Statement of Purpose

Leadership, there has always been a long lasted debate whether Leaders are born or are they made and, there have been examples of both circumstances. I believe that every human being is a born leader, but it is the circumstances and opportunities which would make him exhibit the leader in him. I would also go with the words of John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.

So, according to me, leadership mainly starts with inspiring the people around us. Personal Description: I VamshiVardhan ReddyChalla, born in a society which has diverse cultures and always expects the best out of a person, has always been motivated to be an achiever and a person who aspires to reach great heights in life. I always had a desire of an entrepreneur and a spirit of leadership in me. I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess.

I also have a passionfor travelling and understanding different cultures of the World. Starting from my Childhood, my parents have groomed me to be an all-rounder, to excel in academic and in all extra-co curricular activities. I grew up in a family of business. My father is a successful business person who always inspired to become one, I have followed with great interest some of India’s pioneering business leaders such as JRD Tata and DhirubhaiAmbani who created successful companies from scratch.

Completed my high school from Sri Saraswathi Sishu Mandir, at school I actively took part in Academic and Extra-Curricular activities, remained one of the brightest students. It is the school that taught me to believe in myself and develop as a human. With my interest and responsibility towards society I took part in managing social initiatives with the help of our teachers. I completed B. Tech under graduation degree from GNEC, JNTU Hyderabad. Being an Information Technology student I have the flair for different kinds of technologies.

My Engineering degree has given a strong foundation to my analytical and soft skills, since Information Technology involves lot of knowledge in Technical and logical Skills. Experience Summary: Over the past 2 years, I have been working in Canarix Software Solutions. Started my career as a System Engineer, was trained in Software Testing and worked with diverse group of teams on various projects. Canarix Software has inculcated in me a discipline and a demand for precision and perfection and developed a more analytical, scientific and methodical approach to work and life.

Why Pre-MBA My decision to study Pre-MBA in Sprott-Shaw Degree College is a well thought one, as it promises to deliver the basic foundations to understand concepts of business and management principles. Hence, I can acquire a comprehensive set of academic and professional skills and tools before getting into mainstream business studies . Sprott-Shaw offers one of the best Pre-MBA programs in Canada which has a practical oriented course work , imparts knowledge and up-to-date skills to gain a competitive edge .

The MBA degree has been one such aspiration of mine that I have worked towards meticulously, and now feel am well within striking distance. With increasing global representation, there is a greater need for effective global managers. I see myself as such a global manager whodoes more than collaborate with his colleagues who are down the hall and I see myself as one who interacts with my international business associates. Financial Support: * Paid Course fee of $10392 * Loan Amount sanctioned to meet my Living, Library, Transport Expenses Approx. 20000.

* Savings in savings account * All the above, My parents support me financially, If needed. Conclusion: Iwould like to work for a year in a multinational company as part of my practical training to gain real work experience before I return to India and put all thatknowledge, acumen and experience to use in expanding my own career and business My previous academic pursuit being in an Engineering field, I feel I have lost out on the classroom experience and the formal education in the subject of business studies.

However, my studies has inculcated in me a discipline and a demand for precision and perfection anddeveloped a more analytical, scientific and methodical approach to work and life. I think, with my ability to handle exigencies, an aptitude for business and my diversework experiences, the MBA degree will help cumulate all this together and provide theacademic foundation and knowledge that I lack. This will expedite the process of achievinggreater success in the expansion of my business and the development of new and moreefficient techniques in today’s competitive market scenario.