Statement of Purpose for Masters Degree at KAUST University Essay Example
Statement of Purpose for Masters Degree at KAUST University Essay Example

Statement of Purpose for Masters Degree at KAUST University Essay Example

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  • Published: August 16, 2018
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I was born at the outset of the computing and technological revolution era, and before the age of 9, my father had already introduced me to the computer world and the first fascination was how a monitor and a cable could open windows to a new universe. I was curious to fathom the logic enabling the existence if this ravishing invention hence my decision to turn my passion into a career. I enrolled for a Computer Science degree course at Dammam University. During my study, I acquired wide-encompassing knowledge and skills in the areas such as networking, computer security, software development and engineering, AI and algorithms and ultimately gained 4.51/5 GPA in summer 2014.  Some of the grades, especially during the third year may not show the actual level because I got Irritable Bowel Syndrome during my third year due to overstressing. H


owever, during the final year, I put myself together and found my inner strength to control my diet and emotions hence raising the grades' bar. During my graduate project, Shipment Tracking System, I was the team leader in giving solution for accurate warehouse management and tracking shipments by using least two levels of tracking package and pellet. Later, the project was awarded the best-of-the-year and master-level title showing that I had a unique way of thinking, out-of-the-box ideas. I currently work as part of Interserve Organization's, both in the IT Support Unit and Education Department as part of the team responsible for managing one of the governmental colleges. 

My educational plans at KAUST will be to continue fortifying my dreams and interest in contemporary developing fields of computer science, such as fast computing an

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biotechnology. I believe that gaining knowledge and skills in both areas is important due to their significant impact and ability to save people's lives and enhance their ways of living. My research plans at KAUST are to become a member of the bionic eyes research community to help the growing number of blind people whose global population is 40 million with more than 124 million having low vision. I am eager to become a very successful researcher in the subject where many did not succeed. Currently, Food and Drug Administration has approved only one working bionic eye system, Argus II, which can be embedded on human eyes; retina. Although it helps people to distinguish light, movement and shapes, read large printed books and cross the street safely, it has limitations which I am keen to fix. By enhancing a new bionic system, in my opinion, will make our world better. Therefore, it is important for me to become more qualified and proficient in the realms of biotechnology and fast computing due to their ability to save people's lives and enhance their ways of living. As I anticipate to be part of KAUST team, I bring along the basic knowledge and skills in computer networks, microprocessor, and C-programming together with an aptitude for working in teams and enthusiastic craving for learning in a challenging environment. 

Although I have acquired industry-hardened skills and knowledge in Computer Science after working at Interserve Company, I believe that KAUST is a preferable institution for pursuing my master's degree to enrich my knowledge and abilities. One of the top priorities of pursuing my graduate study is to have enough skills and information

applicable to real-life applications. The rationale for choosing KAUST is its proven longstanding reputation as one of the best schools for graduate studies worldwide that offer master courses which focus on Computational Biosciences and AI, the two key areas that I believe will assist me in the acquisition and expansion of knowledge and skills in the field of bionics. Furthermore, KAUST is an institution with great minds from all over the world hence the attribute of a multicultural and diverse university. Furthermore, the institution has the support of different research centers, such as optical computing center. Since the institution has collaborations and partnerships with many prominent local and foreign research organizations and institutions, I anticipate benefiting from appropriate right resources and great learning environments that will offer proper tools to expand my knowledge and skills for use in practical life. I believe that upon graduation from KAUST, I will have adequate experience, social and professional skills and knowledge in Computational Biosciences, High-performance computing, and Computer Networks. The need to have excellent learning skills and knowledge in the current fast-changing job market is the reason behind advancing my education in an elite, competitive and challenging environment such as KAUST.


Statement of Purpose

After six years experience working as a Design Engineer in the aviation industry, I feel that it is time I return to school and undertake a Master's Degree at Florida International University. I feel that I should professionally advance and attain a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

After graduating with a major in Mechanical Engineering at the Florida International University six years ago, I secured a job in one of the most reputable firms in the Aviation

industry as an engineer. I worked with extreme professionalism and exhibited desirable output, which enabled me to move up the ranks at the company to the head of Designs. This kind of success has boosted my morale and given me a reason to want to achieve more.

Why i selected;Florida International University

Despite the many positives, I believe I have not yet attained success in my profession. I have loved working at the position in the company, mainly supervising and handling critical projects as well as discussing and sharing opinions and facts with my peers. I, however, realized that for me to contribute significantly to the sector, I should undertake a capacity-building course. Therefore, I would like to revisit academics, gain more knowledge and expertise, which would add to my job position as well as put me at a favorable place in the labor market.

I selected Florida International University since I believe that the institution has a capacity and resources to adequately take me through a learning experience that would not only equip me with academic skills buts also practical skills. I believe that the institution will help me pursue this goal since it has a good educational and recreational environment. I, therefore, seek your consideration.

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