Types of Myth Explains Origins Essay Example
Types of Myth Explains Origins Essay Example

Types of Myth Explains Origins Essay Example

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  • Published: November 19, 2021
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Origin Myths are stories that explain the existence or the concept of how things came to be. These mythical stories are found in every culture and are passed from one generation to another. The stories are believable because there is some reality associated with them. Those myths, which explain origin, are broadly divided into three groups, which include; creation myth, etiological myth, and foundational myth. The creation myth is the creational stories, which account for the existence of the universe. Several stories are surrounding the creation of the world and every culture believes them. Etiological myth explains why a natural event happened and still continues to occur like the rainbow. The third group is the foundational myths that explain the cultures that produced them. They are more like the creatio


n myths, but they define how we live.

In this myth of origin, the stories told differ depending on the people whether they are monotheistic or polytheistic. The ones who believe in one God are told that one Supreme Being created the universe while the polytheistic are told that a group of gods created the world. There are as many creation stories as there are many cultures since each people tell a different version of the creation story. These stories may not be true in reality, but since they have a connection with the universe, people believe in them. They are told from childhood and by the time one grows to an adult, the story has already sunk in their minds. A good example of the etiological myth is the occurrence of the rainbow. It is believed that the rainbow snake is responsible for bringing rain t

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water the earth (Andrew p. 160). The rainbow is usually seen on a rainy day, and the reasons why most of the myths that explain origin are true are that they are connected to the reality in one way or another.

One example of Greek myth that explains origin is the Zeus king of the gods. The legend talks about a very high mountain known as Olympus, which was always covered, with snow (Zeus n. p).The Greek people thought that the palaces of their gods were above the mountain far above all humans and hidden in the clouds. They believed that all the gods met there under the rule of Zeus the strongest of them all. Zeus was thought to rule over the land and the air. He forms the clouds and sends rain to the thirsty land. Even though Zeus is a powerful god, he is generous with humans who do what is good and punishes the evil doers. Zeus uses thunderbolt as his weapon, and his nod shakes the whole universe (Zeus n. P). The Zeus myth is told to explain the origin of the natural features of rain, thunder and the humans believe that the most powerful God lives in the clouds. Everybody who hears this story of the Zeus lives with that knowledge passes it to the next generation and is easily accepted. The mythical stories that explain the origin of nature and other features are believable even if they are fiction.

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