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In The verse forms “The Burning Truck” and “Widower in the Country” Murray uses imagination. metaphors and personification to heighten the impact of the verse forms on the reader.“The Burning Truck” . The Poem is about war and shows how it can convey out the most crude emotions out of people.

The Poem besides shows that during war clip regular Torahs do non be but a different set of wartime regulations and the war will go on.The Title of the Poem. The firing truck gives the reader a strong image of a truck which is on fire. This should bespeak to the reader that there is danger and force about and the country is non a safe topographic point. The truck ( which symbolizes war ) continues on traveling and finally goes offThe Poem Is Structured Into five stanzas with the first depicting the velocity of an onslaught on the town. The 2nd describes the force and harm left behind from the onslaught from the planes.

In the 3rd stanza it goes on to depict what should go on. the force continues “It would non stop” . The 4th shows the difference between the people. there are “the wild male childs of the streets” who seem to bask what is go oning.

In the concluding Stanza It tells us that war brings out the most wild and crude emotions in peopleMurray largely uses personification and uses metaphors in this verse form.E. g. Personification“Windows Spat Glass”– This gives the reader the feeling that the Windowss are ptyalizing. but they are truly interrupting.

The Windowss have been personified by stating they are ptyalizing glass.– The intent of this is to do the breakage of the glass more dramatic and to do it sound faster.E. g. Metaphor“a coop torn by gorillas of flame”– The Flame is compared to the gorillas because it emphasizes the ferocity and the power and unpredictable cape of the two.

– The Purpose is meant to demo the crudeness of the two and excessively show war is really unpredictable. wild. unsafe. powerful…etc“The Widower in the country” . The verse form shows that alteration can convey a life of isolation and solitariness.

The verse form besides shows how alteration is non ever embraced and how we should non take a life with a deficiency of alteration.The rubric of the verse form. the widowman in the state gives the reader the feeling of an person in a huge country. This lets the readers know that the widowman is entirely and stray. Already. the reader feels understanding for the widowman.

non merely because he has lost his married woman. but he now lives entirely in a huge and empty country.The verse form is structured into 3 stanzas. The first stanza is about what “the widower” will make. he knows this because its his day-to-day mechanical modus operandi eg “ill acquire up soon” ( future tense ) .

In the 2nd stanza Its about “the widowers” feelings and how he feels about life. The Last stanza one time once more goes into his routing approximately traveling to bed. but in this stanza it besides tells us about a particular event which happened “last night” .Murray largely uses Imagery and uses metaphors in this verse form.

E. g. Imagery“bright webbed visions smeared across the darkness of my thoughts”– The consequence is a comparing of his bright visions and the darkness of his ideas. His bright visions are likely of his married woman when she was alive and his dark ideas are of present times when his sad and entirely– The Purpose is to give the reader an image of what is being said in the verse form.

As shown in the two verse forms Murray shows that the usage of metaphors. personification and imagination can greatly heighten the reading of a verse form and do it more interesting to the reader.

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