Unicorns And Marine Mammals Essay Example
Unicorns And Marine Mammals Essay Example

Unicorns And Marine Mammals Essay Example

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  • Published: April 26, 2022
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Marine mammals are the animals that spend most of their lives near or in the sea. In the middle ages, numerous legends existed that surrounded the narwhal's unusual tusk (Monodon monoceros), that had originally come from the unicorn. Aristotle, who is a Greek philosopher, recognized that the Whales are mammals and not fish since they nurture their young ones and also breathe the air as the other mammals. Several myths exist surrounding the marine mammals. The Greeks, therefore, believed that killing a dolphin was like killing a human. Marine mammals advanced from their land-dwelling ancestors through the development of adaptations to life in the water. The body of the sea animals is will streamlined to aid swimming. The sea mammals also have a body projection that is reduced to enhance swimming. The ears of the sea animals are shru


nk into small sizes and shape.

The population of most of the sea species is decreasing at a numerous rate where the whales, manatees, the dolphins (Delphinidae), seabirds and sea turtles (Chelonioidea) are on their way to extinction. The threats of the marine species are not easily established since most of the sea creatures are not easily seen as the land creatures. Most of the marine animals face problems related to habitat destruction and the issue of overexploitation. The most endangered species is the Vaquita (Phonocoena sinus) that is found in the northern part of the Gulf of California. Japan has recently recruited several countries to IWC to support the continuation of commercial whaling through the use of foreign aid packages. In a report from Japan, many reasons are maintained on why the ban on commercial whaling shoul

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be properly enforced. Preventing the repetition of commercial whaling is good.


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