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The Depictions of Hercules in Greek Mythology
1315 words 3 pages

The term mythology means the attempts in the form of the more or, the less symbolic to explain the mystery of the origins of the earth, cosmos, and the humanity: the themes of the death and life, and the meanings and the causes of the natural phenomenon. There has been the bewildering of all the […]

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Hercules Self Awareness wrestling Zeus
Ethics in the Digital World
788 words 2 pages

This involves hacking, dissemination of software viruses, software worms, and Trojan Horses just to name a few. The related ethical standards aim at penalizing the violators. I chose this topic because it is of utmost importance that people are educated about the potential abuses and the power of the computer technology. It is only in […]

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Abuse Deontology Immanuel Kant Media Bias Physical Abuse Trojan War Virtue Ethics
Conquest of Alexander the Great
1190 words 3 pages

Alexander the great was the son of Philip II of Macedon and he succeeded his father in 336 BCE after his death. He is referred to as the great because of his diplomatic skills and his genius acts in the military. He spread the Greek culture and language throughout Asia, Egypt, Mesopotamia and India hence […]

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Alexander The Great Persepolis Zeus
Main Themes in Religious Myth
693 words 2 pages

Myth is a legendary, traditional, spiritual or cultural narrative that usually concern an incident, with or without using realistic descriptions and defines some practices, beliefs as well as natural occurrence (Buck, 2009). It is widely assumed that religion and myth are two diverse things. However, most of the events described in the bible, particularly creation […]

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Creation Myth Myths Paradise Lost
Lost Horizon and Myth of Shambhala
1763 words 4 pages

In the Lost Horizon novel, James Hilton describes a fictional place known as Shangri-La that was inspired by the famous Shambhala myth. Hilton portrays Shangri-La as an exceptional spiritual place that is inaccessible as well as a hidden valley in Tibet. In relation to the Tibetan Buddhist custom, Shambhala implies a mythical place that is […]

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Creation Myth Mythology Myths
Place of Dragon in Chinese Mythology
1478 words 3 pages

Chinese dragons are creatures associated with Chinese folklore and Chinese mythology. These dragons may take the form of fish, turtle, and imaginary creatures but are commonly evinced in a snake form having four legs. In Chinese terminologies, dragons are referred to as yang and they complement to Chinese phoenix known as yin. Traditionally, Chinese dragons […]

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Creation Myth Mythology Myths
Parallel Myths and Islam
1010 words 2 pages

The first myth is The Thoughts of Brahma and how they translated to the creation of the world. The underlying aspect of all these myths is Brahma as God and the creator. Brahma has been given all the power and is believed to have created the world more than once before. The Thoughts of Brahma […]

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Creation Myth Islam Mythology Myths
Mythical Allusions and Representations of Eve
1233 words 3 pages

While studying various literature books, journals, websites and other organizational databases concern the creation and fall of Adam of Eve, they are able to teach more technical and valuable information including the origin of Satan. Some literature works clearly expounded on the Biblical narrative and showed more detailed and critical story. By analyzing a certain […]

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Bible Creation Myth Mythology Myths
Wrath of Gods in Mythology
1037 words 2 pages

In the ancient times, Greek world viewed those who were defined as mythical heroes and heroines as their historical icons. They also acknowledge that these heroic myths are sited in a well-known past which can be identified with the human world. It is also said to have no connection with the myth that focuses on […]

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Creation Myth Myths Odyssey Trojan War
The Mythological Allusion Instances in Thoreau’s Walden Book
1756 words 4 pages

We occasionally tend to manifest some expressions to imply an occurrence in our minds without necessary mentioning it directly. As such, we choose to indirectly convey a given reference to something in suggesting something, comment or put a remark on the same. Thoreau in his book, “Walden” has widely used this literal device to represent […]

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Creation Myth Mythology Myths
Similarity in Asian Mythology
1479 words 3 pages

A collection of myths is called mythology. The collection of myths could be religious or cultural in nature. The purpose of myths is to explain the nature, history of a certain community, people or events. They are always an assortment of tales narrated to justify something. Myths are always considered traditional and primitive. In almost […]

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Creation Myth Mythology Myths
Paradise Lost by John Milton
906 words 2 pages

Paradise lost, though written many centuries ago by John Milton remains a central subject that elicits debate among renowned scholars. In fact, we can say with finality that it has cemented its place in the Western literary canon. For all its universal qualities and its timelessness, ‘Paradise Lost’ is regarded as a product of extraordinary […]

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Creation Myth Myths Paradise Lost
Types of Myth Explains Origins
553 words 2 pages

Origin Myths are stories that explain the existence or the concept of how things came to be. These mythical stories are found in every culture and are passed from one generation to another. The stories are believable because there is some reality associated with them. Those myths, which explain origin, are broadly divided into three […]

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Creation Myth Myths Rainbow The Rainbow Zeus
Greek of Greeks and House of Atreus
1138 words 3 pages

Foundation myths were considered to be an important mean of passing and conserving cultural and historical information about a city and its residents. These myths not only incorporated what a city and its residents might view to be culturally important but also were used to answer questions about its identity, cultural practices and beliefs. The […]

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Myths Odyssey Zeus
Masculinity and Feminity Effects on a Hero Myth
2514 words 5 pages

The work of art has developed overtime giving rise to new forms of genres in the world. Major parts have been featured in film technology. Movies have been produced to convey different information in the world. This gives several meanings that can be used to classify movies. Some specific categories of movies include the love […]

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Hercules Masculinity Superman
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
1150 words 3 pages

The seven wonders of the ancient world is an amazing art and architecture work which works like a testament to imagination and ingenuity work that the humans are capable. They are reminders of the human’s capacity of destruction, disagreement and also embellishment. Ancient Greeks liked so much to compile different lists of marvelous structures mostly […]

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Ancient Greece Zeus
Referees in Tennis in Comparison to Referees in Ancient Greek Sports
1139 words 3 pages

Tennis is a sport that involves the use of a racket. A game can occur between two two-player teams (doubles) or one individual against another (singles). A player employs a tennis racket strung with cords to hit a hollow ball that is made of rubber and encased in felt over a net into the court […]

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Ancient Greece Super Bowl Zeus
Analysis of Creon’s Speech and Reflection of His Character
1708 words 4 pages

Starting in media res, the audience are informed of the death of Eteocles and Polyneices through the Oedipus’ family sisters, Antigone and Ismene’s heated conversation. Creon, as the closest blood relative of the throne, succeeds as ruler of Thebes and comes to power. Creon gives a full and honorable burial to Eteocles, praising his loyalty […]

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Antigone Oedipus Reflection Religion
Outline – 1537 words Essay Sample
1550 words 3 pages

Thesis: We once believed that Earth is the only planet in the Universe that supports life. Today there is overwhelming evidence that not only suggests, but supports the very real possibility that we may share the Universe with other intelligent beings. I.Things in the SkyA.The First Documented SightingB.The Fever Spreads 1.Pilot Encounters 2.The Lights in […]

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Apollo Database Earth Satellite
Oedipus The King: Did the Prophecy Cause his Destiny?
1008 words 2 pages

Undoubtedly there has been a tremendous amount of speculation and dissection of this play by countless people throughout the ages. I can only draw my own conclusions as to what Sophocles intended the meaning of his play to be. The drama included a number of horrific and unthinkable moral and ethical dilemas, but I believe […]

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Oedipus Oedipus Rex Oedipus The King Sophocles
Mythology1 Argumentative
2254 words 5 pages

The origin of the universe can be explained by modern astronomers andastrophysicists, while archaeologists and historians try to clarify the origin of humansocieties. In the distant past, however, before any sciences existed, the beginnings of theworld and of society were explained by MYTHOLOGY. The dictionary defines mythology as the myths dealing with the gods, demigods,and […]

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Greek Mythology Mythology Zeus
Matt Hoetzl
1030 words 2 pages

In the prologue of Oedipus Rex, Oedipus learns of Apollo’s latest prophecy. Apollo commanded that the people of Thebes were to take revenge upon the murderer of Laios. Oedipus agreed with Apollo, not knowing at the time that he was the person whom Apollo reffered to, for fear that the same killer would soon come […]

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Apollo Event Oedipus Rex Sophocles

Popular Questions About Greek Mythology

What are the evil gods in Greek mythology?
The most evil of them has to be Hera, the queen of gods. She was a psychopathic deity, who made her bloodthirsty son Ares look like a pacifist. Hera is just plain awful, and she punishes the innocent lovers of Zeus and their offspring.
What is Greek mythology and when did it begin?
What is Greek mythology and when did it begin? Around 700 BC, the poet Hesiod's Theogony offered the first written version of Greek Mythology. Theogony tells the story of the universe's journey from nothingness (Chaos) to reality, and details a family tree of elements, Gods and Goddesses who evolved from Chaos and descended from: Gaia (Earth)
Who are the 3 main gods in Greek mythology?
Greek Mythology. All about the gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters of Greek Mythology. The Big Three is a term in Greek Mythology used to describe the Three Brothers or main power holders in the immortal world. The Big Three are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, sons of Cronus and Rhea.
What are the most famous Greek myths?
The phrase Halcyon days today also means prosperity, joy, liberation and stillness. 2 Myth of King Midas and the Gold. King Midas is one of the most famous and contentious persons in the Greek Mythology. King of Phrygia, Midas, was recognized for his wisdom but also his gluttony.