Music of the 20th Century Essay Example
Music of the 20th Century Essay Example

Music of the 20th Century Essay Example

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  • Published: September 16, 2017
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In this history of music and humanistic disciplines. every period has its ain characteristic manner which is associated with the society from which it originated. The period of the 19th and twentieth century perceived the two universe wars. and had been a period of many alterations: promotion in engineering. a period of many innovations such as the telephone. telecasting. electronic visible radiation. computing machines. cassette tapes. synthesists. Cadmium participants. and many others. Because of this innovations. experimentations were made in the field of music and humanistic disciplines. Claude Debussy ( 1862-1918 )

He studied with Guiraud and others at the Paris Conservatoire and as prizewinner went to Rome. though more of import Impressions came from his visits to Bayreuth and from hearing Javaneese music in Paris. Debussy and Impressionism

The Impressionist manner of painting developed in the late nineteenth century in France. Although the Impressionist motion did non entirely consist of Gallic creative persons. it did get down in France and the Gallic painters are among the most well-known. Several earlier artistic motions. such as Classicism and Realism. influenced the Impressionist painters. In 1855. a World Fair was held in Paris. and art was given important attending. This contributed to Paris’ repute as the centre of the art universe and the topographic point to be for draw a bead oning painters. such as the group that would come to be known as the Impressionists. Impressionism is a manner borrowed from painting which creates an semblance of visible radiation and ambiance by utilizing colourss side by side alternatively of intermixing them


. The artist avoids pragmatism in favour of conveying feelings. Nocturnes

Achille-Claude Debussy. 1862-1918. Nocturnes. Completed December 15. 1899 ( at 3 a. m. . harmonizing to an lettering on the manuscript ) . first public presentation October 27. 1901. in Paris. Scored for 3 flutes. 2 hautboies. English horn. 2 clarinets. 3 bassoons. 4 horns. 3 huntsman's horns. 3 trombones. bass horn. cymbals. trap membranophones. kettle. 2 harps. female chorus. and strings.

1. Nuages- ( Clouds ) Debussy pictures the sky with slow and melancholic transitions of clouds. The heat of Nuages recalls a summer love matter.

2. Fetes- ( Festivals ) is a reticent yet joyous jubilation. the kind that generates womb-to-tomb memories without of all time upseting the neighbours.

3. Sirenes- ( Sirens ) builds on a simple two-note motivations to score the hearers into Debussy’s river. merely every bit perilously as the fabulous beauties who have lured countless crewmans to their day of reckoning over the centuries.

The Music of Bela Bartok Bela Bartok ( 1881-1945 ) . a Magyar. is considered a celebrated progressive modern musical composer. a great piano player. instructor and research worker. He was one of the leaders of Magyar patriotism and made usage of the Hungarian common people melodies in his music. Just like Stravinsky. he was one of the composers who belonged to the motion of Neo-Classicism: a return to the simpleness of Classicism and combine of modern sound with authoritative signifier.

His manner is characterized by beat which are percussive and intricate because of the influence of the Magyar dance forms. He used polyrhythm. which means utilizing two

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or more different beat played at the same clip. In some of his composings like “Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm. no. 1” . you will detect the irregular grouping of beats.

Polytonality. which is the coincident combination of two or more keies in a composing. can besides be found in Bartok’s composings.

Antonio Molina and Impressionism

Dr. Antonio Molina ( 1894-1980 ) was one of the twentieth century composers who wrote art music. He was considered the “Claude Debussy of the Philippines” because he was the first to present several of import devices. technically features of Impressionism in music.

One of Molina’s popularly known. composings is “Hatinggabi” . Another composing of Molina is “Dancing Fool” . In this composing. he made usage of the whole tone graduated table and used it as a descriptive device.

Schoenberg and Expressionism Arnold Schoenberg ( 1874-1951 )

Austrian composer. Schoenberg’s development of the twelve-tone method of composing was a turning point in the twentieth century music. He was a ego taught instrumentalist.

Another doctrine of art which affected the music of the twentieth century is expressionism. It is a manner which seeks to show emotion with hyperboles instead than stand for the physical universe. The followings of the motion believe that this universe is full of tenseness. and people are irrational. rebellious and scared to be entirely.


Many of the twentieth music reflects an artistic motion called expressionism. which emphasis intense and subjective emotion. Painters. authors. and composers explored interior feelings instead than picturing outward visual aspects. The expressionists rejected conventional cuteness.

Arnold Schoenberg was known for the extremist sound of his music. In this song rhythm. “Pierrot Lunaire” . he made usage of different manner of singing which is called Sprechstimme. Pierrot Lunaire calls for unusual manner of vocal public presentation halfway between speech production and vocalizing.


Literally it means speech voice. It is a mode of executing a vocal which sounds half-sung and half-spoken. Multimeter is identified. by the clip signature. a fractional symbol in which the numerator specifies the figure of beats per saloon. and the denominator specifies the comparative note value assigned to one round.

Syncope ( Accent ) the suppression of an expected rhythmic speech pattern by the continuance of an tonic tone that begins merely before it.

The Music of Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky ( 1882-1971 )

A Russian composer. subsequently of French ( 1934 ) and American nationality. Stravinsky was regarded as the world’s greatest composer. His one time radical plants were modern classics.

Like Debussy and Schoenberg. Stravinsky a composer from Russia. was besides one of the twentieth century composers who established new tendencies in music. alternatively of merely utilizing the new tendencies in his music. he combined the traditional and modern tendencies. Electronic Music

Music that requires cognition or usage of electronic devices to bring forth or pull strings sounds during its composing and public presentations.

With the promotion in engineering. many composers are experimenting new sound beginnings such as electronic. environmental and other non-tonal sound. Traditional instruments are used but in different manner. Even computing machines. cassette tape recording equipments. and synthesists are used. Concrete Music

Music created by make overing natural sounds recorded on phonograph record or tapes. Filipino Contemporary Composer

Nicanor Abelardo ( 1893-1934 ) - Our first Kundiman composer besides showed the elements of modernism in his music. This is heard in his “Cinderella Overture” and “Sinfonietta for Strings” Dr. Lucrecia Kasilag ( 1918- ) - Neo-classicist. The music of Kasilag is alone in which she was able to unite the music of the E and West. This is shown in her Tocatta ( 1958 ) were she made used of the piano. clarinet. hautboy kulintang and turiray. The Kuiliontang is really outstanding in her “Concert Divertisement” . Dr. Jose Maceda ( 1917- ) - is the innovator and advocate of daring music in our state.

When he was in France. he joined the Music Concrete motion. An illustration of his work is “Ugnayan” ( 1974 ) . Most of Maceda’s composing make usage of a big figure of people and the environment. Dr. Ramon Santos ( 1941- ) - Another manner of uniting western and non-western stuffs and constructions is shown by Dr. Ramon Santos. He made usage of Asiatic stuff in his new manner of composing. We will hear in his composing new construct and system of composing which he learned from his surveies abroad. At present there is a group of immature composers who are active in advancing this so called New Music. Some of them are Ryan Cayabyab. Chino Toledo. Laverne Dela Pena. Arlene Chongson. and Jonas Baes.