The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
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The seven wonders of the ancient world is an amazing art and architecture work which works like a testament to imagination and ingenuity work that the humans are capable. They are reminders of the human’s capacity of destruction, disagreement and also embellishment. Ancient Greeks liked so much to compile different lists of marvelous structures mostly […]

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Ancient Greece Zeus
Referees in Tennis in Comparison to Referees in Ancient Greek Sports
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Tennis is a sport that involves the use of a racket. A game can occur between two two-player teams (doubles) or one individual against another (singles). A player employs a tennis racket strung with cords to hit a hollow ball that is made of rubber and encased in felt over a net into the court […]

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Ancient Greece Super Bowl Zeus
The Value of Physical Education to the Ancient Gre
1878 words 4 pages

eks and RomansThe Value of Physical Education to the Ancient Greeks and Romans Throughout history, society has placed a different value on physical education and sport. The purpose of physical education has changed over different time periods and as a result of ever-changing socio-cultural events. Some civilizations use the practice of physical education to prepare […]

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Education Entertainment Roman Empire Sparta Value
Alexander The Great Narrative
17674 words 34 pages

Introduction Alexander III, more commonly known as Alexander the Great, was one of the greatest military leaders in world history. He was born in Pella, Macedonia, then a Greek nation. The exact date of his birth is uncertain, but was probably either July 20 or 26, 356 B.C. Alexander was considered a child from his […]

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Alexander The Great Ancient Greece Military
Theatre of the Ancient Greece
1543 words 3 pages

This research paper investigates the influence of literature on the Greek Theatre. It spans through its history of origin and the modifications that have been possible during the different periods of history. According to the literature, the Greek Theatre has shaped the theatrical cultures of the world and even to a larger extent, the people’s […]

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Ancient Greece Greece Literature Theatre Tragedy
Notes On THe Roman Republic: City-State to World Empire Essay Sample
1010 words 2 pages

Rome’s great political accomplishment was to exceed the narrow political orientation of the city state & A ; to make a universe province that unified the different states of the Mediterranean universe. Rome overcame the restrictions of the city-state outlook & A ; developed an empirewide system of jurisprudence & A ; citizenship. Their mastermind […]

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Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Italy Roman Republic State The Republic
To What Extent Was Themistocles Responsible for Greek Victory in the Persian Wars
4131 words 8 pages

————————————————- To what extent was Themistocles responsible for the Greek victory in the Persian Wars? Daniel Ashby Themistocles was responsible for the Greek victory in the Persian wars to a considerable extent. The key to Athens’ strength in the 5th Century BC was in this general and statesman and therefore, as Greek victory relied so […]

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Ancient Greece Database Greece Military
Classical Societies
978 words 2 pages

There is a tremendous amount of artwork from classical societies that still inspires artists and art enthusiasts today. Art can reveal an extensive amount of information regarding the culture of the society from which it was created. To analyze artwork in relation to the culture of the society, the artwork must be studied in a […]

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Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Art History Roman Empire Roman Republic Rome Sculpture
Sparta Summaries
3031 words 6 pages

The Geographical Setting: 1. 1 The Geographical Setting, Natural Features and Resources of Ancient Sparta: * Sparta situated in Eurotas Valley in the heart of Laconia – One of the most fertile plains in Ancient Greece. – Eurotas River flowed through the valley. -Mountain ranges surrounded the valley; >Eurotas Mt range to the west >Pernon […]

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Ancient Greece Government Sparta
Reasons for the Defeat of the Persians in 490 B.C and 480 – 479 B.C
2807 words 6 pages

“Kings had always been involving and impoverishing their people in wars, pretending generally, if not always, that the good of the people was the object” – Abraham Lincoln. The Persian Wars were a series of destructive and malevolent battles which occurred in the time frame of 490B. C and 480 – 479B. C. The Greek […]

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Ancient Greece Judaism Military Religion Society War
Though the Exact Words of Pericles’ Famous and Influential Funeral Oration During the 430 B.C Are Unknown
327 words 1 page

Though the exact words of Pericles’ famous and influential Funeral Oration during the 430 B. C are unknown, it’s purpose, meaning, and eloquence was captured by his good friend Thucydides. Speeches such as Pericles’ were traditionally given annually to honour the many who fell during Athens’ many wars and campaigns against other countries. Though many […]

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Ancient Greece Athens Society War
Women’s Lives in Ancient Greece
3692 words 8 pages

By and large, Greek women have been regarded as inferior and given fewer opportunities than men throughout history. However, it would be a mistake to generalize about their lives in Ancient Greece. While women were, in fact, considered less worthy than men in their treatment and status; prospects were far from the same in all […]

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Ancient Greece Greece Marriage Sparta Wife
The Evolution of the Hoplite: An Investigation into the origins sustainment and demise of the Classical citizen-soldier
3490 words 7 pages

The Hoplite is probably the first thing anyone envisages at the mention of warfare in the Ancient Greek world. The history of the hoplite or the few hundred years in which hoplite warfare dominated the Aegean is something that I find is often overlooked in terms of Ancient warfare, especially with regards to Greece’s neighbours […]

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Ancient Greece Evolution Military Soldiers War
The demos yearns for him and hates him too
1895 words 4 pages

Alcibiades is one of the most colourful and controversial characters of Classical Greece, whose influence was felt in not just Athens, but in Sparta, other Greek cities, and even Persia. At first glance, his relationship with the Athenian demos appears to have been an inconsistent one – he fell badly out of favour with the […]

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Ancient Greece Computer Software Database History Relation Society Sparta Technology War
Assess the achievements of the Peisistratid Tyranny
1836 words 4 pages

Only 34 years after Solon had formulated his code of law in Athens Peisistratus, in 561BC, set himself outside of the constitution and became tyrant. During the period of the Peisistratid tyranny the city of Athens flourished. Economically the city was prosperous, it also gained prestige from the newly built civic and religious buildings. Abroad […]

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Ancient Greece APA Athens Automotive Cars Europe History The city
Was Athens Really More Democratic Than Sparta
2854 words 6 pages

Athens and Sparta were undeniably the two greatest cities in Ancient Greece, yet the method by which they ruled and governed their people varied greatly. Both Athens and Sparta ruled using some elements of democracy and a superficial observer may assert that Athens was the more democratic of the two. However, upon further observation one […]

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Ancient Greece Athens Government Sparta
How far did domestic conditions determine Spartan foreign policy in the classical period
1998 words 4 pages

This essay aims to show that Sparta had to keep domestic conditions at the forefront of their considerations when conducting their foreign affairs. First Sparta’s internal structure will be examined to show why foreign policy needed to be carefully planned, next the organisation of the Peloponnesian league and Sparta’s actions in the war with Athens […]

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Ancient Greece Foreign Military Policy Sparta
Aristagoras of Miletus
3566 words 7 pages

Everyone makes mistakes by saying hurtful things without considering the possible reaction of the other person or resulting consequences if the criticism reaches that individual. In most cases, the prudent thing to do is to remain quiet, keeping personal thoughts private unless the comments are well thought out. In the worst case, open criticisms can […]

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Ancient Greece Greece History Iran Mathematics Science Society War
Ancient Greece Contributions To Western Civilizaiton DBQ
752 words 2 pages

The education you’re receiving and the building you’re sitting in may have been contributed to the ancient Greeks. The Greeks were a group of intellectual creative people around 500 to 300 BC who advanced technology, architecture, drama, science, philosophy, mathematics, and government to resemble that of today. Grace’s democratic government was the start to a […]

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Ancient Greece Democracy Greece Mathematics
Warriors Ethos
325 words 1 page

The Warrior Ethos Book ReportCPL ABERNATHYATG TRAININGThe book The Warrior Ethos, by Steven Pressfield depicts the warrior’s mentality from ancient times to the present through a variety of different aspects and stories. In The Warrior Ethos, Pressfield states that men are not born with the certain qualities that make a good warrior, but instead are […]

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Education Military Sparta Warriors
Ap World History Vocabulary Words
4518 words 9 pages

The teaching of Buddha that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct, sides, and meditation releases one from desire, suffering, and rebirth. 8. Byzantine Economy & Society: Constantinople claimed a population of one million people or more. To feed this enormous […]

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Ancient Greece Byzantine Empire History Iran World History
Political Thinking
5380 words 11 pages

Thucydides starts with past. articulates the tech of power that Greeks have developed over clip Key tech Doctor of Optometry power Walls/security. ships/naval power. liquid money/cash These are progresses that Greeks have made for themselves He disagrees with poets His war is the greatest war because of the agony Plague on the organic structure politics […]

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Ancient Greece Democracy Politics Sparta

Popular Questions About Ancient Greece

Why is ancient Greece the best civilization?
Ancient Greek Civilization. One of the most brilliant civilizations in world history, that of the ancient Greeks laid many of the foundations for the whole of Western civilization. It produced radical innovations in a wide range of fields – philosophy, science, art, architecture, government and politics, and more.
What is ancient Greece most known for?
The Greeks made important contributions to philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. ... The Greeks were known for their sophisticated sculpture and architecture. Greek culture influenced the Roman Empire and many other civilizations, and it continues to influence modern cultures today.
How would you describe ancient Greece?
ancient Greek civilization, the period following Mycenaean civilization, which ended about 1200 bce, to the death of Alexander the Great, in 323 bce. It was a period of political, philosophical, artistic, and scientific achievements that formed a legacy with unparalleled influence on Western civilization.3 days ago