Genetic Engineering

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The history of genetic engineering goes back to the time when an Austrian MO and Gregory Mendel establish genetics as a scientific field. Soon other scientist followed his works and in 1944, McCann McCarty and Oswald Avery Colon McLeod disco Ever d that DNA was the carrier of genetic information. This discovery led to the ext nose research of DNA and it’s properties. In 1 953, a goal was made with the breaks wrought science when Watson and Crick decoded the structure of the DNA.

Then in 19 73, Herbert Borer and Stanley Cohen created a process of slicing DNA in half and imbibing it with other DNA parts. While adding in other genes, they were bal e to make bacteria reproduce. This technique was also used for making insulin. Later in 1982, scientist successfully moved a gene from one fruit fly to another. This proved that moving genes from one species to another showed no threats. The history of genetic engineering never ceases to amaze me, but there can be harmful but helpful consequences to using genetic engineering.

There are many reasons to why genetic engineering on humans has a positive effect. One central reason is the fact that

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genetic engineering is a disease pre venation method. Some diseases like breast cancer and AIDS are passed down through heredity and genetic engineering can modify the DNA of a human to exclude or eliminate ate the passing along of the ‘disease gene’. Genetic field workers soon hope to copy t he DNA of humans and use science to prevent offspring from contracting terminal a ND fatal disease. This would mean humans would posses longevity without these harm muff diseases.

Another positive effect would be the plant and animal production a d the amount of profit made by producers. Genes play a major role in how much t h sees producers make. If their chickens are not fit enough or if their corn is disease d, then in the markets the demand for the products will be less of a competitors to the other products. But genetic engineering can help this problem by altering the genes of this chicken to make them more healthier and change the genes of the corn that has a possible tainted diseases.

Therefore the producers have more profits in their pockets and have a better quality of products. Soon in the near future, producers will realize that keeping and removing genes can be help to improve the quality of products t hey sell to their consumers. With genetic engineering, producers can get rid of pest that adds to the problem of dying crops because the financial loss of the crops is devastate nag to the farmer and the starvation in countries that the farmer supplies to is an even g rater situation. Lastly, genetic engineering can be used to clone any species.

By using g genetic engineering sheep, Dolly, was the first animal to be cloned which was from similar parent. Now because of this, many other organisms and tissues can be cloned. Genetic engineering can be considered as a positive discovery that could chain GE the world. But to contradict the matter of genetic engineering,it can also compose negate outcomes too. One matter is the mutations and unpredicted outcomes. Gene tic engineering is a stable science method yet so any possible outcomes can be mutinous. Alerted plants or animals can be toxic if ingested by humans.

If this new engine erred species is released, it could cause an imbalance in the ecology of a region. HTH s could cause an accident with several problems. An accident in the genetic engineer nag of a virus or bacteria could result in a stronger type, which, if released, could start a serious epidemic. This could even result in possible deaths. As stated on eh. Com, n most human stem cell research, mutations may also occur which may even turn the e stem cells into tumors, increasing the chances of cancer. In any situation, it would b e best to avoid any chances of deadly cancer.

Another danger of genetic engineering is that that lands that have been altered may lack the nutrients they are suppose to Provo did-For example, an orange that was to be sold in the market may be genetically engine engine and may look and appear healthy and ripe. But the appearance is only an illus ion because in reality the fruit maybe over ripened and all of the nutrients would be already exhausted and the fruit would no longer be healthy for the human body. Final lay, genetic engineering may pose as a threat to the economy. Scientist need lab material s, genetic guns, bacteria, radiation and this all adds up to a quite hefty cost.

But don’t of regret they need inutile test subjects which is also added to the bill. This bill can range FRR mom 8. 4 million to about 1 1. 2 million per laboratory. These genetic engineers have t o take their time and study the science and the formation of such a big problem like this a ND they need the money to perfect it. As technology gets better, so does the cost to pee reform operations like genetic engineering. To everyone?s surprise, 70% of processed foods in stores contain at least one ingredient that’s been genetically altered.

Those chemicals have been release d into human environment so they can see if there’s and public defect with the prod cut. But if you’re wondering which stores sell these type Of foods then you’re out Of luck . The government has formally decided that we don’t need to track genetically mood feed foods because that is a waste of time. But to ensure your safety of eating these food s, go with 100% organic foods. In my opinion, I believe that genetic engineering is harmful to the human race shows to many threats like cancers and diseases Instead of praises.

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