The 20th century came in with a bang. From world war 1 to the roaring twenties and the second world war, there is a truckload of awesome 20th century essay topics. This was a century like no other.

There were a lot of paradigm shifts in different aspects of society. This was the end of colonialism in dozens of countries, and the establishment of new map lines on the globe as a few new countries sprung up. This category has all the great essays of the 20th century, and as a writer on this topic, you would not be found wanting for ideas or knowledge. The essays are thoroughly researched and truly showcase the state of things in the 20th century.

Advancements in science and technology and leadership and management, including outstanding evolution of music and arts, are all noteworthy in 20th century essays. The struggles of the black man both at home in Africa and in the hands of the US and other European nations are a major highlight of this century, and you would find several essays on it here.

Us 20th Century History Essay Example
2159 words 8 pages

Discuss the changing role of  American women in the first decade of the 20th century. Include in your discussion the changing perceptions of marriage, the impact of birth control, migration to the city,  and technology,  on the daily life of women. Discuss how the American  family changed in the first decade of the 20th century. A major early twentieth century […]

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20Th Century Child Marriage
Leadership and Management in the 20th Century Essay Sample
3128 words 12 pages

“How direction manages and leads employees has changed dramatically over predating decennaries and will go on to germinate in the future”IntroductionEvery director is different in their attack to pull offing staff and in modern twenty-four hours society leading is going a more critical facet of direction. The concern sector in today’s society is increasing quickly. […]

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20Th Century Leadership Leadership and Management Scientific Management
The racial struggle in America: Early 20th century Essay Example
874 words 4 pages

America has had its share of racial conflicts in the last century. Even though African American people had gained freedom from the white population after the Civil war, racial segregation and discrimination was still rampant in the south and also in some parts of the north. The World War 1 and the events that followed […]

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20Th Century Black People Civil Rights Movement Ku Klux Klan Struggle
Compare Several Pre-20th Century Stories By Charles Dickens Essay Example
931 words 4 pages

Each of these tales includes a similarity – the presence of an enigma or supernatural element. Charles Dickens is fond of tales involving the supernatural, mystery, and ghosts. He is able to infuse his stories with a sense of authenticity and plausibility, which enhances the reader’s immersion in the narrative. One of his notable works […]

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20Th Century Charles Dickens Fiction Narration
Consider the Influence of Gothic Fiction Upon Pre 20th Century and 20th Century Texts Essay Example
1767 words 7 pages

This essay aims to compare and discuss the influence of gothic elements in ‘The Red Room’ by H. G. Wells, ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte and ‘I’m the King of the Castle’ by Susan Hill. Gothic fiction, a genre that prevailed in English literature from the late 18th century to the early 19th century, typically […]

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20Th Century Gothic Fiction Horror Jane Eyre
Two pre-20th century poems about war Essay Example
733 words 3 pages

For the last term I have been studying two famous war poems, the older of which dates back nearly 300 years. One of the war poems is ‘The Battle of Blenheim’ which was written by Robert Southey in 1798. ‘The Battle of Blenheim’ is a poem looking back on the battle which took place in […]

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20Th Century Irony Literature Poetry
Pre 20th Century Novel The Time Traveller Essay Example
1092 words 4 pages

The Time Traveller’s observation led him to conclude that the Eloi had regressed and failed to improve their intellect or physical appearance when compared to his own era in the late Victoria period. He initially observed this after dining with them and noticing that the small creatures who had first encountered him had lost interest. […]

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20Th Century Novel The Time Machine
Divorce and Its Impact on Children in Malta
1085 words 4 pages

In the following essay, I will be discussing the way ‘divorce and the consequences it has on children is treated in Malta; with reference to the reading by M. P. M. Richards entitled “The Interests of Children at Divorce”. Despite the fact that this article has been written in the 1900’s, it still has great […]

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20Th Century Child Divorce Mediation
Who Killed the Electric Car Analysis – College Essay Example
2496 words 10 pages

The film “Who Killed the Electric Car?” is a versatile resource that has significance in various academic fields, can be customized for different learning preferences, and is beneficial for accomplishing diverse educational goals. This movie is rich in content and does not require additional research from the teacher or the class. It can serve as […]

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20Th Century Cars Electric Car Electricity Gasoline Research
Music of the 20th Century Essay Example
964 words 4 pages

Each period in the history of music and humanities has its own distinctive style, closely linked to the society from which it originates. The 19th and 20th centuries saw significant events like two world wars and technological advancements. These advancements included inventions such as the telephone, television, electronic light, computers, cassette tapes, synthesizers, and CDs. […]

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20Th Century Classical Music Sound
Elaine Pinderhughes’ “African American Marriage in the 20th Century” Essay Example
68 words 1 page

The rise of industrialization during the twentieth century has been a time of immense transformation in almost every facet of human life, especially in the West. Thus, family and marriage life has been affected dramatically as well. In her article “African American Marriage in the 29th Century,” Elaine P. Pinterhughes provides the underlying issues through […]

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20Th Century African American Marriage Woman
Assess the Impact of Azusa Street on 20th Century Pentecostalism Essay Example
2955 words 11 pages

Pentecostalism can be defined as a movement within Evangelical Christianity that places special emphasis on the direct personal experience of God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, as shown in the biblical account of the day of Pentecost (Acts 2). [1] Robeck believes that the story of […]

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20Th Century Protestantism Theology
20th Century Death Portrayal in Art Essay Example
2174 words 8 pages

The 20th century was a time period lasting from January 1, 1901 all the way through December 31, 2000. Commonly known as the modern era, this century was nothing less than contemporary in every aspect throughout the world. Art in itself has always been a widely known and incorporated feature around the world since the […]

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20Th Century Pablo Picasso Visual Arts
Why US hegemony in the 20th century was inevitable Essay Example
2396 words 9 pages

In 1899, significant changes occurred as the 20th century began. Europe was recovering from a global economic crisis called the ‘Long Depression’ that started in Vienna, Austria in 1873 and ended in 1896. The British Empire had held dominance for a long time during this period. While other nations and empires were trying to gain […]

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20Th Century British Empire Europe International Relations
Expansionism in the Late 19th/ Early 20th Century Essay Example
710 words 3 pages

Expansionism in America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century shared many similarities and differences to that of previous American expansionist ideals. In both cases of American expansionism, the Americans believed that we must expand our borders in order to keep the country running upright. Also, the Americans believed that the United States was […]

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20Th Century Imperialism International Relations Manifest Destiny
Electro-Acoustics and the Vernacular the Largets Developments in 20th Century Music? Essay Example
2087 words 8 pages

Denis Smalley has suggested that the two most important musical developments in the 20th Century are the domains of the ‘electro-acoustic’ and the ‘vernacular’. To what extent is his assumption correct? This piece will demonstrate an understanding of the developments in 20th century music, with a detailed view on the path and expansion of electro-acoustic […]

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20Th Century Classical Music Development Sound

Popular Questions About 20Th Century

What were the most significant years of the 20th century?
1908 - the Model T is introduced1912 - the Titanic goes down (this applies to England as well, of course)1920 - Prohibition begins1925 - The Scopes Monkey Trial1929 - the Stock Market crashes1941 - Pearl Harbor attacked1947 - Jackie Robinson starts the process of integrating baseball and society begins to follow suit1954 - Brown vs.
What years were included in the 20th century?
The 20th century was the period between January 1, 1901 and December 31, 2000 inclusive. It was the tenth and last century of the 2nd millennium.
What years are the 20th century?
The 20th ( twentieth) century began on either January 1, 1900 or January 1, 1901 ( MCMI ), and ended on either December 31, 1999 or December 31, 2000 depending on whether a century is defined by either 'popular' or 'strict' definitions. ( MM ).
What is the timeline of the 20th century?
A Timeline of the 20th Century. These inventions radically transformed the lives of people around the globe, with many changes originating in the United States. This century witnessed two world wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Holocaust in Europe, the Cold War, revolutionary social equality movements, and the exploration of space.
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