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Thematic Analysis & Character of “Sonny’s Blues”
1395 words 3 pages

Sonny’s Blues is a story written by James Baldwin about two brothers living in Harlem. The story starts when the narrator learns about his brother’s imprisonment through a newspaper. His brother Sonny was caught using and selling heroin. The narrator remembers his brother when he was young which makes him realize that his students may […]

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Character Analysis Dream Narration Protagonist Sonny'S Blues
Rip Van Winkle 1
1159 words 3 pages

Word Count: 1160Analyzation encompasses the application of given criteria to a literary work to determine how efficiently that work employs the given criteria. In the analyzation of short stories, the reader uses a brief imaginative narrative unfolding a single incident and a chief character by means of plot, the details so compressed and the whole […]

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Protagonist Rip Van Winkle Truth
The Power of One Persuasive
362 words 1 page

In all great stories, a unique sense of individuality is typically the main element of a compelling protagonist. This individuality usually sets up key conflicts in the story that drive the plot. Othello and Peekay are both characters that posses this unique individuality, and in each of their stories, it causes them to overcome or […]

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Iago Othello Power Protagonist
Fiction and Brother Leon Brought Essay Example
970 words 2 pages

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife is a story written by Manuel Arguilla about a man who comes home to his province to introduce his wife from the city to his family. This short story won first prize in the Commonwealth Literary Contest in 1940. Baldo – younger brother of Leon, fetched Leon and Maria from the […]

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Automotive Cars Divorce Literature Narration Protagonist Social Institution Society The city
Edith Wharton Essay Example
1826 words 4 pages

The Short Stories of Edith Wharton What is a modern heroine? My conception of a modern heroine is a woman who has integrity, puts her ideas into action, can verbally and sometimes physically spar with a man, is aware of her own emotions, and has compassion for others. She is empowered and independent, not afraid […]

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Books Hero Marriage Poetry Protagonist Short Story Wife
Adam Hasslet’s ‘Notes to My Biographer’
960 words 2 pages

The Starvation for the Acknowledgement in Adam Hasslet’s ‘Notes to My Biographer’ It is a well-known fact that the nature of the human being is a completely undiscovered area. The story Notes To my Biographer by Adam Haslett proves this fundamental postulate of psychology. Skillfully, this outstanding United States fiction writer with global acknowledgement contrived […]

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Animals Books Character Christianity Family Homosexuality Invention Protagonist Religion War
297 words 1 page

Whatever Works The 2009 American comedy film “Whatever Works” was directed and written by Woody Allen and is set in New York. The main character Boris Yelnikoff is performed by Larry David and shows a divorced, misanthropic chess teacher and former Columbia professor who leads an eccentric life. Avoiding human contact as far as possible […]

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Books Disorders Event Health Mental Disorder Protagonist Suicide
How radical are the changes to the gender roles Essay Example
842 words 2 pages

The Company Of Wolves converts the classic character of Perusal’s Little Red Riding Hood from a vive, gullible and helpless young girl to a ‘strong-minded child’ who has an awareness of the world around her while possessing the innocence and purity of a young woman also. Carter’s protagonist is described as being ‘strong-minded’ which is […]

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Change Little Red Riding Hood Protagonist
Oedipus Rex Analysis
1309 words 3 pages

The excerpt taken from Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles presents King Oedipus’ repercussions from discovering his past identity. He is enveloped in the emotion of torture and horrible awareness after gauging his eyes as an act of cleansing. As the main theme of the play, the protagonist, Oedipus Rex’s nature, mainly incorporates blindness to reality. […]

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Oedipus Rex Protagonist Sophocles
Lust: Emotion and Main Character
1128 words 3 pages

Character Analysis of the Short Story “Lust” In the short story “Lust” by Susan Minot, the author creates and develops the main character differently than many authors do. The protagonist is not developed by depicting a physical appearance, but is developed partially through her relationship with other characters, and is predominately created by her own […]

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Emotions Feeling Narration Protagonist
Analysis of “The Grave”
991 words 2 pages

An Analysis of “The Grave” The grave is the story of a young girl named Miranda who goes exploring and hunting with her brother Paul, one afternoon. Upon trespassing onto private property that their family had sold, and inspecting some empty gravesites, both Paul and Miranda find hidden treasures inside the empty earth. Both had […]

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Books Children Conflict Family Narration Protagonist Society
Hamlet as an anti hero
767 words 2 pages

Hamlet, can be considered an Anti-hero. An Anti-hero is best described as the protagonist of a story who does not maintain all of the same qualities that a conventional hero would. For example, an Anti-hero can be rude, violent, and motivated only by their own needs, as well as lacking heroic qualities such as courage, […]

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Hamlet Hero Protagonist
Analysis – 483 words Essay Example
231 words 1 page

Analysis Worksheet for Critical Analysis EssayTwo Dimensional:A.            Self Portrait with Braid, Frida Kahlo                oil              I own this pieceB.            This is a self portrait of Frida Kahlo in which she had braids.                    This is a portrait of herself   The title is self explanitory   C.            Elements and Principles                Line – describe the direction of the objects in the work                  List and provide an explanation of the […]

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Animals Art Books Character Children Event Family Fiction Painting Protagonist Visual Arts
Macbeth: Style and Structure
3841 words 8 pages

What is the definition of mature tragedy and what are the features of Macbeth that is typical of this genre? Essentially, a ‘mature’ tragedy is defined as a tragedy whereby the protagonist meets his or her demise as a direct result of an inherent flaw in character, or a misdeed committed on his or her […]

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Macbeth Protagonist Structure Tragedy
Compare and Contrast Protagonists from “The Way Up to Heaven” and “The Story of an Hour”
1381 words 3 pages

Many intriguing characters in literature are devised from the apprehension women have encountered with men in the institution of marriage. Although portrayed differently, marriage is perceived as a constraint to the protagonists. This has been presented very well in “The Way Up To Heaven” penned by Roald Dahl who blatantly critiques the accepted societal roles […]

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Protagonist The Story Of An Hour
Gladiator, Blade runner and Alien
4307 words 9 pages

A narrative structure is the way a story has been organised, so it is the means of telling the story. There are many different types of narrative structures i. e. novels have chapters, films have sequences and plays have acts and also scenes. These all have a beginning, middle and an end, be it a […]

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Blade Runner Film Noir Gladiator Protagonist
Eddie Poole
979 words 2 pages

After looking at our film there were certain connotations that could be drawn from it. Firstly it is clear from the first scene that our film was that of low budget. That can simply be told through the way in which the shot appears to be. With high budget productions the picture is always much […]

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Film Analysis Hero Movies Protagonist Villain
The Woman In Black Analysis Narrative
843 words 2 pages

The Woman in Black is a gothic novel written by Susan Hill. The characters in the novel mature and grow throughout the story mentally and emotionally. Reading about the characters the audience becomes aware of the text’s issues. The issues in the text are supported by the protagonist Arthur Kipps growth and the antagonist Jennet […]

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Fiction Ghost Protagonist Woman
Battle Royal
1200 words 3 pages

In “Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison, the brawl initially acts as a suspense builder. Before the climactic speech, the reader must explore the fight between the protagonist and a few black boys. White men incite this fight for their own viewing pleasure. At first glance, the Battle Royal scene appears trivial but it allows the […]

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Battle Royal Narration Protagonist
What Defines Protagonist’s Identity in the Master and Margarita and Kiss of the Spider Woman?
1634 words 4 pages

Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita and Manuel Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman are concentrated with developing humans’ identities, through ambiguous speeches and culpable actions. Conversely to Puig’s protagonist Molina who sacrifices himself for love, Bulgakov creates the master whose egocentric desires for public recognition leads to loss of inspiration and eventually to self-destruction, which […]

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Hero Identity Literature Love Protagonist Woman
Tony Kytes and News of the Engagement
2366 words 5 pages

The male characters in the three stories; Half Brothers, Tony Kytes and News of the engagement relate to women in different ways. I will be discussing of the characters and their relationships, the mismatch of expectation that each man haves – the impossibility of what he wants, the success of the relationships and how the […]

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Literature Narration News Protagonist
How the Protagonists Change in Macbeth and Othello
2856 words 6 pages

How can a person become so caught up in what others say and do, that they lose sight of who they really are, and pursue something they’re not? Othello is overcome with Jealousy and let’s himself become caught up in suspicion; this is his fatal flaw which leads to his tragic downfall. On the other […]

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Change Love Othello Protagonist

Popular Questions About Protagonist

Is a protagonist good or bad?
A protagonist is the main character in a text. While the protagonist is often the "good guy," that does not have to be the case. The protagonist can be a bad person. A protagonist in a story has some type of problem or conflict.
Is protagonist always good?
Protagonists are usually moral, helping other characters to change their badness to become good again, or defeating the bad characters. This is not always the case. For example, the protagonist in Psycho is a serial killer.
What does the word protagonist mean?
• PROTAGONIST(noun) The noun PROTAGONISThas 2 senses: 1.a person who backs a politician or a team etc. 2.the principal character in a work of fiction Familiarity information: PROTAGONISTused as a noun is rare.
What are the qualities of a protagonist?
The Protagonist is the primary figure of any narrative and the events of the plot are closely associated with the protagonist. Being the central character, the protagonist typically enjoys the most empathy from the audience.