A Hanging is a short autobiographical essay written by famous British author, George Orwell. It was initially published in August 1931 in the British literary magazine named The Adelphi after Orwell’s time in the British Imperial Police during WWII. Orwell acts as a prison guard in the essay which allows him to have first-hand experience of the execution.
The essay describes the execution of an offender in Burma, a setting Orwell had served. The overall message from Orwell is that capital punishment is wrong and shouldn’t be the punishment for criminals.

A hanging essay example will help you become a better writer thanks to the effective style of writing evident in Orwell’s essay. Orwell portrays his view on the death penalty by making use of a sorrowful tone to evoke pity from the reader.
However, a hanging essay analysis breaks down the structure of the essay which comes in three sections to understand the message much better.

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Popular Questions About A Hanging

What is the thesis of a hanging by George Orwell?
The thesis of "A Hanging" by Orwell is that people dismiss the deaths of others too casually. The story is about a hanging that Orwell witnessed when he served as a member of the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, when it was controlled by the British.
What is the theme of a hanging by George Orwell?
Theme and message. The main theme in George Orwell’s short story, “A Hanging”, is capital punishment. Through this essay-like story, the author argues against capital punishment, which he considers morally wrong, regardless of the crime the convict committed.
What is the definition of hanging?
Definition of hanging. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : situated or lying on steeply sloping ground. 2a : jutting out : overhanging a hanging rock. b : supported only by the wall on one side a hanging staircase.
What is a hanging man?
Hanging Man. What is a 'Hanging Man'. A hanging man is a candlestick shape that often appears at the end of an uptrend. It has a short real body, little or no upper wick and a long lower wick.
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