Leeming: “The Big Bang” is a modern creation myth Essay Example
Leeming: “The Big Bang” is a modern creation myth Essay Example

Leeming: “The Big Bang” is a modern creation myth Essay Example

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  • Published: March 31, 2022
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The history of science has always been about resisting the mythical explanations of the reality. However, some of these scientific explanations turn out to be just modern creation myths (Strassberg 228). The Big Bang is a modern creation myth. The Big Bang theory is quite a convincing scientific theory explaining the origin of the universe. The theory states that the galaxies are always moving apart from each other and therefore suggesting that the galaxy is always expanding. The movement is then traced back in time to the exact point where the explosion occurred so as to determine the origin of the universe.

While the Big Bang is based on quantitative reasoning as well as empirical measurements, it has many of the traits of the other stories that came before it. All creation myths from different cultures


have some patterns and similarities. The Big Bang theory perfectly fits in these patterns (Strassberg 228). For instance, all the creation myths explain the world was formed from chaos. A creator, usually a god, then puts the things in order. In the Big Bang, the laws of physics (a creator) put the things in order. The creator, god, makes everything, the earth, sky, seas, plants, animals and people. In the Big Bang, the laws of physics give rise to evolution (create) of things in the very same order. Like any other creation myths, the Big Bang is something that requires an unobtainable type of thought (Strassberg 230).

The moment at which the Big Bang occurred is obviously far beyond the science grasp. It is impossible to directly observe it. The simulation of the Big Bang cannot get the scientist at tha

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point where the Big Bang occurred. Therefore, one cannot really know what the universe looked like before the Big Bang. What can only be observed is how things in the universe change, are born, grow, and then die. Just like the ancient people, these observations have been fashioned into a story of creation (Strassberg 231). Therefore, the Big Bang is a modern creation myth.

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