Flowers for Algernon is a science fiction novel by Daniel Keyes that follows the journey of Charlie Gordon, a mentally challenged adult who undergoes an experimental surgery to increase his intelligence. Through the eyes of Charlie, readers are taken on a roller coaster ride as he experiences both the joys and struggles associated with being smarter than before. At first, Charlie feels liberated and empowered as he begins to understand concepts that had previously been far beyond his grasp. He reads books, solves puzzles, and makes connections that were incomprehensible to him moments prior. Though initially excited about his newfound intelligence, reality quickly sets in when he realizes how difficult it can be to interact with people who possess much higher intellectual capacities than himself. His relationships start to deteriorate as those around him look at him differently now; they expect more from him which creates a sense of alienation and loneliness among others. As time passes however, Charlie’s understanding of the world grows exponentially but so do his feelings of guilt and regret over all that he has missed because of his mental disability in earlier years – friendships lost opportunities wasted, etc.. As things begin to unravel for him again mentally , he starts to reach out for help only this time from those close to him like Alice Kinian whom was once skeptical of his capabilities . In spite this , she stands by her friend even though she is aware that eventually , no matter what happened ,Charlie’s intellect would decline back down again . Eventually after many months pass by ,Charlie does indeed go through regression until finally meeting up with Alice one last time just before becoming completely unintelligent once again . Here we witness how this experience has changed them both ;Alice shows deep grief while still admitting her love for her friend while also supporting him during such times whereas Charlie accepts without any regrets accepting everything as part of life’s grand plan . Ultimately Flowers For Algernon teaches us valuable lessons about appreciating life regardless its flaws or limitations since nothing lasts forever and our lives should always strive towards making memories rather than focusing on regrets waiting ahead It also reminds us never take anything or anyone for granted since everyone deserves our respect regardless their abilities or disabilities at any given moment in time .

“Flowers for Algernon” Argumentative Essay
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According to the elements found in this fiction the flowers for Algernon I support there have a lot of imparts in our living today and I future (Yalç?n 10). The idea about these novel Flowers for Algernon was developed over 14 years ago. It was inspiring the life of Keyes. From 1945 Keyes life was […]

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Flowers for Algernon
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