River Flows in You Essay Example
River Flows in You Essay Example

River Flows in You Essay Example

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  • Published: October 25, 2017
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At the beginning of the piece its supposed to be played quite softly, my sheet music says 'mezzo piano. The piece gets louder and louder in a gradual crescendo and then roughly two minutes through (depending on how slowly or quickly you play it) there is a diminuendo, which is emphasized by the change from arpeggios to chords in the bass part. Tempo - It starts off quite slowly and then picks up on the second line and continues at that speed until the quavers in the right hand begin giving the piece a slightly faster feel. Then it slows down again and in a similar time frame picks up again until t drops back to a very slow ending.

Form - After a 4-measure introduction, a theme is presented. This theme is play


ed over a 2-measure station bass, consisting of the chords F# minor, D major, A major, and E major. Texture - The texture is maximized and minimized by the bass part. At the more textured parts the bass part plays arpeggios of the chords, and in the more minimal sections the bass part is simply Just the chords. Harmony - 'River Flows In You' is in the key of A major. Instruments - It was written for the piano but I have found versions of it being played n the acoustic guitar, the violin, the flute and the harp.

Mood - The mood of the piece is very calm and almost sedative. The chord F# minor is used to give a nice comparison and extenuates the more uplifting parts of the song which use major chords. The differences in dynamics and

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tempo throughout the piece are quite minimal which I think gives the piece a steady quality. Much like that off lullaby, which is the most definitive element of this piece for me. I often play this piece to calm myself and everyone I have played this for has fed back a similar impression of the piece.

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