Statement of Purpose to Study Abroad in South Korea

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Having immigrated to the United States in 1988 from Seoul, South Korea, I have always wanted to travel and learn more about my homeland. Being a Korean American has enriched my life by teaching me to adapt to other cultures and to accept people from different histories than my own. Throughout my education I have maintained my ethnic pride by trying to learn as much about Korean culture as possible. However there is only so much you can learn from a distance and this is why I want to study abroad in South Korea.

My education has prepared me to take on difficult and enriching situations. In my three years at the University of California – Irvine, I have submersed myself in International Studies, focusing on International Business and Global Issues and Institutions. With this educational foundation I am prepared and excited by the prospect of learning international relations in the context of South Korean culture. Currently, my Korean language proficiencies are continually developing.I can read and listen to the language and understand it at a conversational level, however my speaking and writing capabilities are in need of further practice.

Living and studying in Korea will provide me with the opportunity to immerse myself in the language. My future aspirations revolve around the banking and finance industries in the context of International Studies. By gaining a well-rounded and global perspective on business and culture will propel me to my future with a skill set that employers value.The University of California – Irvine’s International Studies program encourages their student’s to study abroad with the goal of enriching their already stellar educational institution.

Furthermore, this study abroad program will work toward my major beyond simply supplementing the credit load. It will offer invaluable experience that I can apply to all aspects of my life, including my education. I have been preparing for this opportunity since middle school when I began to practice my Korean language capabilities and studying about my native culture.Throughout high school and college I have been driven by a desire to reconnect with my homeland in a meaningful way. I want to delve deeper into the current political, economic and cultural situation in South Korea so that I can bring back this knowledge and share it with my colleagues, family and friends. South Korea is a rising power in Asia thanks in large part to its technological thrust in the communications sector, its popular mainstream culture and the rise of the sporting industry.

All of these factors spark my imagination and curiosity. In this regard, my education in banking and finance could be put to vital use in increasing understanding and economic trade between the United States and South Korea. I believe South Korea is at an interesting place in its history, between its long historical tradition and the post-modern consumer age. I would like to be a driving force behind this inspiring moment by studying abroad and immersing myself in their culture so that I could be at the forefront of this awe-inspiring change.If granted this chance I will take full advantage of every opportunity to apply my education in the service of the greater good.

That is why I would like to work in the finance and banking industry. I want to help people secure their financial freedom while at the same time benefiting the greater good. This study abroad program will place me in an ideal situation to achieve my lifetime goals and to be of positive service in the ever-changing world of International Studies.

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