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Osmosis: Cell Wall and Cover Slip Essay Example
599 words 2 pages

Introduction: Humans sometimes don’t know why phenomenon or things happen. They just accept it without knowing the cause of it. And there is no meaning in it if we just accept things without reasons. That’s why this experiment is conducted so that we may know how things happen in the level of cells. Objectives: 1. […]

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Biology Chemistry Osmosis
Ailing Planet Essay Example
2606 words 6 pages

The environmental crisis is largely due to the fact that we use too much resources, reuse too little of them and produce too much waste. There are four factors that have contributed to this situation: human activites such as agriculture and industry, population explosion, technological advances and modern lifestyle. Human activities like agriculture and industry […]

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Agriculture Chemistry Ecology Food Geography Natural Environment Organic Chemistry Oxygen Pollution resources Science Waste Water
Types of Magnets Essay Example
2218 words 5 pages

Objects having magnetic field is called as magnets. Normally magnets are of two types- Permanent magnets and Electro magnets. Permanent magnets are those magnets which occur in nature and do not depend upon external source for their magnetic field. On the other hand electromagnets are those magnets which use electric current to generate magnetic field. […]

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Business Chemistry Force Metals
Find the Theoretical and Experimental Percentage Yields of the Double Displacement Reaction Essay Example
863 words 2 pages

The purpose of this lab was to find the theoretical and experimental percentage yields of the double displacement reaction between the solutions Lead (II) Nitrate (PbNO3) and Potassium Iodide (KI). It is important to obtain amounts of Lead (II) Nitrate and Potassium Iodide as close to 1. 44g as possible. This reaction creates Lead (II) […]

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Chemistry Solubility Water
Chemical Reaction Report Essay Example
1499 words 3 pages

To identify the chemical changes 2. To observe the effect of temperature of a chemical reaction. Theoritical basic : A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. Classically, chemical reactions encompass changes that strictly involve the motion of electrons in the forming and breaking […]

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Chemical Reaction Chemistry Nature
Chemistry or the Central Science Essay Example
808 words 2 pages

Chemistry, a branch of physical science, is the study of the composition, properties and behavior of matter. As it is a fundamental component of matter, the atom is the basic unit of chemistry. Chemistry is concerned with atoms and their interactions with other atoms, with particular focus on the properties of the chemical bonds formed […]

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Chemistry Nature Physics Science
Dental Impressions Essay Example
979 words 2 pages

To provide a current and relevant report of impression materials available to clinicians. Sound knowledge is imperative to achieve an accurate replica of intra-oral structures and good quality fixed and removable prostheses. Introduction Impression material can be classified as elastic or ridged. The ridged impression materials cannot engage undercuts that may present on teeth or […]

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Chemistry Health
Question of Chemistry Essay Example
538 words 2 pages

Because the perfumed incense is in solid state and by lighting of it, it changes from solid state to gaseous state the moment it turns in to gaseous state and gases have a property to spread in all directions. After lightening the incense the molecules of perfume are in a gaseous state and mixing with […]

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Chemistry Diffusion Water
Use of the material Zerodur in the KECK observatory telescope Essay Example
2106 words 5 pages

The KECK observatory lies near the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. There are two telescopes close to each other on the summit, KECK I and KECK II. These combine to form one of the largest optical telescopes in the world, second only to the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) in the Canary Islands. For good […]

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Chemistry Material Optics
The aim of this experiment is to measure the BOD and DO of water Essay Example
1399 words 3 pages

The quality of water depends on several factors including oxygen-demanding wastes, disease-causing pathogens, microorganisms affecting health, plant nutrients, suspended solids and dissolved minerals. Other pollutants may be excess acidity due to acid rain, thermal pollution and substances such as benzene, chromium and mercury that are all toxic to aquatic life. As humans and land animals […]

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Chemistry Experiment Titration Water
Effect of Temperature on Activity of Alcalase and Savinase Essay Example
1578 words 4 pages

Hypothesis The optimum temperatures of Alcalase and Savinase will be different. Above and below their optimum temperatures activity will decrease. Biological explanation This investigation is designed to look at the effect of temperature on the activity of the proteases Alcalase and Savinase. By the end of it I hope to know the optimum temperature of […]

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Chemistry Enzyme Ph Temperature
History of Sugar Essay Example
1410 words 3 pages

The Production and Consumption of Sugar The production of sugar has shaped our world throughout the centuries. From its humble beginning, to its royal induction it has now made a household name as a necessity. It has changed our society into sugar addicts with a never ending urge for sweetness. Production of this craving has […]

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Chemical Substance Chemistry Database Water
Synthesis of 7.7 – Dichlorobicyclo Heptane – Phase Transfer Catalysis Essay Example
1334 words 3 pages

Abstract The preparation of 7. 7-dichlorobicyclo heptane which is also known as 7,7-dichloronorcarane was done by reacting cyclohexene , chloroform and a base( 50% aqueous sodium hydroxide) with benzyl triethylammonium chloride. The latter being a water soluble phase transfer catalyst (PTC). reaction was performed at room temperature and was distilled at atmospheric pressure. The mechanism […]

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Chemical Reaction Chemistry Sodium Hydroxide Synthesis
Demonstration of Osmosis in Potato Essay Example
640 words 2 pages

Demonstrating Osmosis in Potato Conclusion The data we had did not support the definition of Osmosis, Osmosis is the diffusion of water through a partially permeable membrane from a region of lower solute concentration to a region of higher solute concentration; the data we collected did not seem to fit into this. The potato chips […]

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Chemistry Experiment Food Osmosis
Diamond Coated Machine Tooling Essay Example
553 words 2 pages

Diamond-coated Tungsten Carbide tools have demonstrated improved machining characteristics over coated tool steels commonly used today.With the increased use of composites, ceramics, and other ultra-hard / lightweight materials in numerous industries, diamond-coated machine tools are becoming more common since their performance improvements generally out weigh their increased cost. This paper is an empirical summary of […]

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Business Carbon Chemistry Manufacturing Metals Organic Chemistry
Discussion the Percentage by Mass of Calcium Carbonate in Eggshells Essay Example
931 words 2 pages

Aim The purpose of this experiment is to determine the percentage by mass of calcium carbonate in eggshells. Introduction To avoid the breakage of eggs before reaching market, the eggshells needs to be as strong as possible. The strength of eggshells is mainly determined by the percentage of calcium carbonate in it. In order to […]

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Carbonate Chemistry Sodium Hydroxide Titration
Conductivity Solutions Essay Example
1056 words 3 pages

Conductivity Solutions Abstract: We produced conductivity tests in water and other various solutions with a computer faced Conductivity Probe using the unit of microsiemens per centimeter (uS/cm) to find out which solutions had a high conductivity and which solutions had a low conductivity. Many different solutions vary in conductivity due to the ratio of ions. […]

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Chemistry Chlorine Ion Science Water
Viscosities of Liquids Essay Example
596 words 2 pages

Objective: The objective of this lab was to find and examine the viscosities of ideal and non-ideal solutions. The ideal being the toluene/p-xylene and the non-ideal being the methanol/water. The second objective of this lab was to investigate the temperature dependence of viscosity (Halpern, 17-1). Introduction: Viscosity is the resistance to flow of a certain […]

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Chemistry Classical Mechanics Liquids
A Separation and Purification Scheme Essay Example
1349 words 3 pages

Abstract Experiment 55 consists of devising a separation and purification scheme for a three component mixture. The overall objective is to isolate in pure form two of the three compounds. This was done using extraction, solubility, crystallization and vacuum filtration. The experiment was carried out two times, both of which were successful. Background Information: This […]

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A Separation Chemistry Sodium Hydroxide Solubility
Aluminum Essay 5
1092 words 3 pages

In the periodic table, 80% of the elements are metals. Of the metals, aluminum is the most abundant in the earth’s crust. Aluminum is concentrated in the outer 10 miles (16 km) of the Earth’s crust, of which it constitutes about 8% by weight; it is exceeded in amount only by oxygen and silicon. 1 […]

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Business Chemical Element Chemistry Energy Metals The elements
Sythesizing Isopentyl Acetate by the Fischer Esterification Essay Example
1112 words 3 pages

Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to synthesize isopentyl acetate via an esterification reaction between acetic acid and isopentyl alcohol, using concentrated sulfuric acid as a catalyst. The product was washed with sodium hydrogen carbonate, as well as with water, then dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate. The product was then distilled using a Hickman […]

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Chemistry Database Distillation
The Cell Membrane Essay Example
750 words 2 pages

The Cell membrane surrounds all living cells and is the most important organelle, there is also a similar plasma membrane that surrounds all the organelles except for the ribosome. The membrane controls how and what substances can move in and out of the cell/organelle The structure of the membrane is often referred to as the […]

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Cell Membrane Chemistry Molecular Biology

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In a more formal sense, chemistry is traditionally divided into five major subdisciplines: organic chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry.
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