Death And Dying Changing Attitudes Through The Ages Sociology Essay Example
Death And Dying Changing Attitudes Through The Ages Sociology Essay Example

Death And Dying Changing Attitudes Through The Ages Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 21, 2017
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The decease procedure is lasting and predictable and it is known as the personal event that the individual can ne'er believe. The history of deceases has been looked upon as events of societal importance and each and every civilization has defined some regulations and ordinances to specify decease as an extraordinary transition and the manner to cover with the results. At the clip of the 20th century, the nomenclature decease along with its societal definition has transformed and prepared extraordinary chances for the intent of acquiring sociological inquiry. The diminution in the mortality rate has been identified as the most common characteristic within societal histories. Life anticipation rate the clip of birth has increased from last 30 old ages in 1900 to 50 years. It has been stated that about two 3rd portions


of the length of service from ancient times to the present times have occurred in the short period from 1900 ( Preston, 1976 ).

Death has been an inevitable event since the origin of the world in this existence. There is ever the concern among persons towards the life and good being. The persons are worried at one or the other case for populating their lives. Therefore, it becomes important to understand what are the exact factors related to the disease and death of humanity. A person, if non dies, can ensue in perturbation of life rhythm of this Earth. This is non under the control of anyone to do amendments in this life rhythm.

The study here titled as, "Death and deceasing: Changing attitudes through the ages ''; discusses assorted factors that are impacting the lives of persons. The report begins here with

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clear focal point laid on the purposes of the study followed by research inquiries to understand the subject exhaustively. Assorted factors had been found of importance to be studied. There has ever been an inquiry in the head whether and how a single behaves towards decease and is it considered a positive facet or non. How the persons are fear of decease and what the right clip of decease is. These all facets are explored in the study in the below subdivisions to hold a thorough control over the research subject.

Aims and Research Question

The research study here aims to understand the battle that human beings is confronting for centuries. The alteration in doctrine associated with life is the chief cause of alteration in the attitude of human existence towards disease. One can research further this disease by associating it with the clip period in the life of human history. The western universe has progressively shifted towards alteration in construct for decease due to lifting in Christianity and the manner it has affected lives ( Aries, 1974 ). Therefore, the below are a few stated research inquiries to research further the construct of decease and death and the altering attitude:

  • Is decease good or bad?
  • How the attitude of persons has changed towards disease and death?
  • Is the adult male of today more disquieted against decease?
  • What is the right clip of decease?

The treatment in this study would analyze assorted associated constructs to research further the construct of decease and decreasing in today's life.


Most of the deceases have occurred among the old elderly 1s but non among immature coevals people. The surveies in the United States

reveal that people at the age of 85 old ages and above have accounted for about one per centum of the full population and they account for 17 % of the disease ( J. Brody, 1983 ). So the deceases have taken new significances for the society and single both. Death is non known as an adventitious portion of life ( Parson, 1963 ). The smaller figure of lives has been cut before finishing instruction, work, and societal life ( Preston, 1977 ). Fatalism provides a higher grade of control every bit good as predictability ( Cf. Lofland, 1978 ). The hold in the decease procedure has come up with the velocity. The societal establishments and norms have delayed it. It is non much surprising that decease and its societal significance has gone away and the proper apprehension of decease has been reassessed by sociologists. From past two decennaries, considerable literature as a quasi popular and scholarly type has been generated by figures of people such as journalists, nurses, psychologists, philosophers, theologists, historiographers, ethicians, sociologists, societal critics, and thanatologists ( californium. Fulton 1976, 1981; Pollak 1979-80 ).

The word death is called the ultimate deficit of clip by Moore ( 1963 ) and it has taken a most of import point that it has the power to endanger a single self. a celebrated individual has given his position on the sociological survey of decease that decease ever asks for the individuality of a person ( Robert Fulton, 1976a ) . Dying is known as the societal procedure that focuses on the sociological issues that are concerned with the procedure of decreasing and self. Research have non

clearly shown the existent conditions of decreasing. But one British survey has talked about the death among the patients who are populating in this universe and among the people who are known of their ain attitude ( Cartwright, Hockey & A; Anderson, 1973 ) . The attitude of people towards decease varies harmonizing to the ages and phases of life. Most of the people are populating into ulterior old ages and they have their ain predicted on clip deceases. A turning figure of people is present at the place to see the sense of their ain deceases. Some sociologists have identified themselves engaged in the inquiries which are related to the disease and its societal significance and its relation with the procedure of decreasing that how the subject of decease is of great importance.

What type of attitudes about decease people have in their head?

What type of readings did they make for expecting decease ( Riley, 1968 )?

The first study in the United States has found the attitude of people towards decease and that study was conducted in the 1960s ( Riley, 1970 ). That survey has assessed the idea about deceases that most of the people at the all-ages have non-threatening images of decease in their head. It has been found that decease is approval and it is nonawful event for the individual who dies but it is really sad for the subsisters. The survey besides has revealed that decease comes really rapidly and few people have argued that decease means the people have to endure a batch. There was important addition found in the grade to which the deceases procedure imposed upon the mundane

lives of people. People were asked about the uncertainness of diseases or their lives. It has been found that decease as a portion of ideas increased among the individual at all ages and it increased in the ulterior old ages of the lives of people. The research workers have found that people are unwilling to meet with these worlds. In the 1970s, people agreed that each individual dies with self-respect and if the individual has died, so the individual has to state it to physicians. Some surveies have besides taken topographic points within the subject of expectancy of decease. There was one inquiry asked that do the people feel good to avoid the deceases and non seek to do programs for expecting deceases? Do they experience doing programs for decease?

Self devastation

The instance of the sociological relationships of the individual to the decease which is known as self-destruction was taken. There were some sociological surveies conducted on the subject decreasing and decease ( Cavan 1928; Halbwachs 1930; Henry & A; Short 1954; Dublin 1963; Gibbs & A; Martin 1964; Douglas 1967 ). Several surveies have taken topographic points on the societal factors that are related to the rates of self-destruction. Several steps were taken such as industrialization which was identified by the gross national merchandise and the position of integrating. It has been found that position integrating was negatively correlated with the self-destruction rates. The Other survey revealed the self-destruction rates which were related to the household and their matrimonial position and it was based on Durkheim's theory.

Self-direction of decease clip

It has been stated by several surveies that people who are concerned with the relationship of

themselves to society are self-motivated to pull offing the clip of their deceases. It has been assumed that the finding populates life without placing any biological linkages. It must b involved within this topic ( Marshall, 1980 ) . The people who are separated from society ever perpetrate self-destruction and the people who are attached to it, delay the disease or seek to detect the clip of acquiring societal significance ( Kalish, 1970 ). It has been proposed that decreases can be expected at the clip of social occasions such as the Judaic twenty-four hours of compensation ( Yom Kippur; Phillips & A; Feldman, 1973 ) . From the twelvemonth 1904-1968, research workers had found the difference between the deceases in nonelection every bit good as election old ages. They found that there was an important difference in the mortality rates of US people before electing the US president. Some research workers have shown the fact about the low mortality rates merely before ceremonial occasions and the research worker found strong relationships between the disease and the birthdays. The theory was that the people at their birthdays receive attending from the people ( Philips, 1972 ).

Social Stressors and the Self

Several sociological surveies have talked about the societal result for the lives of people along with cardinal alterations during the period of industrial resettlements, retirement, and institutionalization and at the clip of economic depression. The mortality rates depend on these variables. It has been predicted that retirement is known as a nerve-racking event which leads the higher rates of decease for retired persons as compared to the people who work. Life-long work is considered as the

stressor and retirement variable Acts of the Apostless as the moderator that increases the length of service. It has been revealed by the surveies that the mortality rates among the early and normal retired persons within the major industries are different. The mortality rate of early retired persons was higher than the predicted rates. The mortality rate in the instance of normal retired persons was no difference between the normal and expected rates. Some information was taken out from the companies such as a pension, medical records, forces, etc.


Death is good

If you are born to this universe, you are likely wholly to see disease at one clip or the other because the disease is inevitable. The point is whether the disease is a good thing to see or is it a bad one? Everyone living in this society faces disease in one or the other case. No 1 is born ageless. A single dies and ends his or her life at a certain age due to natural or inadvertent disease ( Lynch, 1997 ). There are 1000s of ways in which a human being can decease. This decease adds to the fright in head of humanity. Human existences fright of this uneven cause at one or the other clip.

Death is acceptable for some people, while others fear disease ( Nagel, 1970 ). The hurting and fright of decease can be unsafe. In such a case, it becomes of import to ensue in an attack to guarantee that individual lives for long; nevertheless, the human existences have no control over this compulsory portion of life that consequences into the terminal of life. A human being feels

comfy sing decease is for all and there is no loss of it if anyone faces it. All the human existences have to confront decease one or the other twenty-four hours. The human existences shall populate their years and take complete enjoyment of it. One shall not be worried for his decease at the full case, but shall be cognizant of comfort and enjoyment throughout his life. Humanity has to take due involvement of this and populate his life.

While on looking at other side, people consider life as most of import plus for them. Life is of supreme importance and there is the life is invaluable. Therefore, it brings into attending whether life is most of import for one? Yes it is as per the point that life is everything for a human being and the loss of life means the greatest loss that can be in one 's life. There is no positive or negative facet associated with it though. Human existences give away everything for the interest of life. This brings into attending the importance of life. Shall we live our life without any tenseness or shall we maintain on worrying because of no importance of life? It is true that all the human existences want to populate more and more. But, can one live for infinity? None of the human existences is here to be here. The life rhythm keeps on revolving and the human existences dice.

Therefore, from the above treatment, it can be noted that the point of whether decease is good is a complex point to be cleared. It is noneasy to happen the right manner in which we can

see whether decease is good for an individual or if it is non. There comes the demand to help in the manner to come up to cognize whether decease is good or non ( Nagel, 1970 ) . If the age has gone for a single to populate, the decease could be a favorable point for him. However, it is still tough to state that decease can be 'good '. On the other manus, in instance person dies due to an accident or any unsure ground, it is an unfavorable act for him.

Death- A alteration in Percept

Death has been a point of sorrow for a long when the conceptual designs by Holbein demonstrated the pictures of dead Christ with a sorrowful act ( Julia, 1989 ). The perceptual experience of single towards the decease alterations with the transition of clip. For a kid, decease is non defined. However, in maturity, it becomes a fear factor for most of human existence. The human existences consider it as the existent cause of danger at their phase when the love populates. Therefore, a person's perceptual experience is rather conservative at this phase. However, the old elderly people are non normally worried of decease due to the ground that they already lived their life.

Nagel ( 1970 ) has argued that people do non-fear decease because of nonbeing for the long term. One does non see life as suspended for a short period of the clip because this is considered as bad luck. It can be a commiseration for those who get out of the circulation of life. One is non conceived, but is born for one time. The point

ever exists in the head for the fright of disease in humans. Being dead is non an event but an expletive as per humanity. The consideration is laid on life for the whole life without any hazard. However, the hazards are ever related with the life. One can non be in a province of complete hazard-free life. The clip does non show whether the province of life would be at complete hazard free province. Therefore, the demand exists at such an case to life for the society. As per the interviews conducted by Barnes ( 2008 ), responses were collected with respect to being of God. These provided the inside information of self-contemplation along with clear uping of import subjects of Hagiographas. Barnes ( 2008 ) says that he does non swear for being of God, but he misses God.

Man of today- Worried of decease

The adult male in today 's life is more disquieted of decease ( Julian, 2008 ) . On looking at the past records of Renaissance and medieval times, it can be noted that decease was amongst the community events. The household members band together with each other to portion the minutes of sorrow at such a case. This helps them be with each other in typical cases. This was considered as the ground for being together. However, the construct has changed into a faith in today's clip. None of the characters is stiff in itself right from the beginning to the terminal, as there are uninterrupted alterations in idea procedure ( Troyer, 2007 ). Today, it is usual to portion the minutes of sorrow with each other at the infirmary to

portion the tough times with each other. This helps in restricting the complex state of affairs with each other to give some support in these times. However, the fright of decease is one and the same on comparing clip of past and that of nowadays.

The decease is such an case which gets out of the range of an apprehension of human being. This even can happen anytime and any place with anyone, no affair what the state of affairs and scene is with the environment. A single conceives decease as a complex phenomenon. The disease has been a point of concern right from the clip it was recorded long- long ago when humanity started. It is a simple construct in everyone's head that life is the cause of joys and decease is the cause of sorrows. There is a paradigm displacement in the construct associated with decease. This was the construct rather personal in historic times but has become individualistic in the present case. This raises the demand for a higher grade of demand for keeping and modulating the tough state of affairs to guarantee that the world is out of danger. If an single gets ready to confront the clip of decease, he can make so. Human psychological science is the chief factor that can ensue in the decease or life of a human being ( Michel, 2003 ).

The perceptual experience of a single depends on his life and profession with respect to disease. Doctors and nurses who are running surrounded by the decease of people all around one or the other twenty-four hours, see this as the normal phenomenon at the usual case,

while others take it as a tough 1. The chief factor is the relatedness of disease with the individual who is enduring from it. This characteristic affects the humanity in one or the other manner.

Awful act- Is at that place right clip for it

There has ever been a construct in head, what is the right age for decease? One considers life as an of import portion right from his birth to the clip the human being leaves his life ( Nagel, 1970 ). Therefore, the life of humanity is ever a good option for persons. But, one look at the existent life, we can observe a figure of events when the person wishes to go forth his life due to some of the other ground. This acts against humanity and the life-giving up against his life. This may be at the early phases of life or might take topographic point at ulterior phases. When a single feels uncomfortable with his organic structure and build, the opportunities are at that place for taking an involvement of stoping one 's life. However, these opportunities even increase more when the human being is non-comfy mentally due to some of the other ground. This acts rather severely against the humanity and the life is at hazard.

The disease is an at hand portion of one 's life as one can non last ever. The most common constituents associated with life are decease, vision, and forebodings ( Crissman, 1994 ). The state of affairs of publicities is noneasy to be faced as it is the clip when one knows that he is traveling to decease within a short span. This is

the chief factor that acts against the life and good being. The individual gets worried due to this factor. This knowing of the state of affairs can be due to some charming ground or be supernatural or through the natural mark or interior strong belief ( Crissman, 1994 ). The status rises to take due attention of such a case; else the opportunities are at that place for hazard against life and good being. Thereon, the humanity survives merely due to the situational success ( Bryant, 2003 ) . However, historic people were during the Appalachian civilization focused more depending on the superstitious notion.


For the subject titled, "Death and deceasing: Changing attitudes through the age '', the subject was noted to be extremely complex in an existent sense. It was found that the research workers are lending good to the research subject since the last century. This demonstrates a high grade of involvement among the persons towards this construct. The disease is ever under the consideration to prorogue because of increasing consciousness and involvement among persons to populate their lives. There is ever the moral quandary related to mercy killing among persons.

However, the instance of fright is progressively acquiring over the lives. Increasingly persons get involved in unlawful acts. This has raised the accidents of self-destruction to a higher grade. The disease in today's clip has shifted towards being more and more lifeless. Persons take more involvement in being attracted towards enlarged life. However, the alteration in the attitude of adult males is still non much different as compared to that of historic times. There is still the importance laid on lives and humanity. This

raised the attending among persons to populate for longer continuance. On the other manus, the complex lives in today's clip have resulted in increased the complexness of humanity. This further adds to the force per unit area on the head of persons taking them to depression and therefore ensuing in unlawful Acts of the Apostless.

There is no clip for decease until the terminal of hope of a person. This points out increasing involvement among persons to populate and bask their lives with non much involvement laid on the other factors. The fright against decease is hence a phenomenon which does non look to diminish even after decennaries. Persons would be maintaining populating their lives for more and more old ages, in malice of this being an unmanageable variable for persons.

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