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Are Viruses Living or Nonliving? Essay Example
373 words 1 page

Are viruses living or nonliving? Scientist all over are debating whether or not a virus is in fact a living organism. There are many different opinions about this touchy topic from many different scientists. My job was to read through all of these different opinions and decided which side I agreed with. Do I think […]

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Genetics Life Molecular Biology Viruses
Genetics: Practice Test Questions
1234 words 3 pages

Practice Questions for FALL FINAL Biology KEY Note: These are a few sample questions that you can work through for more practice with genetics and experimental design. You should also review the evolution and experimental design quizzes and exams. These questions do NOT cover all of the material covered this semester. Completion of these questions […]

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Anthropology Disease Dna Evolution Gene Genetics Health Mutation Natural Selection Protein Science Social Science
DNA Abnormalities that Manifest as Disorders
800 words 2 pages

Using our knowledge of the genetic code, transcription and translation, explain how a single gene disorder may arise from a mutation. Cite an example of a single gene disorder, explaining what gene has been altered, how this affects the product of this gene, and how this may affect the health of the individual carrying the […]

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Disorders Gene Genetics Mutation
Gattaca – Reviewed Essay Example
899 words 2 pages

In the movie Gattaca, Ethan Hawke played the role of a child that was conceived naturally, while his older brother was genetically constructed in a lab. Over the years Vincent, played by Ethan Hawke, always dreamed of working at Gattaca and going into space on a mission. He was constantly told he was never good […]

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Biology Gattaca Genetics
Reflection and Enemies of Promise:
1081 words 3 pages

Reflection and Enemies of Promise In the last three decades, a great advance in genetic research and biotechnology has occurred. Max Born said in his essay, “Reflection,” “But suddenly, about three hundred years ago, an explosion of mental activity occurred: modern science and technology were born. Since then, they have increased at an ever growing […]

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Genetic Engineering Genetics Reflection Science
Cross-Cultural Film Analysis – Gattaca
1219 words 3 pages

‘GATTACA’ Film Summary Vincent is destined to be a second class citizen, conceived naturally, rather than in a laboratory. He is born into a world which discriminates against genetics, rather than religion, race or gender. In order to gain access into the Gattaca Corporation and reach his dream of going to Titan he takes on […]

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Film Analysis Gattaca Geert Hofstede Genetics
Ames Spot Overlay Test
2547 words 5 pages

The Spot-Overlay Ames Test was used in the lab to find the mutagenesis of Diet Coke and ThermaFlu. Along with these substances three mutant strains of salmonella were also tested. TA 1535, TA 1537, TA 1538 all lacked the ability to grow the amino acid histidine unless reverted back by the potential mutagens. After the […]

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Biology College Genetics Molecular Biology
Conjugation and Transposition in Escherichia Coli
2336 words 5 pages

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to study the transfer of genetic information on plasmid F’lac by using Escherichia coli. Plasmid transfer was measured by using two different methods. The first one was by using selection and contraselection with three antibiotics: streptomycin(which was replaced by naladixic acid for the second part of the experiment), […]

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Genetics Microbiology Molecular Biology
Evolution of Sex and Deterministic Mutation Essay Example
1504 words 3 pages

In studying evolution, there has been much debate over the origins and evolutionary maintenance of sex. This represents a great challenge in evolution as it appears that the vast majority of animals and plants reproduce sexually. One component compounding the mystery is the two fold cost of sex, that is, there is a cost to […]

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Biology Evolution Genetics Mutation
Population Genetics Analysis
1456 words 3 pages

ABSTRACT The microevolution of Alu element TPA-25 was tested in the experiment through the examination, observation, and analysis of population alleles distribution under the Hardy-Weinberg Theory of Genetic Equilibrium. Alu elements affect the genome by causing insertion mutations, recombination between elements, gene conversion, and alterations in gene expression. In the lab PCR was used to […]

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Chemistry Dna Gene Genetics Population
Monsanto Seed
3432 words 7 pages

It sold genetically modified (GM) canola seeds in Canada and GM soybean seeds in the United States. The company developed a patented process in Canada that “covered the gene and process for insertion…and cells derived from that process,” and in the United States covered the entire plant. By using this patented process, seeds had an […]

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Agriculture Animals Business Business Process Food Genetic Engineering Genetically Modified Food Genetics Intellectual Property Management Seed Technology
Identifying the Mystery Plasmids based upon Their Characteristics Essay Example
3993 words 8 pages

Abstract Plasmids serve as important tools in genetics and biotechnology labs, where they are commonly used make many copies of a particular gene. The aim of this experiment was to identify three mystery plasmids based upon their characteristics; such as size, antibiotic resistance, lacZ profile and conjugative properties. The results obtained showed that plasmid number2 […]

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Dna Genetics Molecular Biology Mystery
Human Genome Project Summary
464 words 1 page

Question one: the human genome project. The human genome project is an international scientific research project to sequence and map all of the genes of human beings. completed over thirteen years by the U. S. department of energy and the national institutes of health, however many different countries such as Japan, the U. K. , […]

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Dna Gene Genetics Project
Evolutionary bio essay for final
2784 words 6 pages

Final exam essay questions The optional final exam will consist of five of the following essay questions. Each essay will be worth five points. The final will be averaged with your other four grades. There will be a follow-up post on whether you should take the final exam, but we wanted to get the essay […]

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Evolution Genetics Natural Selection
Genetic Engineering Summary Argumentative Essay Example
986 words 2 pages

The history of genetic engineering goes back to the time when an Austrian MO and Gregory Mendel establish genetics as a scientific field. Soon other scientist followed his works and in 1944, McCann McCarty and Oswald Avery Colon McLeod disco Ever d that DNA was the carrier of genetic information. This discovery led to the […]

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Engineer Food Genetic Engineering Genetics
Genetic Engineering Is a Biotechnological Technique
306 words 1 page

Just imagine the scene: and newlywed wife and husband are sitting down with a catalog, browsing joyously, pointing and awing at all the different options, fantasizing about all the possibilities that could become of their future. Is this a catalog for new furniture? No. This catalog for all features, phenotype and genotype, for the child […]

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Engineer Gene Genetic Engineering Genetics
Gattaca: What the “Not-Too-Distant Future” Looks Like
331 words 1 page

In the film “Gattaca”, Niccol presents a frigid and sterile depiction of the “not-too-distant future”, a world in which genetic engineering is the key to success. From the beginning, although high-tech and advanced, Vincent’s apartment is seen to be completely practical and appears almost as if it is a laboratory, with a utilitarian steel bench […]

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Biology Gattaca Genetics Medicine
Arabidopsis Thaliana Argumentative
252 words 1 page

Arabidopsis thaliana possesses certain characteristics that make it a suitable experimental plant model. Arabidopsis thaliana is a non-fastidious plant, it has a comparatively shorter generation time than other higher plants, it is able to reproduce by both self-fertilization and cross-pollination and produces abundant seeds which can range from 10 000 to 40 000. Furthermore, Arabidopsis […]

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Argumentative Genetics Molecular Biology Reproduction
Sex Determination Simplified Essay Example
1796 words 4 pages

The biological meaning of sex has long been an issue of interest by society. During the early times when the scientific method has not yet been formulated, the types of sex were then arbitrarily described. Aristotle postulated the sex of a child is determined by the temperature of the semen due the act of copulation. […]

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Biology Disease Genetics Health Infertility Sex
The nature nurture debate in relation to individual development
1895 words 4 pages

Many people have debated to why we develop as we are. Some argue that development is based of factors which we go through in life. Others argue development is based on what we inherit. ‘Extreme views support the notion that either nature or nurture is the primary influence on development.However, just as development has a […]

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Biology Development Genetics Health
What is recombinant DNA and its advantages and disadvantages Essay Example
1369 words 3 pages

In recent years science has been using recombinant DNA to genetically modify animals, plants and now technology has advanced to the point where there is constant speculation on manipulating human DNA. Recombinant DNA, or more commonly known as ‘genetic engineering’ involves “the combination of DNA from one organism with DNA from another organism”. There are […]

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Dna Gene Genetic Engineering Genetics
The Pros of Cons of Genetic Screening Essay Example
1093 words 3 pages

The subject of genetic engineering has always been a controversial one, that has divided opinion for years, although in today’s society it is more important than ever. Although the possibilities of genetic manipulation have been theorised as early as the 17th century and H. J. Muller was artificially mutating genes of Drosophila with x-rays in […]

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Biology Gene Genetics Infertility

Popular Questions About Genetics

What exactly are genetics?
Genetics is the study of how genes and how traits are passed down from one generation to the next. Our genes carry information that affects our health, our appearance, and even our personality!
What are examples of genetics?
Genetics pertains to humans and all other organisms. So, for example, there is human genetics, mouse genetics, fruit fly genetics, etc.
Is Genetics same as DNA?
Genes are made up of DNA. Some genes act as instructions to make molecules called proteins. However, many genes do not code for proteins. In humans, genes vary in size from a few hundred DNA bases to more than 2 million bases.
Do genetics come from Mom or Dad?
Your genome is inherited from your parents, half from your mother and half from your father. The gametes are formed during a process called meiosis. Like your genome, each gamete is unique, which explains why siblings from the same parents do not look the same.