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There are many differences between Dolphins and Porpoises. People might think that the two are the same mammal, but they are not. Dolphins have cone-shaped teeth and porpoises have spade-shape teeth. The easiest way to tell them apart is that the porpoise is smaller in size and is broader across the back. Dolphins are classified […]

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Dolphin Information Sound
Socio-Economic Effects of Dolphinariums on Small Island Destinations
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The Socio-Economic effects of dolphinariums on small island destinations By: Joanne Armantrading & Stefan Oosterwaal International Management & Business Research Methodology University of Aruba 2008 Table of contents Intro 3 Literature Review 6 Conceptual Model11 Stakeholders14 Hypotheses 21 Research Design23 Secondary data analysis27 Primary data30 Conclusion37 References38 Introduction There has been a lot of talk […]

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Dolphin Research Sustainable Development Tourism
Dolphins – 330 words – College
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Andrew North4/1/12Rough DraftFor years, humans have been astonished by the majesty of dolphins. Their graceful swimming, the way their bodies glisten in the sun, their intelligence, and also their playful behavior or a just a few attributes of dolphins that people are mesmerized by. The story in the documentary “The Cove” had a very strong […]

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Animals Dolphin
The Music of Dolphins
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“The Music of Dolphins” 183 pg. By; Karen Hesse Just off the coast of Florida, A girl was rescued from an unpopulated island. She has been lost ever since at the age of 4, and was raised by dolphins until now. The girl was named Mila for Miracle, because miracle is when something is very […]

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Dolphins – College
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Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals and are part of the family of toothed whales that includes orcas and pilot whales. They are found worldwide, mostly in shallow seas of the continental shelves, and are carnivores, mostly eating fish and squid. Dolphin coloration varies, but they are generally gray in color with darker backs than […]

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Animals Dolphin Whale