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Induced Fit Theory Essay Example
642 words 3 pages

Induced fit theory is a variation of the lock-and-key theory of enzymatic function. It is proposed that the substrate causes a conformational change in the enzyme such that the active site achieves the exact configuration required for a reaction to occur. The overall effect would be a tighter binding for the substrate and enzyme. Think […]

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Enzyme Molecular Biology Theory
Effect of Temperature on Activity of Alcalase and Savinase Essay Example
1578 words 6 pages

Hypothesis The optimum temperatures of Alcalase and Savinase will be different. Above and below their optimum temperatures activity will decrease. Biological explanation This investigation is designed to look at the effect of temperature on the activity of the proteases Alcalase and Savinase. By the end of it I hope to know the optimum temperature of […]

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Enzyme Ph Temperature
The Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity Essay Example
1725 words 7 pages

Title: The Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity Speeds Problem: How do the factors of temperature, pH level, substrate concentration and enzyme concentration specifically and significantly alter the rate of enzymatic reactions? Background Information: Enzymes are critical to the function of human life. They are the controllers of all the chemical reactions within our bodies – they […]

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Chemical reactions Enzyme
Monitoring How Ph Affects the Rate of Reactions of Barley Amylase Essay Example
799 words 3 pages

Abstract This experiment aimed to monitor the efficacy of the Barley Amylase Enzyme in breaking down starch in solutions with increasing neutral pH levels. The experiment involved simultaneously mixing tubes containing a reaction solution of Amylase enzyme and starch. The reactions were then stopped using I2-KI at two-minute intervals. To ensure accuracy, each trial was […]

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Chemical Reaction Enzyme Ph
Effect of Ph and Temperature on Enzyme Activity in Skeletal Muscle Essay Example
1590 words 6 pages

Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to measure the effects of changes in temperatures and pH on enzyme activity in skeletal muscle, particularly the activity of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). LDH is a glycolytic enzyme which converts pyruvate to lactate in the following equation: LDH Pyruvate+ NADH ? ————? Lactate + NADThe reaction above can […]

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Chemical reactions Enzyme Ph
Determining the Optimal Temperature and Ph of Barley Amylase Essay Example
1320 words 5 pages

Determining the Optimal Temperature and PH of Barley Amylase Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to find the optimal temperature and pH of barley alpha-amylase. I hypothesize that the optimal temperature would be 55 degrees Celsius and the optimal pH would be 5. 5. In this experiment, the starch is used as a substrate […]

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Chemical Reaction Enzyme Ph
Enzyme Lab Essay Example
924 words 4 pages

Enzyme Activity Lab Hypothesis: Are enzymes reusable? Yes, enzymes are reusable. Which of the following do you think contain catalase? [Manganese dioxide, chicken meat, apple, carrot, potato, or chicken liver] I think that the manganese dioxide, apple, and carrot contain the catalase. Would grinding the materials affect enzyme activity? I think that grinding the materials […]

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Chemical Reaction Enzyme Hydrogen peroxide Ph
Investigating Catalase Reaction Rate on Hydrogen Peroxide
4488 words 17 pages

An Investigation on the rate of reaction of the enzyme Catalase on the substrate Hydrogen peroxide. Plan Aim: To investigate the rate of the effect of Catalase on hydrogen peroxide. Introduction This investigation will be carried out to investigate the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalase on the substrate hydrogen peroxide. Enzymes are biological […]

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Chemical Reaction Enzyme Hydrogen Reaction Rate
The Role of Agarase in Agar-Degrading Bacteria Essay Example
1709 words 7 pages

The Role of Agarase in Agar-Degrading Bacteria Abstract Agar-Degrading (agarolytic) Bacteria is physiological class of bacteria capable of utilising agar as a sole carbon source. This ability is made available by the use of agarases – enzymes which break down agarose into oligosaccharides. This physiological class branches through genii, regardless of Gram Stain status or […]

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Bacteria Enzyme Microbiology
What is the impact of enzyme’s use in human society Essay Example
1013 words 4 pages

‘Enzymes are special kinds of proteins that are found in all living matter. Living cells need enzymes to live and grow. Enzymes are catalysts, substances which speed up chemical reactions present in very small amounts without being changed in the reaction’ [1] .It was firstly named enzyme by a German physiologist, Wilhelm K�hne in 1878. […]

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Amylase Chemistry Enzyme Human Society
Investigation to Find the Optimum Rate of Anaerobic Respiration in Yeast Essay Example
298 words 2 pages

I intend to determine the optimal rate of anaerobic respiration in yeast through an experiment involving heating the yeast within a glucose solution. The heating process triggers the release of gas, which I will measure as my experimental data. To ensure safety, I will wear protective goggles throughout the experiment. Additionally, I will utilize a […]

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Enzyme Experiment Respiration Water
Immobilized Enzyme Analysis Essay Example
1117 words 5 pages

By adding methyl bliss-scrambled, a cross-linking agent, to creamily, a gel matrix was formed. An immobilized enzyme was then tested for its activity and stability through spectrophotometry assays at 510 nm, as compared to its free enzyme counterpart. The enzymatic reaction was examined by introducing hydrogen peroxide (H2O), phenol, and 4-mountaineering. To test the stability, […]

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Chemical Reaction Enzyme
The Effect Of Varying Enzyme Concentration Essay Example
321 words 2 pages

The Effect Of Varying Enzyme Concentration On The Breakdown Of Hydrogen Peroxide In The Presence Of Catalase Grade: 18/18 Words: 3000 Hypothesis – Hydrogen peroxide will breakdown to oxygen and water in the presence of Catalase. The reaction will increase with increasing enzyme concentration when molecules of hydrogen peroxide are freely available. However, when molecules […]

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Concentration Enzyme
Salivary Amylase Essay Example
687 words 3 pages

Salivary amylase, found in humans, is enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into simpler compounds. Its enzymatic activity is affected by several factors, such as temperature and pH. The rates of enzymatic activity of salivary amylase in different temperatures and pH were measured and resulted to be very near 50 C and 7 respectively. […]

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Amylase Chemistry Enzyme
To examine the effect of temperature on the enzyme catalase Essay Example
794 words 3 pages

Enzymes, as biological catalysts, are essentially proteins composed of amino acid polymers. Their tertiary structure results in a globular shape, due to molecular bonding. Various bonds contribute to maintaining the structure’s shape, with the strongest being the di-sulphide bridges between cysteine amino acids. Hydrogen bonds are also present, but their strength increases when many exist. […]

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Chemical Reaction Enzyme Hydrogen peroxide
What are enzymes Essay Example
881 words 4 pages

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts. They speed up the chemical reactions which occur inside living things. Without them, all reactions would be far too slow, and living organisms would not be able to function. Enzymes are extremely efficient at doing their job. Some of the chemical reactions, which take place in our cells, […]

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Chemical Reaction Enzyme Protein
Coagulation of milk Essay Example
1434 words 6 pages

To find out the optimum concentration of calcium chloride (CaCl2) needed to be used by cheese manufacturing companies, in order for the milk used to produce the greatest mass of cheese from a given amount of milk to coagulate at its best rate. So that the rennet is at its most active effect therefore achieving […]

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Chemistry Enzyme Milk
The effects of temperature on catalase in yeast and liver Essay Example
2031 words 8 pages

As stated in the headline, this will be a plan to investigate the effects of temperature on the enzyme catalase in yeast and liver. But before I go in to detail about the experiment itself, the biology behind the reaction should be discussed. Starting with what will in great part control the reaction, some knowlegde […]

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Chemistry Enzyme Molecular Biology Temperature Yeast
The Effect that Copper Sulphate has on the Action of the Enzyme Catalase Essay Example
613 words 3 pages

Catalase is a red, crystalline enzyme that consists of a protein complex with haematin groups and catalyses the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen: 2H2O2 –> 2H2O + O2Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidising substance. It is formed inside cell organelles called the peroxisomes, during the breakdown of purines. Peroxisomes help to oxidise […]

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Copper Enzyme Hydrogen peroxide Molecular Biology
The Effect Of Temperature On The Action Of Salivary Amylase Essay Example
426 words 2 pages

The digestion of starch begins in the mouth, where it is mixed with saliva containing the enzyme salivary amylase, or Ptyalin. Starch, a long chain of repeating glucose subunits, is hydrolyzed first into shorter polysaccharide chains this is used as a continual mechanism to help the removal of good debris from the gingiva but has […]

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Amylase Enzyme Starch Temperature
The Teeth and Gut specialisation in a ruminant and a carnivore Essay Example
1133 words 5 pages

A ruminant is an herbivore with a multichambered stomach. The example of a ruminant that will be used is cattle. The example of the carnivore that will be used is a dog. The carnivore is a meat eating organism. The dog is a carnivore, and wild members such as wolves are predators. Refer to fig. […]

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Bacteria Cell Enzyme
Application of enzymes in industry and medicine Essay Example
884 words 4 pages

Enzymes have enormous potential in the commercial world. Since they can catalyse specific reactions at relatively low temperatures, they are more versitale and cheaper than inorganic cataylstys. Enzymes can work out a range of Ph levels and normal atmospheric pressure therefore energy saving. Enzymes are biogradable and therefore cause less environmental pollution.Enzymes are formed from […]

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Amylase Enzyme Industry Medicine

Popular Questions About Enzyme

What are enzymes and how do they work?
Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts in a biochemical reaction to increase the rate of reaction without being used up in the reaction. Thousands of types of enzymes are at work in your body to carry out vital functions such as digestion and energy production.
Can you kill an enzyme?
Enzymes are not alive, so they cannot be killed. Typically though, bringing an enzyme to a boiling temperature is enough to denature it.
What is the thing an enzyme works on?
Generally, enzymes work on substrates in one of three ways: substrate orientation, physical stress, and changes in substrate reactivity . Substrate orientation occurs when an enzyme causes substrate molecules to align with each other and form a bond.
What is the difference between an enzyme and a protein?
• Enzymes are functional proteins, whereas proteins can be either functional or structural. • Unlike other proteins, enzymes are highly substrate specific molecules. • Proteins can be digested or broken down by enzymes (proteases).
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