Gender Roles in Modern Literature
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Romance in modern literature oversees the typical “Happily ever after” and the image of love made to endure. The fabricated idea of the perfect man made to sweep a woman off her feet in the return of falling at his. Throughout centuries authors have been posing the suppression of women’s thoughts and feelings under the […]

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Character Analysis of Phoenix Jackson in “The Worn Path”
895 words 2 pages

The short story, “The Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is centered on an African American grandmother named Phoenix Jackson. The entire story focuses on Phoenix’s journey to the city of Natchez, Mississippi, to retrieve medication for her grandson. Phoenix’s character would be what you consider a protagonist in the story. Along her journey Phoenix encounters […]

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Character Analysis Courage Literature Love
Kirsten Raymonde Character Analysis
1130 words 3 pages

The novel “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel is an apocalyptic fictional book describing the consequences of a widespread disease through a series of characters living in the pre, peri, and post-pandemic world. Throughout the book, the author jumps timelines while giving a second person point of view of changes brought upon by the […]

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Character Analysis Literature
Johnny Tremain
498 words 1 page

Imagine being back in the colony ofMassachusetts before the Revolutionary war. As you walkdown the streets of Boston, you meet a young man namedJohnny Tremain. After listening to his story, you think of thedifferent ways you could describe him. You could describehim by his looks, by his personality, and by the talents heportrays. His character […]

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Database Fiction Literature
Streetcar Named Desirepsychology
748 words 2 pages

Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire is considered by most people to be his most flawless masterpiece. This is because Williams work blends both tragic and comic elements together. He shows the true nature of the hero and doesnt let the reader judge the characters based on one single action. Most readers think because there […]

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A Streetcar Named Desire Desire Literature Psychology Tragedy
The Stolen Child Analysis
802 words 2 pages

The Stolen Child“The Stolen Child”, a poem by W.B. Yeats, can be analyzed on several levels. The poem is about a group of faeries that lure a child away from his home “to the waters and the wild”(chorus). On a more primary level the reader can see connections made between the faery world and freedom […]

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Child Literature Poetry
Victorian England
1148 words 3 pages

The Victorian era, from the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1837 until her death in 1901, was an era of several unsettling social developments that forced writers more than ever before to take positions on the immediate issues animating the rest of society. Thus, although romantic forms of expression in poetry and prose continued to […]

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Charles Dickens England Literature Novel
Characterization of Lady Macbeth
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Many have tried to define the character of Lady Macbeth, perhaps the most memorable character of Shakespeare’s legendary tale of murderous ambition, Macbeth. As the play opens and Lady Macbeth is introduced, her motives are not fully visible until her second appearance in Act II Scene 2. As her motivation is realized, it seems very […]

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Lady Macbeth Literature Macbeth
Irony of The Setting in The Lottery
2208 words 5 pages

The setting set forth by Shirley Jackson in the beginning of The Lottery creates a mood of peacefulness and tranquillity. This setting also creates an image in the mind of the reader, the image of a typical town on a normal summer day. Furthermore, Shirley Jackson uses the setting in The Lottery to foreshadow an […]

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Literature Lottery Shirley Jackson The Lottery
The Awakening Conclusion Narrative
752 words 2 pages

The Awakening By: Jordan E-mail: emailprotected Analytical Essay THE AWAKENING Throughout Kate Chopins, The Awakening, numerous scenes of birth and renewal are depicted. Various symbols placed throughout the book show Edna Pontelliers awakenings. For instance, many references are made to oceans and water. It is in the water that Edna has her first rebirth, but […]

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Fiction Literature The Awakening
Pride And Prejudicepsychology Persuasive
604 words 2 pages

Pride and Prejudice is a story about two married couples who do not respect each other. Mrs. Bennet business is to get her five daughter’s to marry the most richest man in England. She is willing to take on any obstacles that get in her way. Mr. Bennet is a very outspoken and sardonic person. […]

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Fiction Literature Prejudice Pride And Prejudice Psychology
Discuss The Use Of Symbolic Objects In A Doll’s House
724 words 2 pages

To meet the needs of others, characters are often faced with making important decisions. In A Dolls House, Nora, Mrs. Linden, and the nurse must all make decisions crucial to the importance of their lives. It is very evident throughout the story that these women must give up important aspects of their lives not only […]

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Child Fiction Literature Object
The Alchemist Persuasive
1622 words 4 pages

Biography of Author – Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janiero in 1947 and before his career as a best-selling author, he was a playwright, theatre director, hippie, and popular songwriter for some of Brazil’s leading pop artists. In 1986 he took a pilgrimage along that Road of Santiago and this would be the […]

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Fiction Literature The Alchemist
Shakespeare Free Narrative
556 words 2 pages

England’s greatest poet and playwright was born in Stratford, the son of a tradesman and Alderman of Stratford, John Shakespeare in 1564. William, the eldest son, and third child of eight, was baptized on the 26th April 1564. He received his early education at Stratford Grammar School, but little is known of his life up […]

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Literature Poetry William Shakespeare
Analysis of Wuthering Heights
775 words 2 pages

In the novel Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte, shows how different aspects of themes are presented for a readers consideration. Some of the important themes in Wuthering Heights are, revenge, spiritual feelings between main characters, obsession, selfishness, and responsibility. Bronte mainly focuses on the spiritual feelings of her characters. The difference between the feeling that Catherine […]

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Fiction Literature Wuthering Heights
A Comparison of the Divided Self in Wuthering Heig
3547 words 7 pages

hts and Frankenstein comparison compare contrast essaysWuthering Heights and Frankenstein – Theme of the divided self Theme of the divided self within Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Thematically, the divided self is one of the most interesting themes within both novels and is of great importance to the development or ruin of […]

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Contras Divorce Law Literature Politics Social Institution Society Wuthering Heights
Edgar Allen Poe Persuasive
1316 words 3 pages

“For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief. Mad indeed would I be to expect it . . . Yet, mad am I not – and very surely do I not dream. But tomorrow I die, and to-day I would unburthen my soul.” […]

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Edgar Allan Poe Fiction Literature Persuasive
Wuthering Heights and Frankenstein – Theme of the
3463 words 7 pages

divided selfTheme of the divided self within Emily Brontes Wuthering Heights and Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. Thematically, the divided self is one of the most interesting themes within both novels and is of great importance to the development or ruin of the characters in both Wuthering Heights and Frankenstein. Both authors when primarily exploring this theme […]

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Frankenstein Literature Wuthering Heights
Canterbury Tales
931 words 2 pages

Canterbury Tales tells many stories from medieval literature and provides a great variety of comic tales. Geoffrey Chaucer injects many tales of humor into the novel. Chaucer provides the reader with many light-hearted tales as a form of comic relief between many serious tales. The author interpolates humor into many tales, provides comic relief, and […]

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Canterbury Tales Fiction Literature
Story Of An Hourpsychology
378 words 1 page

The protagonist character Louise Mallard in Kate Chopins The Story of AnHour portrays a wifes unexpected response to her husbands death. Thenarrator divulges to the reader modest but convincing hints of Mrs. Mallardsnewly discovered freedom. This newly discovered freedom would be short lived forMrs. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard, who suffers from heart disease, was portrayed as […]

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Fiction Literature Psychology The Story Of An Hour
Langston Hughes Example Persuasive
931 words 2 pages

Langston HughesLangston Hughes was an African-American writer of the Harlem Renaissance era. Born in Joplin, Missouri, in 1902, Langston Hughes had a rough upbringing because of all the changes that were occurring at the time. A major upset in his life was when his father left to Mexico to continue his studies in law. When […]

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Langston Hughes Literature
The Things They Carried Critical Argumentative
638 words 2 pages

By: Tim O’BrienEnglish 10September 7, 2004Tim O’Brien’s, The Things They Carried, was a good piece ofliterature. The book contains various stories from Tim O’Brien and peoplehe knew during the Vietnam War. The Things They Carried had very memorablecharacters that were all unique, realistic, and vividly portrayed. The plotof The Things They Carried had many recurring […]

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Fiction Literature The Things They Carried