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Ana Castillo Seduced by Natssja Kinski Critique
716 words 2 pages

Ana Castillo “Seduced by Natssja Kinski” CritiqueA quick read of Ana Castillo’s poetry will provide a reader with much knowledge of the style she uses. The style used in “Seduced by Natassja Kinski” and “El Chicle” is conveyed vividly. A key ingredient to Castillo’s style is imagery. Castillo uses imagery to portray the environment, object […]

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Books Literature Metaphor Poetry
Essayist Art
861 words 2 pages

Sounds Personification “Commerce is unexpectedly confident and serene, alert, adventurous and unwearied.” (84) Through the personification of commerce Thoreau is able to show that commerce fluctuates in the same manner as humanity. The adjectives he uses to describe commerce show that commerce has some of the same tendencies as humans, and Thoreau believes that it […]

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Art Henry David Thoreau Metaphor Philosophy
The Metaphor of the caged bird in Trifles Essay Example
1283 words 3 pages

Back in history, women in America, just as their colleagues around the world, were commonly seen as inferior beings. Their children, together with everything they owned, were under the property of their men. Many social and legal barriers made it impossible for them to seek divorce. In essence, American women were treated in the same […]

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Comparison and Contrast: Poems ‘The Flea’ and ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?’
771 words 2 pages

William Shakespeare and John Donne are early masters of the English verse. We see their textual dexterity, skilful turn of phrase and creative metaphor in their body of work. The two poems chosen for this essay are about love. But what makes them stand out from conventional love poetry is that they project praise of […]

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Love Metaphor Poetry Summer
Zora Neale Hurston
609 words 2 pages

The rules of fiction are some of the common strategies and methodologies used to analyze a particular text or story in general. Some of the common variables used in analyzing text fictions include titles and subtitles of the text, first and last sentences used by the author of the story, repeated words in the text, […]

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Literature Metaphor Writer Zora Neale Hurston
Les Murray “The Burning Truck” and “Widower in the Country” Essay Sample
648 words 2 pages

In The verse forms “The Burning Truck” and “Widower in the Country” Murray uses imagination. metaphors and personification to heighten the impact of the verse forms on the reader.“The Burning Truck” . The Poem is about war and shows how it can convey out the most crude emotions out of people. The Poem besides shows […]

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Books Literature Metaphor Poetry
The Life And Crimes Of Harry Lavender Essay Example
1166 words 3 pages

Composers create distinctive voices in their texts to help shape, challenge or even support perceptions we have about the world we live in. Composers use distinctive voices in their texts to help us think about the significant issues involved in the world around us. Marele Day, in “the Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender”. Using […]

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I Have a Dream Life Metaphor Racism
Bruce Dawe Themes Essay Example
1097 words 3 pages

Bruce Dawe themes Bruce Dawe is a poet who inscribes not only controversial pieces of poetry but also poems that depict his own personal experiences in life. As many would say it Dawe is “an ordinary bloke, with a respect for the ordinary” because he writes as a delegate to the everyday Australian. The two […]

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Books Children Family Metaphor Poetry Respect Tragedy
Analysis for “It Was Long Ago”
490 words 1 page

“It Was Long Ago”, a simple poem by Eleanor Farjeon, records the poet’s earliest memory, an incident that occurred when she was around three years old. While she was walking along a dusty road, she saw an old lady sitting under a tree. The lady invited her over and gave her bilberries and cream to […]

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Books Metaphor Poetry Reason Short Story
The Metaphor Short Story Questions Essay Example
546 words 2 pages

“The Metaphor” Questions 1. The metaphors Charlotte makes for her mother and Miss Hancock are very accurate. Charlotte compares her mother to a “white picket fence” with “thorny bushes and barbed wire” on the other side (72). Charlotte’s mother is a very beautiful person on the outside. She has great hair and a great figure, […]

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Literature Metaphor Short Story
Generals Die in Bed Reading Journal Essay Example
8214 words 16 pages

‘GENERALS DIE IN BED’ READING JOURNAL Chapter 1: Recruits Chart the significant plot details for each section; highlight what you consider to be the turning points in this section of the narrative * It is after midnight on payday. * “Down the line” in Montreal is Cadieux Street, St. Elizabeth Street, La Gauchetiere Street, Vitre […]

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Metaphor Narrative Reading
Metaphors by Sylvia Plath Essay Example
1043 words 3 pages

The poem, “Metaphors” by Sylvia Plath, would be an example of this. Some may look at this poem and believe it is random metaphors put into nine lines. I believe this is a poem about Plath’s idea of pregnancy as compared to traditionally unrelated objects. “Metaphors” has a clue in each line that would lead […]

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Literature Metaphor Poetry Sylvia Plath
Seven Ages of Men
418 words 1 page

The Seven Ages of Man poem also has a rhythm to it. It even contains some rhyme, but not to much. There is no specific amount of rhythm, as some lines are short, while others a a little bit longer, which keeps the poem interesting. Did not notice to much onomatopoeia in this poem, but […]

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Literature Men Metaphor Poetry
Poetry Analysis: Literary Techniques, Diction, and Imagery
576 words 2 pages

They may also hint at the poet/speaker’s attitude towards the issue: “These, in the day when heaven was falling The hour when the earth’s foundation fled, Followed their mercenary calling And took their wages and are dead.” A. E. Houseman. Why is the use of the word “mercenary’ paradoxical, especially with “calling”? The Highway Man […]

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Literature Metaphor Poetry
Figurative Language And Sound Devices
1107 words 3 pages

Figurative language is used in poems, songs, books, short stories, and in everyday language. The use of similes and hyperboles are able to affect the tone, meaning and theme that better explain the meaning in stories and songs. Figurative language is meant to appeal to the senses in order to provide interest and evoke emotion […]

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Literature Metaphor Poetry Sound
Movie Review: I Fine, Thank You, Love You
695 words 2 pages

As the title, “l Fine, Thank you, Love you”, implies, this romantic comedy puts its message across well, I. E., be sarcastic, be fun, and be yourself. The plot focuses on an English tutor, named Tutor Plunge, who is asked by Kayak, her Japanese student who is leaving for the United States, to deliver the […]

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Cinderella English Language Metaphor Movie Review Thank You
Comparison of Williams and H.D. Poetry
1311 words 3 pages

Images was a movement in the 20th century that focused on having a clear message and description in poems in order to provide vivid imagery for the reader. These poems often did not rhyme, had irregular beat, and depended on the power of an image to convey an emotion. It has been described as one […]

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Literature Metaphor Poetry
305 words 1 page

In Clutter, Sinister asks readers to avoid unnecessary words,phrases and meaningless Jargon. I feel clutter explains a really Important point that many of us Ignore. We may sound great and Interesting but lot many words may be unnecessary in our speech. Clutter Is nothing but crowd the words untidily. Here, Sinister mentioned many points regarding […]

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Children Family Linguistics Literature Metaphor Poetry
Plain English
1152 words 3 pages

Is a term used to describe clear, concise use of the English language that avoids unnecessary jargon or complication. The use of plain English is essential for effective written and spoken communication that takes place in organizations. It is often tempting to elaborate or extend the text, in order to provide additional information. Consequently, the […]

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College English Language Linguistics Metaphor
Developing Character of “Miss Brill” Essay Example
663 words 2 pages

“Miss Brills” by Katherine Mansfield, the main character, Miss Brills, is developed with the use to symbols and patterns of metaphors. The story is about Miss Broil’s routine on Sundays, and how she is interpreting the world around her, and her role In it. The main metaphors that are used are her fur coat, the […]

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Character Fiction Literature Metaphor
Discuss and illustrate the view that metaphors influence thought and action Essay Example
1580 words 4 pages

Metaphors are omnipresent in language, the title of this essay, for example, contains a metaphor, but for the sake of accuracy, let us define exactly what a metaphor is. According to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, metaphor is “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea […]

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Linguistics Metaphor Thought
Heritage: Family and Life Essay Example
850 words 2 pages

Based off the poem “Heritage” by Linda Hogan “I Learned Everything” Hogan’s “Heritage” is a poem about accepting life, learning from experiences, and growing as an individual. It’s about maintaining focus on the important things in life; not getting caught up in the small, frivolous things. The writer is a woman of mixed race and […]

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Heritage Metaphor Native Americans In The United States Writer

Popular Questions About Metaphor

What is the main difference between a metaphor and a simile?
Simile and metaphor are two literary devices that are used in comparison. Similes and metaphors are often confused because both function as a comparison device. The main difference between a simile and metaphor is that simile uses connecting words such as ‘like’ and ‘as’ whereas metaphor does not.
How would you describe a metaphor?
A metaphor is described as "a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two things that are basically dissimilar."1 In other words, it describes one thing in terms of another.
What words does a metaphor use?
A metaphor describes one object as being or having the characteristics of a second object. Unlike a simile, a metaphor "does not use connective words such as like, as, or resembles in making the comparison."2 However, many metaphors use words like "of" or "is" to link one part to another, including "a heart of gold" and "time is a thief".
What are some metaphor words?
Here are the most common metaphors used in everyday life:Life is a race and we never realise that we are running towards nothing!He is the light of my life.For this whole year, this room has become my prison.Love is a fine wine!My heart’s a stereo and it beats for you!She is happy as a clam.My mind becomes an ocean with calm waves when I meditate.Yesterday was a roller-coaster!She was fit as a fiddle!Doesn’t matter, he is an old flame!