a dry season that spans from late December to April, and a wet season for the remaining months of the year. The wet season is characterized by potential typhoons and flooding, usually happening between June and September. However, despite these weather patterns, residents of Barangay 694 have easy access to several important institutions including hospitals, schools, libraries, parks, and government offices.

After the war, wealthy families have come back and reconstructed their homes, preserving the exclusivity of the nearby residential areas. Barangay 694 is one such area that has been a residential zone since after the Japanese era, as per a resident who has lived there for almost fifty years. Additionally, it's important to mention that even prior to Japanese colonization, some of her ancestors had already established themselves in Barangay 694, confirming its enduring presence.

2. The first inhabitants of Barangay 694 remain unknown due to its long history. Local residents were interviewed and most of them were unable to provide any information.

It is understandable as no one can truly ascertain who the original settlers were. Nonetheless, some residents are aware of families who have been residing in the barangay for an extended period.

These families are seen as pioneers and are highly respected. The well-known families in the area include Magalon, San Pedro, Sevilla, Martinez, Andres, and Reyna. Many members of these families hold positions in local offices, particularly the Barangay Committee, which shows their esteemed social status over the years.

3. Development:

In the 1970s, the once-exclusive residential areas in the Western part of Malate started turning into a commercial area. The real estate industry experienced growth with the construction of large houses and apartments. Small hotels, restaurants, and cafes also prospered as businesses began to thrive.

During the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos, Malate became a bohemian enclave, serving as a refuge for visual and performing artists in the 1980s. Today, Barangay 694 and Malate as a whole are undergoing continuous transformation into the hub of recreation and entertainment in Manila. This is evidenced by the increasing number of restaurants, boutiques, bars, discos, and novelty stores opening for business. In terms of social structure, Barangay 694 is a tranquil middle-class area with multiple houses and apartments catering to students attending nearby universities.

Barangay 694 is known for its tight-knit community where residents display evident familiarity with each other during community visits. It can be said that everyone knows everyone in the neighborhood, thanks to well-maintained social ties. Engaging in recreational activities with families, friends, or neighbors is a favorite pastime and form of recreation for the residents.

In Barangay 694, respondents were surveyed about their leisure activities. The activities mentioned included

visiting parks, playing bingo, organizing outings, going to malls, and traveling out of town. On weekends, residents usually attend church and watch late-night TV shows. However, younger residents prefer surfing the Web, using Facebook or Twitter accounts, or playing video games.

Barangay 694 has a prominent organization called the local barangay council which consists of elected officials. These officials are responsible for various tasks such as implementing measures against illegal drug use, maintaining cleanliness and beautification of the area, promoting peace and order,supporting women's well-being in the community , advocating for youth rights,and managing barangay-owned properties and infrastructures.

As a close-knit community, Barangay 694 upholds four core values: honesty, cooperation,sense of responsibility,and righteousness.

Harmonious relationships are promoted by these values. Honesty is regarded as the most valuable quality and plays a significant role, according to the majority of local residents. Ronaldo Dela Cruz, a 56-year-old lifelong resident, affirms that "A dishonest person will only cause problems." Additionally, cooperation is highly important within the community.

Barangay 694, due to its small population, requires residents to engage in community development activities such as street cleaning and tree planting. The spirit of bayanihan plays a key role in reconnecting and strengthening the bonds among neighbors. This cooperation is accompanied by a sense of duty, where community members should be aware of their individual responsibilities and fulfill their obligations as citizens of the Republic. Lastly, upholding righteousness is of utmost importance.

Barangay 694 emphasizes the importance of its residents following ethical principles and maintaining a good reputation. Those who fail to meet these standards may be removed from the community. However, individual freedom is also valued in the barangay, allowing members to make personal

decisions as long as they do not harm or offend others.

Despite being conservative in the distinct Filipino way, a significant number of Barangay 694's local residents are open to progressive concepts. These encompass the enforcement of the RH Law, the introduction of K-12 education (which remains unfamiliar to Filipinos), and the approval of the Freedom of Information Bill. When it comes to their outlooks and principles, these inhabitants typically display positivity, friendliness, good manners, and a readiness to offer assistance.

Residents of Barangay 694 uphold and embrace traditional Filipino values in their daily lives, which helps create a pleasant living environment. They stay informed about current events and incorporate ideas, goods, unique customs, ethical principles, and modern ways of living from various external sources. This includes staying updated through media channels such as newspapers, television, radio, and internet social media platforms.

Local residents possess extensive knowledge and keen interest in national and international events, along with a thorough understanding of recent trends in popular culture.

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