Sample Statement Of Purpose For Computer Engineering Analysis Essay Example
Sample Statement Of Purpose For Computer Engineering Analysis Essay Example

Sample Statement Of Purpose For Computer Engineering Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2018
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A research career in academia being my ultimate aim, I believe that graduate studies will help me in honing the knowledge and skills I have developed during my undergraduate years ND enable me to fulfill my ambition of being in the forefront of research in my chosen field. Computers are undoubtedly the most complex man-made devices ever, and the desire to learn more about them was influential in my decision to major in Computer Science at school. Clearing my All India Senior School Certificate Examination (A. I. S,S. C. E, 1999) with the 3rd highest total In the whole country enabled me to get admission into B.

I. T. S, Plain, which is amongst the top 5 colleges of the country. My undergraduate years at college have helped me to identify my interests and develop the necessary knowl


edge and skills to pursue them. In my flirts year, I learnt about the abstraction levels which mask the complexity of computer systems, starting from solid state devices at the bottom to user programs / software at the top. This rekindled my childhood Interest In computers. Excellent performance In my first year led to my undertaking a second degree in Computer Science, a challenge which no other person in my class was willing to shoulder.

Maintaining perfect grades throughout the second year saw me through to the Institute Merit Scholarship list for the top 10 students of the batch and summer internship at Bah Atomic Research Centre (B. A. R. C), Iambi. This provided me with an opportunity to interact with the top scientists of the country and also to apply my theoretical knowledge to solve practica

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problems in digital system designing. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering curriculum helped me complete core undergraduate courses at the lower abstraction levels, while the Computer Science curriculum covered the rest.

Emerging as the course topper in 'Computers & Programming' and 'Advanced Computer Organization' and standing 3rd in Analog & Digital VEILS Design', coupled with a multitude of projects and a study of graduate level concepts In 'Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits', boosted my confidence to explore Computer Engineering further. The projects I presented at APOGEE 2002 and APOGEE 2003 (the annual national level academic festival of BITS, Plain) dealt with topics ranging from FAGAN implementation of cryptographic hash algorithms to the designing of a standard cell library.

In addition to reflecting my growing interest in Digital VEILS Design & Computer Architecture, they also taught me the importance of team work and enabled me to get familiarized with the industry standard DEAD tools available at the VEILS CAD Laboratory of our university. With this strong background, I was determined Implementation of Low Power VEILS Adiabatic Circuits'. The challenges that I faced and the problems that I solved trained me for perseverance, to anticipate problems and not to be disheartened by failure.

The original work carried out resulted in two different papers which won first prizes at national level student technical festivals. A paper on the results we had obtained Monotony authored by my guide and me) is currently under review by the TEE (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, India) Journal of Research. My experience in digital system design using Heads has also enabled me to get selected as the only student from campus for internship at

Infinite Technologies, Munich, Germany, from January - June 2004.

These recognitions have instilled deep confidence in me and motivated me to explore the field more and delve further into research. I believe that a person learns more by teaching others and I have always enjoyed helping my classmates and Juniors with their academics. Due to my interest, I have been enrolling as a student instructor under the Professional Assistants for Educational Planning and Design scheme for the past four semesters. Aiding instructors in as many as nine courses during this period has helped me gain invaluable teaching experience and also become familiar with the handling of university courses.

Six of the courses I have assisted in are directly related to my area of interest (ranging from Digital Electronics & Computer Organization to Advanced Architecture & Performance Evaluation), and I have assisted in multiple semesters for some of them (Analog & Digital VEILS Design and Microelectronic Circuits). With the aim of developing a high level of competence and unparalleled proficiency n my chosen field, I wish to pursue a career of research in the academia and ultimately become a faculty member at a leading academic institute.

The first step in this regard would be a Masters degree at your prestigious institution. The Iowa Sate University is renowned for its eminent faculty, excellent facilities and highly innovative work. In particular, I found the work being carried out in Architecture, Fault Tolerant Systems and Reconfigurable Computing at the Dependable Computing & Networking Lab (DDCD) extremely interesting and akin to my own interests and aspirations.

The various projects I have undertaken, my professional experience coupled with my excellent performance

in my chosen field provide a yardstick to gauge my depth of knowledge, analytical and research skills. I am confident that my research experience in Digital VEILS Design and Computer Architecture, coupled with my enthusiasm to learn and explore, would enable me to excel in my graduate studies and contribute productively to the research being undertaken in your university. I look forward to an intellectually stimulating and productive graduate education at Iowa State University.

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