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How Communism Cam to China
309 words 1 page

Evidence shows that Karl Marx was the first person to write about communism. He was a German Philosopher who ran away from his homeland due to fear of authorities. The Karl Marx communism theory was known as Marxism. In his theory of communism, Karl Marx augured that there was a class struggles in the society, […]

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Communism Group Work Karl Marx Mao Zedong
Study of the Causes of Historical Change
1223 words 3 pages

Ideas, policies, conflicts, inventions, contact with the outside world, population fluctuations and environmental changes are all forces that effect historical change. Historical change is obvious in all times of history due to one or more of these forces. Investigating why and how a historical change came about is the key to understanding how these forces […]

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Black Death History Middle Ages
The Black Death Is the Largest Demographic Disaster in European History
646 words 2 pages

Prior to the Black Death, Europe was progressing socially, economically, and technologically during the Middle Ages. Economically, the economy was doing well. Trading and exploration of the new world were helping many European countries. The weather was good so farming was doing great. New farming technology such as plows and windmills were created and used. […]

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Black Death Disease Middle Ages
Severe Trials of the Late Middle Ages
863 words 2 pages

The late middle ages allowed for unprecedented political, social, and ecclesiastical calamity with things like the black death, the 100 years war, the churches Schism between 3 competing popes in 1379-1417, the death of old orthodox byzinates by the invading Turks in 1453. (these centuries saw rulers resist wisdom, nature strain mercy, and the clergy […]

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Black Death Economy Middle Ages
Ottoman Empire and Turkey
1081 words 3 pages

Ottoman Empire was one of the largest, greatest and most powerful early modern empires in the world. It was militarily and technologically advanced. This allowed its leaders to rule a vast area that stretched in Africa, Asia and across the Mediterranean. Its capital city, Constantinople, was the largest capital in Eurasia with the highest population […]

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Historiography Ottoman Empire Turkey
Key Event the Fall of the Berlin Wall
534 words 2 pages

Multitudes of Berlin secluded Eastern and Western Berlin. It attempted holding persons after escaping Eastern Berlin. Various perspectives, it painted a perfect picture of secluded draperies vote based western nations and collectivist nations in East Europe throughout Cold War. Berlin Wall’s dropped meant key turning events of radical and organization controls showed uniqueness of business […]

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Berlin Germany Soviet Union
How Did the Construction of the Berlin Wall Begin
934 words 2 pages

Having two very different political systems running two neighbor sectors brought economic disparities between both the Germany Federal Republic (GFR) and the Germany Democratic Republic (GDR). The GFR was economically developing along US aid with their Marshall Plan including the Deutsche Mark (Deutschemark or D-mark) a new form of currency adopted in 1949 throughout the […]

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Germany Politics Soviet Union
Differences and Similarities Between Romantics and Modernists
457 words 1 page

In the texts “ Araby” and “We Are Seven” the differences and similarities, Romantics and Modernists point of views on childhood. William Wordsworth’s ‘We square measure Seven’ has all the options of a lyrical ballad. The story is revealed to the reader through the skillful choice of phrases. In my perception “We square measure Seven” […]

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Literature Narration Romanticism
Theme Of Redemption In The Res Gestae
669 words 2 pages

From the achievements of Augustus, as he inscribed in the Res Gestae, the theme of redemption is predominant. As per the document, Augustus seemed especially proud when he did acts that saved his people, either from war, oppression and their social well being at large. He used his personal resources finance activities that benefitted the […]

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Augustus Forgiveness Han Dynasty Redemption
The League of Nations and the Promotion of World Peace
1387 words 3 pages

The League of Nations was established between 1920 and 1946 with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The League comprised of 42 countries and was later increased to 58 member countries whose principal objective was to settle the dispute among countries in a peaceful way that maintains all sovereignty territorial rights in each country. Following the […]

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League Of Nations Ottoman Empire Peace Treaty Of Versailles World Peace
How do the Homeric epics, the Iliad and the odyssey, differ from each other in their depiction of Greek culture and values?
406 words 1 page

Introduction The Homeric epics had a deep influence on the Regeneration culture of Greek. Since the explosion of transformations it assisted to make them the great significant poems of the Typical European. The American scholar Milman Parry, lettering in the 1920s, indicated that the Homeric epic poems, extensive viewed as models of literary skills were […]

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Humor Iliad Odyssey Reformation
Nelson Mandela’s Reign in South Africa
881 words 2 pages

South Africa is a country in the african continent they speak 11 languages one of them is afrikaans.Some of africa’s major regions are the Lagos,and the Cairo.The people in south africa always help and contribute to each other and help to make a good nation.South africa continues to grow crops.Their sectors include health,agriculture,mining,tourism,and manufacturing,which south […]

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Nelson Mandela Politics South Africa
Jaren Sigamoney History Essay Draft
2285 words 5 pages

Heritage is all of our inherited traditions, religion, and culture.  Most importantly, it is the range of traditional and activities that we draw from them. Heritage is what binds us to our families and gives a person a sense of belonging. The year 1994 carries major changes that will go down in history forever. Prior […]

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Nelson Mandela Politics South Africa
Post-apartheid Changes in Africa
661 words 2 pages

Africa has changed a lot ever since apartheid ended but many people don’t know what started it or how it ended.Nelson Mandela played a big part in the end of apartheid but people don’t know what he did or how did or how he helped end apartheid and even after the end of apartheid Africa […]

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Nelson Mandela Politics Social Issues
   Economic and Political Profits of Imperialism
1502 words 3 pages

When analyzing the motives for the shift in the US government’s approach towards foreign policy we essentially encounter a wide range of them varying from religious, to ethnocentric, to political, and most importantly economic. It is clear that as a result of the industrial expansion carried out by corporations such as Carnegie Steel the US […]

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Imperialism War
Terrorism and Historical Injustices
1002 words 2 pages

Terrorism is an act that aims at intimidating and inflicting harm on people. Similarly, terrorism is understood from political sides. However, people that commit acts of terror are in groups that see themselves as victims of historical injustices. Notably, terror groups are not connected to the governments but have heavy machinery and weapons as well […]

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Injustice Reign of Terror
Survey of Western Culture
601 words 2 pages

Hobbes and Locke were both natural law theorists and social contract theorist, but their views on social contract differed. First, according to Locke, people give up their own rights with the main objective of exacting retributions for their own crimes so that they can get impartial justice that is backed by overwhelming forces. Therefore, people […]

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John Keats Pop Culture Scientific Revolution
Police Assisting With Terrorism Prevention
378 words 1 page

Since September 11, 2001, what have local, state and federal agencies done to increase terrorism prevention and response efforts? These agencies have come up with policies which are meant to control terrorism and in a bid to attain efficiency, a greater part of the responsibility has been delegated to the local level through community policing. […]

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A Policeman Community Policing Police Officer Reign of Terror
Let Us Tackle Terrorism
1233 words 3 pages

It is with great respect to freedom of religion and expression that I stand before you today (King). It is only an ethical and prudent person who respects the power of the constitution with regard to basic human rights and freedoms. However, at this age of the 21st century, terrorism as an ideological, political and […]

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Persuasive Speech Reign of Terror
Modern Times Linked With Scientific Management Theory
762 words 2 pages

The movie Modern Times- the Factory by Chaplin is a renowned film that depicts the history of US in 1936. Chaplin got an inspiration of the movie from the Great Depression that hit USA in 1936 that made workers suffer from injustices under capitalism (Cravens, 2009). The movie, Modern Times –The Factory is satirically constructed […]

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Scientific Scientific Management Scientific Revolution
Social Media as a Scientific Communication Method
2312 words 5 pages

Introduction Social media are computer enabled tools that allow parties and companies to generate, share or exchange data, information or even career interest over a short or long geographical range. The data or information shared in social media can be in form of written messages, audio recordings, pictures and even videos. Social media depend on […]

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Scientific Scientific Method Scientific Revolution
Using Technology in Science
682 words 2 pages

Technology refers to the use of scientific understanding and knowledge for practical application or purpose in our daily lives or in industries. Technology is one of the key factors that have played a great role in the finance sector. Finance is the management of huge lump sum of money especially in bank systems, large companies […]

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Scientific Revolution Technology in Education

Popular Questions About World History

What exactly is world history?
World history, global history or transnational history is a field of historical study that emerged as a distinct academic field in the 1980s. It examines history from a global perspective. ... World History looks for common patterns that emerge across all cultures.
What do you learn in world history?
The study of world history helps students gain a better understanding of the events that have shaped our world, understand current world issues and how they relate to each other. It focuses on the history of early civilizations, various nations, and their differences and similarities.
What are the 3 types of history?
Universal history in the Western tradition is commonly divided into three parts, viz. ancient, medieval, and modern time.
Where does the world history start?
The pioneers of modern world history, who wrote in the years after the Second World War, were inclined to accept the received wisdom among historians that history began when the first written records showed up in Mesopotamia and Egypt some 5,000 years ago.