Analysis of the factors of homosexuality Essay Example
Analysis of the factors of homosexuality Essay Example

Analysis of the factors of homosexuality Essay Example

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  • Published: August 4, 2017
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Before we find out the grounds of the increasing figure in homosexualism and the acumen of acquiring credence in the society, it must be understood the factor of homosexualism and what should be its cardinal mission and to happen out whether homosexual can be corrected and changed or it should non be considered as mental unwellness. Harmonizing to the survey, it is crystal clear to demo there are two factors impacting homosexualism which is biological factor and environmental factor.

Conflicts are possible in this two factors, homosexual ever claim the nowadays of the homosexual cistron, therefore is the God created them and so make they merit for the credence and regard from the other. On the other manus, environmental factor show that most of the homophile is being affected by the others and non born like that manner. If they are being


affected by environmental factor, there are ways to bring around and even to rectify them, but if they are born with the present homosexual cistron in their sexual chromosome, is it compulsory for us to accept them as they did non intent to be but merely because of instability of sex endocrine ( i.e. testosterone, oestorgen and Lipo-Lutin that develop secondary sexual features of males and females ) and the cistron that misdirecting them. Former democratic presidential campaigner and Vermont Governor Howard Dean signed a measure legalising civil brotherhoods for homophiles in Vermont.A In supporting his actions, he commented: `` The overpowering grounds is that there is a really important, significant familial constituent to it.A From a spiritual point of position, if God had thought homosexualism is a wickedness, he would non hold created

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cheery people '' ( as quoted in VandeHei, 2004 ) .A

Therefore in this research study, we are traveling to happen out the 'real ' ground of homosexualism based on the study and research showed by American Psychiatrist Association ( APA ) , International Human Genome Consortium and any other intelligence or studies which are related.

Biological Factor

In order to turn out that whether the nowadays of cheery cistron, we refer to 'A Scientific Examination of HomosexualityA and the `` Gay Gene '' by Brad Harrub, Ph.D. and Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Dave Miller, PhD.

On April 14, 2003, the International Human Genome Consortium announced the successful completion of the Human Genome Project-two old ages in front of agenda. The one piece of information that ne'er materialized from the Human Genome Project was the designation of the alleged `` cheery cistron. '' ( Brad Harrub, 2003 )

Homosexuality has been practiced for 1000s of years.A Simply put, homosexualism is defined as sexual dealingss between like genders ( i.e. , two males or two females ) .A It was Sigmund Freud who foremost postulated that parental relationships with a kid finally determine the child 's sexual orientation.A But this `` nurturing '' facet has efficaciously given manner to the `` nature '' side of the equation.A Can some behaviours ( e.g. , alcohol addiction, homosexualism, schizophrenic disorder ) A be explained byA genetic sciences? A Are these and other behaviours influenced by nature or by raising? A Are they inborn or learned? A Some persons believed that the reply would be found concealing amidst the chromosomes analyzed in the Human Genome Project.

The human X and Y chromosomes ( the two

`` sex '' chromosomes ) have been wholly sequenced.A Thankss to work carried out by labs all across the Earth, we know that the X chromosome contains 153 million base braces, and seaports a sum of 1168 cistrons ( seeA NCBI, 2004 ) .A The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that the Y chromosome-which is much smaller-contains `` merely '' 50 million base braces, and is estimated to incorporate a mere 251 genes.A Educational establishments such as Baylor University, the Max Planck Institute, the Sanger Institute, Washington University in St. Louis, and others have spent infinite hours and 1000000s of research dollars analysing these alone chromosomes.A As the information began to pour in, they allowed scientists to build cistron maps-using existent sequences from the Human Genome Project.A And yet, A neither the map for the X nor the Y chromosome contains any `` cheery cistron. ''

It 's of import to emphasize what I did n't find.A I did non turn out that homosexualism is familial, or happen a familial cause for being gay.A I did n't demo that cheery work forces are born that manner, the most common error people make in construing my work.A Nor did I turn up a homosexual centre in the brainA ( as quoted in Byrd, et al. , 2001, emp. added ) .

See the obvious job of endurance for persons who allegedly possess a cheery cistron: A persons who have spouses of the same sexA are biologically unable to reproduceA ( without fall backing to unreal agencies ) .A Therefore, if an alleged `` cheery cistron '' did be, the homosexual population finally would vanish altogether.A We now

know that it is non scientifically accurate to mention to a `` cheery cistron '' as the causative agent in homosexuality.

The survey besides found that merely 0.9 % of work forces and 0.4 % of adult females reported holding merely same-sex spouses since age 18-a figure that would stand for a sum of merely 1.4 million Americans as homosexual ( based on the last nose count study, demoing approximately 292 million people populating in America ) . The ensuing accurate figures demonstrate that significantly less than one per centum of the American population claims to be homosexual. TheA NHSLSA consequences are similar to a study conducted by the Minnesota Adolescent Health Survey ( 1986 ) of public school pupils. The study showed that merely 0.6 % of the male childs and 0.2 % of the misss identified themselves as `` largely or 100 % homosexual. ''

The 2000 nose count sheds even more visible radiation on the topic. The overall statistics from the 2000 Census Bureau revealed:

  • The entire population of theA U.S.A is 285,230,516.
  • The entire figure of families in theA U.S.A is 106,741,426.
  • The entire figure of single same-sex families is 601,209.

Therefore, out of a population of 106,741,426 families, homophiles represent 0.42 % of those households.A That is less than one half of one per centum!

The available grounds clearly establishes that NO such cistron has been identified.A Additionally, groundss exists which paperss that homophiles can alter their sexual orientation.A Future determinations sing policies about, and/or intervention of, homophiles should reflect this cognition.

Environmental Factor

Trayce Hansen, PhD, a accredited psychologist with a clinical and forensic pattern who is a strong sceptic of the homosexual militant docket.

In his research, He found out that there is no influence of familial factor but he manage to turn out the environmental factor which affect homosexualism when he did research in the Twin survey probes of homosexualism were late conducted in both Sweden and Finland.

For American work forces, The environmental factor most related to homosexual behaviour was the grade of urbanisation during the adolescent old ages. Specifically, male childs who lived in big urban centres between the ages of 14 and 16 were three to six times more likely to prosecute in homosexual behaviour than were male childs who lived in rural communities during those same ages. The research workers offer the undermentioned possibility: `` an environment that provides increased chances for and fewer negative countenances against same-gender gender may both let and even elicit look of same-gender involvement and sexual behaviour ( p.308 ) . ''

For American adult females, the environmental factor most associated with a homosexual or bisexual individuality was a higher degree of instruction.  Woman with a college grade was nine times more likely to place herself as non-heterosexual than a adult female with merely a high school sheepskin. The specific elements that create this pronounced difference are ill-defined, but the research workers do n't believe it 's merely due to higher coverage of non-heterosexuality by more educated persons. They believe one account is the fact that with more credences, even encouragement, of homosexualism at universities, more university adult females embraces a non-heterosexual life style.

However this survey could merely stand for the western society but non Asiatic, as for Asian their life style is wholly different. Hansen notes that the sum of

homosexualism in a society is aA choiceA by the members of that society, manifested in the norms and Torahs they adopt:

Social and cultural norms, every bit good as legal ordinances, influence human behaviour including sexual behaviour. So non surprisingly, as the United States and other Western States have become progressively pro-homosexual-socially, politically, and legally-they have experienced an upward tendency in the figure of persons prosecuting in homosexual behaviour. That tendency will go on if we move beyond mere tolerance of homosexual behaviour ( which is appropriate ) to officially honouring it by legalising same-sex matrimony.

The legalisation of same-sex marriage-which is being considered by electors in several U.S. states-is the ultimate in social indorsement and will ensue in more persons populating a homosexual life style.

One could surely reason that holding more homophiles in a peculiar society is a reasonably good thing so, but it 's an statement that we should hold openly, alternatively of holding it imposed by authorities and through indoctrination in the schools and by the mass media. That statement, furthermore, should be engaged without bias toward a preset decision, and with our determinations based on what we know, non on what some of us may wish was true. That is how we are supposed to make up one's mind things in topographic points non gripped in the vise of dictatorship.

Although the research studied was based on United State of America, it clearly express that if a state legalise same sex matrimony, we can vouch that figure of homosexual in this state will maintain increasing as the authorities itself agree unnatural sexual behaviour should be practiced even though it is contrary to faith and

norm of the society. Based on the study shown Trayce Hansen, we conclude that the policy of authorities pose a great influence to the society, and the error made may take to serious effects.

Besides that, parental love, equal influence and sexual maltreatment are the factor which affect human toward unnatural sexual behaviour -homosexuality.

Child Sexual Abuse

The function of child sexual maltreatment in sexual orientation has received some attending recently. In January, in the twelvemonth of 2009, prospective demonstrated that kid sexual maltreatment was associated with of all time prosecuting in grownup homosexual behaviour for males but non for females. The survey by Widom and Wilson demonstrated that physical maltreatment or disregard did non tie in with homosexualism, nor did sexual maltreatment predict same-sex cohabitation or current sexual spouse. In other words, steps of behaviour ( populating with a same-sex spouse of all time, or populating with one in the last twelvemonth ) that would be more brooding of orientation were non associated with histories of child sexual maltreatment. For males, of all time prosecuting in homosexual behaviour, nevertheless, was associated with sexual maltreatment. Many perceivers are non surprised by this determination which indicates that sexual behaviour is associated with past maltreatment but digesting orientation may non be.

In research with 942 nonclinical grownup participants, cheery work forces and sapphic adult females reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual work forces and adult females. Forty-six per centum of the homosexual work forces in contrast to 7 % of the heterosexual work forces reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two per centum of sapphic adult females in contrast to 1 % of heterosexual adult females reported homosexual molestation.

This research is seemingly the first study that has reported significant homosexual molestation of misss. Suggestions for future research were offered.

The clear deduction in this treatment subdivision is that the frequence of homosexual designation was a effect of the maltreatment. However, in the tabular array which reported the informations sing timing of designation, the writers report the same per centum of males who reported designation as gayA beforeA the maltreatment. Tomeo et Al 2001

Something is non right here. The Numberss for females add up to 100 % but the male Numberss are contradictory. If the tabular array is right, so the instance for causing from this survey is slightly compromised. The tabular array indicates that 68 % of work forces identified as homosexualA beforeA their molestation experience.

One concluding idea, the research on sexual maltreatment in populations is frequently misused to do illations about causing. There are many grounds why this line of research is of import but causing is non at the top. Sexual maltreatment is a deeply riotous experience for many people and may lend to a assortment of negative results in maturity. Finding appropriate clinical and ministry responses may be clouded by concentrating on the injury as a cause of same-sex attractive force.

Parental love

Parental love and relationships among household members are besides factors that contribute homosexualism. The research workers have foundA the authoritative triadic ( tripartite ) relationshipA in the household backgrounds of homosexual men.A In this state of affairs, the female parent frequently has a hapless or limited relationship with her hubby, so she shifts her emotional demands to her boy. The male parent is normally non-expressive and degage and frequently is

critical as well.A

A completed doctorial thesis by Gregory Dickson, Ph.D. found statistically important differences between the childhood remembrances of heterosexual and homosexual work forces. The thesis was entitled, `` An Empirical Study of the Mother-Son Dyad in Relation to the Development of Adult Male Homosexuality: An Object Relations Perspective. ''

The survey found thatA heterosexual males recalled a much better relationship with their female parents. These work forces reported a significantly more loving, less demanding, and less rejecting female parent than did homosexual males.

The survey farther found that homosexual work forces experienced their female parent more negatively. The survey 's consequences supportedA antecedently published empirical researchA that homophiles and straight persons have significantlyA differentA remembrances of their childhood mother-son relationships.

Traveling beyond the range of old research, the survey found thatA egodystonic ( dissatisfied with their orientation ) homosexual males recalled holding experienced a more demanding female parent than egosyntonic ( satisfied ) homosexual men.A Otherwise, no important differences in the remembrance of the childhood mother-son relationships were found between the two subgroups of homosexual work forces.

Commenting on the findings, Dr. Dickson stated, `` A cursory reappraisal of research to day of the month suggests a deficiency of unvarying findings on the function of the mother-son relationship in the development of male homosexualism. Some writers have found aA near, excessively protectiveA female parent, while others have found the oppositeA a less loving, more demanding, and more rejectingA female parent. While these consequences are apparently contradictory, farther probe reveals an implicit in consistence, in thatA the homosexual male has repeatedly reported a significantly different relationship with his female parent than that reported by his heterosexual equals. Whether he

reported her as excessively close or distant, a negative relational form is evident. ''

He added, `` It is sensible to presume thatA either type of relationship ( excessively near or distant ) may negatively impact the developing male child 's ability to finish the necessary stairss taking toward the achievement of the developmental undertakings ofA individuationA andA separation. The excessively close and adhering relationship with the female parent may forestall the immature male child from `` abandoning '' her in order to fall in his male parent and his male equals. Likewise, the excessively distant relationship may non let him to experience unafraid plenty in the female parent 's love to go forth it in order to research peer relationships with other male childs. ''

Findingss of this survey and of Dickson ( 1996 ) besides support findings in the literature which suggest thatA the grownup male homophile has experienced a greater unsimilarity of relationships between his female parent and male parent during his developmental old ages than did his heterosexual equals. The current survey drew upon old literature sing the healthy early triangulation in which the male child is able to develop both a sense of connection to, and distance from, both parents. `` A deficiency of this healthy triangulation, '' stated Dr. Dickson, `` may ensue inA the developing boy happening himself 'stuck ' between parents. He must take one parent over the other. It appears that this phenomenon is present and much more utmost in homosexual development. ''

While both heterosexual and homosexual groups reported a significantly higher sense of fond regard to female parent and a higher sense of love from female parent,

the survey found that the unsimilarity experienced between parents among the two groups of work forces is most evident in the countries of love, demand, and rejection. Dr. Dickson stated, `` A farther complicating factor appears in that while the mother-son relationship demonstrates a negative relational form, in comparing to the father-son relationship, the homosexual boy feels, at the same clip, comparatively closer to fuss than to father.A In other words, compared to the male parent, the kid may consciously experience closer to the female parent, yet unconsciously experience insecure with her. That insecure sense may be triggered by eitherA a close binding impingementA and/orA a less loving distance. ''

He continued, `` It appears the procedure of turning into a mature masculine individuality may be impeded by any of these factors including the mother-son relationship, the father-son relationship, the unsimilarity between the female parent and male parent relationship, and/or a combination at that place of and this witting and unconscious organisation may hold resulted in the many apparently contradictory retrospective findings reported in the literature. ''

Another determination based on gender individuality development is besides done. These findings are sing the mother-son relationship, combined with those found by Dickson ( 1996 ) sing the father-son relationship with the same group of participants are consistent withA the object-relations theory of an unhealthy and imbalanced triangular parent-child relational form that may queer the male child 's gender and individuality development from both the female parent 's and the male parent 's side, impeding the achievement of developmental undertakings necessary in order to achieve and prolong grownup heterosexual relationships. The consequence of the determination shows that gender-identity development is

thwarted by an imbalanced parent-child relational form.

Peer influence

Homosexual adolescents may be hesitantA to uncover their sensed penchants, or come out of the cupboard, because of society 's and their equals ' negative attitudes about homosexualism. These adolescents may avoid homosexual experiences or, if they have them, worry about their significance. Homosexual adolescents may... avoid revelation for fright of being victimized by heterosexual adolescents. Homophobia involves negative comments, societal ostracizing, and menaces ; it can besides affect homosexual bashing, or violently assaultive homophiles. Peoples likely gay knock and because of equal force per unit area and uncomfortableness with their ain sexual individuality.

Nor are cheery and lesbianA striplings likely to happen a more understanding environment with their equals: `` Adolescents can be notoriously intolerant of personal differences, and openly homosexual adolescents confront every twenty-four hours the societal stigma attached to their homosexualism. They may be the victims of twits, abuses, cruel gags, and physical maltreatment, frequently without protection or role-modeling by responsible grownups. If a immature tribade has neither acquaintance with successful tribades nor any construct of a healthy sapphic life style, so the societal concept of abnormalcy or abnormal psychology will be her predominating internal image. Sturdevant & A ; Remafedi, supra, at 361.


Gay and sapphic ever mistakenly believe that human should get married with anyone they love. They claim that is their right and 'freedom of marry ' regardless who they are. It is absurd to propose that if human can get married with anyone they love, shall the authorities legalize the matrimony between male parent and girl, female parent and boy or grandparents with their grandchild. It is wholly unreasonable and it can non

warrant the legalizing of same sex matrimony.

We ban same sex matrimony, and even knock the homosexual, but from their position ; we lived in our ain egoists universe without caring much to them. They lived and married with their love and holding normal life. They did non mean to wound other, but why we want to get rid of the homosexualism and even condemn capital penalty to them. In their position, is it because of minority belief shall be considered as incorrect and immoral?

Their points of position seem to be converting but none of them justify the legalizing of same sex matrimony. Before refuting, we laid down several inquiry that to be answered.

If all human being pattern homophile, what would be to the following coevals?

If human is able to reproduce without holding natural intercourse ( between adult male and adult female ) but to make semisynthetic progeny, do you believe it is break of concatenation of nature?

The reply of this two inquiries are clear and convey out the message, homosexual is against jurisprudence of nature, if human continue pattern homophile, it may take to extinction of human population and other serious effects are impossible!

Although it is seems to be impossible for us to rectify and alter them, but we have to seek no affair how worst the status is. Based on the survey, now we conclude that homosexualism is affected by environmental factor as there is no grounds to turn out that the present cheery cistron or biological factor that affect human toward homosexualism. Indeed psychologists find out that environmental factor such as deficiency of parental love, sexual maltreatment and equal influence are the factor

which lead to homosexualism.

In this research, none of the portion is written to banish or know apart homosexual but to find the factors and background of homosexualism and whether homosexual or same-sex matrimony should be legalize. Therefore, policy shaper should hold this affair in contemplation, to find it based on the norm and faith of the society, and unfastened treatment between citizens.

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