Crimean War Essay Examples

Crimean War

HISTORY PRESENTATION Crimean War: The Crimean War, also known in Russia as the Eastern War, was fought between Russia on one side and an alliance of France, Britain, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire. The war was over the territories of the declining Ottoman Empire. Most of the fighting and conflict occurred in […]

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The old lie

‘The old lie’ was the traditional view of war, which is honourable, glorious and heroic to fight and die for your country. During the time when Tennyson wrote his poem, ‘The charge of the light brigade’ (1854), everyone felt that dying for your country in action was honourable. But this view of war slowly changed […]

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Similarities Decorum Est And Charge Of

These two poems have a lot of similarities and differences between them. “Charge of the Light Brigade” is a pro war poem and shows admiration for the young men, it is a third person narrative based on the Crimean war from 1854-1856. “Dulce et Decorum est” shows concern for the men that are risking their […]

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