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African Imperialism Essay Example
823 words 3 pages

Prior to 1880, European rule in the African continent had mostly been restricted to the coast, extending a short distance inland along major rivers due to their economic interests being primarily limited to the slave trade. The start of the 1880’s saw massive increase of European nations seeking territory in Africa. Europeans seeking rights to […]

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Africa British Empire Imperialism
To What Extent Were The Trading Companies Responsible Essay Example
1564 words 6 pages

From the 1680s through to the 1740s, the Empire expanded in a remarkable way due to the growth in trading to and from colonies or settlements and the increase of jobs from this; the profits and territorial gains from war and government policies and interventions within the UK or placed on trade. The question of […]

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Atlantic Slave Trade British Empire Business Process Company Management Racism Society Stock Trade United Kingdom War
How far has nationalism changed over the last hundred years? Essay Example
4120 words 15 pages

Nationalism emerged from the perception of “feeling and “identity” and that a “nation” be based on the people rather than a dynasty or God. It was one of the most successful political engines in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Both “identity nationalism” and “liberal nationalism” were spawned from the middle-classes. Liberal nationalism tends to focus […]

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British Empire Fascism Nationalism
How did Britain defeat France during the Napoleonic wars? Essay Example
1170 words 5 pages

The British victory over the French in the 1793-1815 wars in mainly accredited to the strength of the Royal Navy and the various strategies she put into place during her encounters with the enemy. Other factors that also contributed to this victory include economic and financial factors, the peninsular war, the Russian campaign and the […]

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British Empire Military Napoleon Society War
Could the American War of Independence Have Been Avoided? Essay Example
2028 words 8 pages

Dating back to the 1600’s Britain gained an extensive empire. America was one of her most influential settlements, she owned thirteen colonies which stretched along the East coast. These colonies were populated by settlers which were sent from Britain, before departing they agreed to live under the rule of the British Monarch and remain dependent […]

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British Empire International Relations Thirteen Colonies War
To War Two The Key Turning Point Essay Example
1928 words 8 pages

World War Two had a significant impact on Britain’s relationship with her Empire. It was the final trigger in the decolonisation of India and showed up Britain’s weaknesses as a world power. However, decolonisation did not begin with the Second World War and there are events both before and afterwards, which had just as great, […]

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British Empire Key United Kingdom World War Ii
To (1899 – 1902) Lie Essay Example
1828 words 7 pages

The Boer War had many possible origins from British self defense to capitalist driven expansion. There remain profound differences of opinion about the war’s origins. Some emphasise Britain’s economic interests in the Southern African periphery, principally the production and supply of gold and the consequent necessity of removing the administratively backward and economically obstructionist regime […]

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British Empire International Relations Principal Society South Africa War
Define Colony In 1607 Captain John Smith Essay Example
277 words 2 pages

Jamestown was the first successful English colony established in 1607 in Virginia, where the Roanoke settlers had disappeared. After King James I gave the Virginia Company of London its grant, three ships were sent out and sailed into Chesapeake Bay. The settlers named the peninsula after the king, Jamestown, but made poor judgment by settling […]

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British Empire Education Historical Figures North America Teaching Thirteen Colonies
Olaudah Equiano Example Essay Example
555 words 3 pages

Olaudah Equiano was a slave in the middle to late 18th Century, albeit an educated one. His claim to fame was the biography he himself wrote entitled “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano” and published by subscription in the year 1789 just eight years before his death. Included in the narrative were […]

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Africa British Empire Human Rights Labor Racism Slavery Society
Boston Massacre Analysis Essay Example
506 words 2 pages

THE BOSTON MASSACRE The Boston Massacre was an unfortunate event which could have clearly been prevented if taken the right precautions and made the right decisions at the right time. According to my text book, the massacre was an attempt at protest against the British soldiers taking over the colonists’ jobs. If the soldiers had […]

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British Empire Crime Event International Relations sports event Violence
Difference in 17th Century Colonies
1147 words 5 pages

In the seventeenth century many differences arose between the Spanish settlements and the English colonies involving religion with the Spanish practicing Catholic religion, and differences in politics as the Spanish settlements were all monarchies. Religion was less bearing in their daily lives Religion didn’t control their lives English religion: Puritan Over bearing and religion controlled […]

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British Empire Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas Native Americans In The United States
French And Indian War Dbq Essay Example
505 words 2 pages

Suddenly, the French and Indian War ended with defeat for French Canada. From this point, numerous changes occurred between Americans and the British. Namely political, economic and ideological changes. Land was expanded, taxes were sprung left and right, and most colonists finally believed that it was time to break away from England. All these changes […]

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American Revolution British Empire French And Indian War Government India War
African American Contributions to American History Essay Example
3612 words 14 pages

Many blacks contributed to the success of our country in every war that we as a people have ever fought. In order to properly thank them for their heroic effort, I as a Hispanic Caucasian must give credit where credit is due. In order to properly do so, I must begin with the contributions of […]

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African American Black People British Empire Slavery
Urban life Essay Example
2620 words 10 pages

At the same time, the British Empire was getting smaller, and many people were coming from former colonies to live in England. At first, the two main groups of people to come to London were from the Caribbean islands and from Ireland. This caused some problems at first with the native population not always being […]

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British Empire Life Multiculturalism United Kingdom
The Fall of Singapore Essay Example
1169 words 5 pages

World War II Is widely regarded as the largest global conflict ever, with more than 100 between 50 and 85 million. The Second World War not only tested the military power of many countries, but more importantly the relationships and cooperation between these nations. For Australia, a relatively new country, this was only their third […]

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Australia British Empire Singapore United Kingdom
Sentence Correction Essay Example
987 words 4 pages

A recent national study of the public schools shows that there are now one microcomputer for every thirty-two pupils, four times as many than there were four years ago. (A) there are now one microcomputer for every thirty-two pupils, four times as many than there were (B) there is now one microcomputer for every thirty-two […]

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British Empire Law
Slavery In The North American Colonies Essay Example
1434 words 6 pages

When the Dutch settled in their North American colonies, they brought with them slaves to do the manual labor on their farms. These Africans arrived from the Caribbean in 1625 or 1626 as slaves to the Dutch West India Company . The slaves were required to build the new settlement, but rules regarding their servitude […]

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British Empire Human Rights Slavery
How far was British expansion in East and West Africa driven by the men on the spot Essay Example
1727 words 7 pages

There are many different causes that are attributed to Britain’s expansion in East and West Africa. One of which is the ‘men on the spot’, these individuals like Goldie and Mackinnon, were no doubt instrumental in British expansion, however fair weight has to be placed on the other factors as well. Foreign competition is a […]

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Africa British British Empire
Charge of the Light Brigade and Defence of Lucknow: A Comparison
2951 words 11 pages

“The Charge of The Light Brigade” and “The Defence of Lucknow” are two notable poems written by Lord Alfred Tennyson one of Britain’s finest poet laureates who lived during the 19th century. These two poems are based on two different battles which the Britons faced and fought with bravery and loyalty. Within this essay I […]

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British Empire Courage Light Military
A Detail on the British Empire Between the Great Wars, from 1918 to 1939 Essay Example
3112 words 12 pages

The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th 1919 and put an official end to one of the most terrible and brutal wars the planet had ever seen. The signing of the treaty was taken to mean as the first step to an era of peace and prosperity for the entire globe, and most […]

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British British Empire Strike Action United Kingdom War
Anglo German relations between 1890 and 1914 Essay Example
729 words 3 pages

Diverse historians conceive various ideas about Anglo-Germanic relations between 1890 and 1914 and who accounts for it. However, one can receive understanding and knowledge from historical sources written by various individuals. It is arguable that Germanic attitudes and policies were responsible for the steady decline of Anglo-Germanic relations. Evidently in Source 3: Joseph Chamberlain seems […]

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British Empire German Germany International Relations
Which country contributed the most to Napoleon’s downfall Essay Example
417 words 2 pages

I think the Russia played the biggest part in Napoleons downfall.Russian and England where the only coutrhat Napoleon could not capture. Although unlike Britain, where he could take over but he had other problems, Russia was a difficult country to control, it was too big. The cold was also a problem for Napoleon as nearly […]

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Army British Empire Napoleon

Popular Questions About British Empire

Was the British Empire a bad thing?
It was bad in way all empires are bad. An imperial power exerted control by force over peoples who had no option in the matter. It then ruled, however benevolently, in its own interest. It is certainly arguable that the British Empire was less bad than the other Empires formed at the same time.
Did the British Empire ever have a nickname?
Like the Spanish Empire before it, the British Empire was often said to be "the empire on which the sun never sets" because it was so large that the sun was always shining somewhere in the empire. The Empire controlled land on every inhabited continent.
What should the British Empire be remembered for?
British Empire. How should the British Empire be remembered? The British Empire had both positive and negative aspects because although it brought blood, tears and dispossession , it also brought roads, railways and education to many countries through out the world. For example tea and biscuits are a great British tradition; we got our tea leaves for the tea and sugar for our biscuits from India, so Britain gained a lot from the Empire.
What countries are in the British Empire?
AnguillaAntiguaBahamasBarbadosBarbudaBermudaBritish Virgin IslandsCayman IslandsDominicaGrenada
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