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Essays on war can be difficult to write. One cannot speak of war without mentioning the hardships involved, but one may feel that every war has only hardships, and no good ever comes of them. It’s not true; some wars have brought more good than bad, while others have caused more pain than pleasure. War essays should start with a general introduction that states the main points discussed, and you should organize them well.

One good way to approach essays about war is to discuss the different reasons why wars are fought. There are several places online to get help writing war essays. You can also get samples of essays on the topic to help you get started. For example, wars are fought because one nation wants to take over another nation. It’s called imperialism, and it was a big reason why World War I happened. The nations of Europe were trying to expand their empires, and when they got into a conflict with each other, it led to a big war.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
319 words 1 page

The explains the tribulations faced by the protagonist who is Liesel Meminger. Liesel is the character in the book that is mostly affected by the war. The character experienced a lot of difficulties in the roles she played to emerge ultimately as a strong character as the story ends to speak to a theme of […]

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Hitler Resilience The Book Thief
Markus Zusak, “The Book Thief”
837 words 2 pages

The book thief encompasses the life story of Liesel Meminger, who is 9 years old girl given up by her own mother to live with the family of Hans and Rosa Hubermann. This was shortly before the World War II. Hans being a gentleman, brought consolation by helping Liesel in learning to read. While at […]

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Hitler The Book Thief
The European Recovery Program
1100 words 3 pages

The cold war is a condition of threatening political sensation between nations described by publicity, dangers and distinctive measures short of open battling, specifically between the Soviet coalition nations and the US-drove Western forces from 1945 to 1990. Relations between these two countries were driven by a fanciful trade of political, money and ideological components, […]

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Hitler Korean War Peace Corps
Life and Work of Henry Ford
980 words 2 pages

Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motors dealing with automobiles. He brought a revolution in the motor industry. He also played a significant role in the establishment of the assembly line; a manufacturing line, which led to mass production at a lower cost. Before Ford developed Ford Automobile Company, car owners were only the […]

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Henry Ford Hitler Thomas Edison
The Main Characters Of The Book Thief
853 words 2 pages

The main character in the book thief is Liesel who is almost turning ten at the beginning of the novel and she shall is almost fifteen at the end of the story when her home is destroyed by a bomb and all her loved ones died. At the end the story she is an old […]

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Hitler The Book Thief
Markus Zuzak “The Book Thief”
636 words 2 pages

Relationships refer to the attachments that are developed between people or things that frequently interact within a given region. In the novel the “book thief” by the Australian author Markus Zuzak that is written at a time of turmoil in Germany and a period when the whole world is infested with war and death. The […]

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Hitler The Book Thief
Characteristics Of The Post-World War II Era
368 words 1 page

Some of the Europeans argued for the end of colonization whereas others argued for continued colonization and the exploitation of the existing resources. The decolonization process was challenging as some nations had adapted well to the regions and people they had colonized. China and Asia advocated for communism in the countries they governed. European countries […]

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Communism Diplomacy Hitler
Rhetorical analysis on Michael Levin’s “The Case for Torture”
968 words 2 pages

Michael Levin is a philosophy professor at City University of New York. As a scholar, his works are mostly related to philosophy and one of his masterpiece is the article The Case for Torture, which was published by Newsweek in 1982. In this article, he argued that using torture as a means to save many […]

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Atomic Bomb Pathos Rhetoric Tort Law Torture
Iran nuclear
405 words 1 page

The writer used pathos to express sympathetic feeling, how the Iran nuclear plan will affect other countries negatively and the risk accompanied will take long time to be solved. Israelites specifically fear that the Iran nuclear program will entirely target them therefore; they suggest that the whole program should be brought to stand still forever. […]

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1950S Iran Nuclear Power Nuclear Weapon Pathos Self Reliance
Protecting Civilians Is a Major Task During War
309 words 1 page

Dear Mr. President the ongoing war has caused major atrocities which includes mixed reactions from the people of our great nation. Along with most of the citizens of our country, I stand the ground that the war should be aborted. It is with no doubt that the war is a response to an existing problem. […]

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Hatred Terrorism War
The Life of Stonewall Jackson
1552 words 3 pages

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was considered to be one of the South’s most successful Confederate Army generals in the American Civil War, he was General Lee’s right hand man, and a war hero. He lived from 1824 until 1863 when he died from pneumonia after being injured from friendly fire in battle. Jackson was also a […]

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American Civil War Gettysburg
Medicine on the Battlefield Near Gettysburg
572 words 2 pages

About 620,000 men lost their lives while fighting for what they believed in. That is about 2% of the population. Neither the Confederates or the Union had tools in place to handle the amount of death that the nation was about to experience. About one in every four soldiers would not return home after war. […]

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American Civil War Disease Gettysburg
The Book The Killer Angels
1037 words 2 pages

Is a historic novel wrote by author Michael Shaara back in 1974. It’s about the Battle of Gettysburg that had taken place in the American Civil War which the book takes place about four days during that time. A battle was pursued between the Union and the Confederacy soldiers in a town called Gettysburg around […]

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Military War
“The Longest Day” by Cornelius Analysis
1547 words 3 pages

This book, “The Longest Day” by Cornelius Ryan was published in the year 1959. It entails a story about the d- day, the day on which the Second World War invaded Normandy. The book details about the operational activities of the troops who took control of both Pegasus and horse bridge before the core assault […]

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D-day Literature
War Theory and Peacemaking
1810 words 4 pages

Introduction One of the characteristics of the kingdom of God is peace. Isaiah talked about peace in his prophecies, and Jesus fulfilled the prophecies (Isaiah 26:12). On the other hand, war is an evil. It causes more destruction than it can bring peace. Jesus taught his followers to love their neighbors as well as their […]

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Korean War Peace World Peace
Hisroty of Rwandans Genocide
1843 words 4 pages

Introduction Rwanda is a small country which is found in the central Africa. It has a population of just seven million people. Rwanda has experienced very severe ethnic conflict in its larger part of the history. There are two major ethic groups in Rwanda, Hutus and Tutsi. Tutsi is the major ethnic group which makes […]

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Rwanda Rwandan Genocide Treaty Of Versailles
African American Women and the Nineteenth Amendment
1266 words 3 pages

The Constitution of the United States got received in the year 1789 and by then of its reception it cleared out unclear the limits of suffrage. The House of Representatives was the main specifically chosen body that was made by this unique constitution and the capabilities for voters was simply left to be controlled by […]

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Racism Reconstruction Era Reconstruction Era Of The United States
Important Historical Events in the American History
2721 words 6 pages

Introduction America is a rich country in history. It has gone through a number of changes since its attaining of independence. Some of the core changes in American is the change of voting rights, the developing of more parties and the development of American democracy. Before the enactment of the 19th amendment, women had no […]

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American History Essay samples Reconstruction Era Reconstruction Era Of The United States
The US history and Reconstruction Era
3263 words 7 pages

The American Revolution was a political turmoil that occurred between 1765 and ‘83 through which colonists in Thirteen American Colonies prohibited the British aristocracy and monarchy, overthrew the power of Great Britain and established the United States of America. Did the US government provide an adequate common defense for its citizens during the American Revolution? […]

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Academic Dishonesty American History Reconstruction Era Reconstruction Era Of The United States
The Rising Cases of PTSD in the Military
659 words 2 pages

The stress that result from the traumatic events hastens a chain of psycho-emotional and physiopathological results. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is termed as a psychiatric disease that comes as an experience or in the event that someone witnesses any traumatizing events. PTSD has been found by the expert to be insightful psychologically related, in in […]

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Disorders Korean War Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
The League of Nations and the Promotion of World Peace
1387 words 3 pages

The League of Nations was established between 1920 and 1946 with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The League comprised of 42 countries and was later increased to 58 member countries whose principal objective was to settle the dispute among countries in a peaceful way that maintains all sovereignty territorial rights in each country. Following the […]

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League Of Nations Ottoman Empire Peace Treaty Of Versailles World Peace
Lethal Sniper America Chris Kyle
610 words 2 pages

“Despite what your momma told ya, violence does solve problems.” Those are some words said by one of the most deadliest Navy SEAL snipers known to man. Chris Kyle was born in Odessa, Texas on April 8th, 1974. Chris was raised along with his brother by his mother and father. Chris grew up on a […]

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Military Trench Warfare War

Popular Questions About War

What year is World War 3?
World War III (often abbreviated to WWIII or WW3), also known as the Third World War or the ACMF/NATO War, was a global war that lasted from October 28, 2026, to November 2, 2032. A majority of nations, including most of the world's great powers, fought on two sides consisting of military alliances.
What exactly is war?
War is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces.
What are 3 types of war?
enemy. The three pure types of war may be called absolute war, instru- mental war, and agonistic fighting. Absolute war is unrestricted and unregulated war, agonistic fighting is regulated according to norms, and instrumental war may or may not be restricted, according to considerations of expediency.
How is war bad?
War destroys communities and families and often disrupts the development of the social and economic fabric of nations. The effects of war include long-term physical and psychological harm to children and adults, as well as reduction in material and human capital.